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The Edgiest


After almost two years of bitter debates, ceaseless research, and countless triggerings, our efforts have finally borne fruit.

From the darkest recesses of the Earth, TRS has finally discovered the edgiest political stance one can possibly take.   Specifically, Michael Enoch found it.

Perhaps this position will

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Fascism? No One? A Response to "Dr." Laurence Britt

14 Warning Signs of Nothing in Particular

FascismIn 2003, an article appeared in the Secular Humanist magazine Free Inquiry titled “Fascism Anyone?”(editor’s note: this link requires a paid subscription to Free Inquiry, the full text can be found for free here) This article, which has since been attributed

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Bryan Caplan on White Nationalism

This is going to be a response to a recent blog posted by libertarian economist Bryan Caplan entitled How Bad is White Nationalism. Caplan first establishes why nationalism is generally morally wrong and then goes on to argue that white nationalism is an especially immoral form of nationalism.

Before examining

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