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Space to Destroy

In the tradition of Hannity-tier cuckservative race analysis––think Thomas Sowell, Please Stop Helping Us, a fat black preacher screaming “All . . . Lives . . . Matter!!,” etc.––comes Heather Mac Donald’s The War on Cops. Her book––released two weeks before Micah Johnson de-hyperbolized its title in Dallas––focuses on urban crime

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Bassem Masri: Keepin' it Classy

If I were a more inflammatory person, I may be tempted to use this space to call for the public hanging of “anti-police brutality activist” Bassem Masri. But I know that such calls are likely illegal and not a responsible use of my constitutional right to free speech. For those

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The Negronomics of Race Riots

In which vibrant, urban scholar DeAndre Smith explains the nuanced political and social theory behind the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. It may seem to the casually oppressive cishet white male observer that this is nothing more than pointless self-destruction. But no. You are just interpreting the situation through the distorted

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