Life Absurd

When men refer to existence as “absurd,” they have thoroughly ignored existence as man is able see it.

Existence may appear absurd to those who have rejected all forms of internal structure. Internal structure stems of abstract thinking. Abstract thinking is not only the key to all advanced civilization, but to all immaterial values, which over and over again prove themselves more valuable than any material object.

Our post-modern dildocracy, with all its hedonism, cannot deny its misery. Just as most hedonistic philosophers were unable to deny their misery, the dullest of men lose themselves to it completely. For most western men, life has no meaning. Life has no purpose. They feel useless in a world built on uselessness. Nothing has meaning, no true function. Context is fantasy to them.

Welcome home.
Welcome home.

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Bulbasaur’s Modest Proposal

LifeIt is indeed a melancholy object for one to consider the topic of abortion in these “United” States. Hundreds of years trading blood and lives in the name of progress (not always a fair trade), yet still we drag along the flotsam of a past best left forgotten.

A strong minority, comprising tens of millions of our “fellow citizens,” still harbor misplaced nostalgia for a time when a woman had no say in whether or not she must endure the presence of a parasitic life-form within her own person.

Consider it: our female population, living the honest, equal, and consumptive existence guaranteed to all Americans (as well as some others), would instead be relegated to mere breed stock for the nation. Such thinking is a barbarous relic, anathema to any true American. I sometimes wonder if these Fox News-types sing the Horst Wessel Lied when we’re not paying attention. Susan B. Anthony, bless her, must be spinning in her grave.

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Infinite Truth

“There is nothing that is not healed with TIME. And there is no truth that cannot be reached if you spend enough time SEARCHING. …However, all trials have a limited time in which the truth must be DECIDED. Therefore, a truth that cannot be reached within that limited time cannot become TRUTH.”

- Dlanor A. Knox, Umineko no Naku Koro Ni: Chiru

In other words, once a certain limited time has passed, the truth inside it is sealed for some period of time where it has absolute authority. Though note, often, this “period of time” only needs to extend past the attention span of all involved. It matters not if the truth can be changed in the future, if that which the truth governs has changed irrevocably due to the truth at that time. And it usually does, due to the function of time called entropy. Or perhaps time is entropy.

This is why decisions must be swift, why vigilance and discipline are important, or, why opportunities and time wait for no one.

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