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A Conversation With Cantwell: The Use Of Force

This past year I have made the acquaintance of Free State Project darling Christopher Cantwell.  You know: “Anarchist, Atheist, Asshole.”  No beating around the bush with this fellow.

As most anarchists tend to be overly pedantic and/or petulant, I can put away my biases on matters of governance long

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Nerdism and Property

keep-calm-and-follow-the-prime-directiveThe Non-Aggression Principle is one of those codes of honor that gets carried out by the most naive of ideologues. The An-Caps, Voluntaryists, Libertarians, and Anti-Statists are great examples. Don’t get me wrong, these guys are perfect for identifying the reasonable corruption of various institutions, however the code of

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The Sick Glorification of Non-violence

“Nonviolence” and “non-aggression” are some of the most sacred cows in modern thought. Even the extreme rebels, anarchists, and reactionaries of today greedily swallow the pill of abstention from violence like a religious sacrament. Why would groups of people so hostile to established objective moral orders or religious values still

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