Jack Hunter’s Race Cuckoldry


tomriddleSo The Southern Pretender posted something really stupid on the subject of race a few days ago.

From a feigned position of moral enlightenment (I once was blind, but now I see), Jack Hunter wags his finger at the opposition for… Opposing the narrative. Not surprising. I sincerely hope the donor money is worth all of the liberal toilet-licking this man indulges in.

The American “Conservative” thought Jack’s article fit their “new generation” approach perfectly. Again, not surprising. The new generation is bad and should feel bad.

Hunter’s article begins with a rather blatant strawman:

Over the last week, many conservatives seemed to be unified around one narrative: Race or racism had absolutely nothing to do with the Michael Brown and Eric Garner killings, the protesters had simply made it such and this led to the tragic murder of two New York City police officers

Did race have anything to do with protests becoming chimpouts?
Does race have anything to do with protests becoming this?

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Libertarians On New Libertarianism 02: Drama And Dildos

Previous Installment: [01]

The following article is a collaborative effort between two anons: one primary, one assisting. Of course, for people involved in the discussion groups/websites mentioned, I imagine it won’t be difficult identifying these contributors. I appreciate them writing on the subject knowing this will likely finish off an already burned bridge.

Readers will note a markedly more bitter tone and negative opinion when it comes to the liberty milieu. Keep in mind that one can still hold to libertarian ideas without accepting the current movement’s trajectory.

The Liberty Movement has seen a rapid rise in popularity and exposure these last few years, with student groups such as YAL (Young Americans for Liberty) and SFL (Students For Liberty) springing up like weeds on college campuses around the nation. However most of these “Libertarians” seem to have conflicting narratives, priorities, and values. So one must ask, what then is the Liberty Movement?

It’s dildos.

Gone are the days of discontented conservatives sick to death of the repetition of US politics, back in the glory days of RawPaw. Look at “Liberty” now: supporting degeneracy qua degeneracy, throwing open the doors of our country to the third world, and a host of disgusting egalitarian special snowflakes holding the reigns of power.


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SFL: Drag Shows for Liberty


weirdoKendall Richey, author of the article linked above, is both social coordinator for Texas Christian University’s Gay-Straight Alliance and a Students For Liberty Campus Coordinator. The article depicts a recent student drag show, how it was a relative success compared to previous campus events.

The article also clearly shows readers which organization the author identifies more strongly with. You read nothing resembling libertarian talking points until the last few sentences. Almost like it’s an afterthought.

Funny, that.

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Libertarians On New Libertarianism 01: Jeff Tucker, I Hardly Knew Ya

This will hopefully be the first installment of a series that’s been in the works for several weeks. The intention is to provide readers with inside perspectives on the current trajectory of the liberty milieu. It is important to note that while each contributor will share their criticisms of where things are going, each of them would still consider themselves libertarian. -Bulbasaur

Jeff Tucker, I Hardly Knew Ya

I come from a blue-collar, Southern military family. I attended college and spent a number of years as an active duty Army officer. I was involved in both the ’08 and ’12 Ron Paul campaigns.

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The Libertarian Criminal Justice Nirvana: A Pre-Magna Carta Modern Day Somalia

Our good friend and colleague Attorney General Neckbeard is at it again. This time, he hints that the ideal libertarian criminal justice system is a cross between the king/peasant scene from Monty Python and modern day pirate-run Somalia.

“Crimes are never really about the actual victims to begin with.”

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The Ignominious Cuckification Of Jack Hunter

Once upon a time, there was this cool southern dude that would wear a Confederate flag mask and red pill people on several non-PC topics. He called himself the Southern Avenger.

Then one day the Southern Avenger traded his mask for a comb-over and dildo. The end.

This, from a guy who once released videos against the 14th Amendment.

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Student For Liberty Endorses Show Trials To Fight Racism. Lol

chawlaI see your #InstitutionalRacism and raise you #InstitutionalTotalitarianism. I bet that will teach people not to be biased. I bet this will advance human liberty in a meaningful way.

What makes this so funny is to look up Mr. Chawla’s involvement with “libertarianism,” in particular his page on the Students For Liberty website.

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Ghoul’s Brief Analysis (Daily Shoah Episode 14.88 Transcript)

Capitalism is demonstrably shown to work. However, the attempt to intertwine the success of capitalism with the dildo granted Western society a short lived euphoria before becoming a threat to itself. I’m stating this now because for some reason, possibly to do classical conditioning, many immediately make the leap from anti-cultural dildo to inefficient economic concepts that attempt to turn the market into the church. Fascism was a demonstrable economic failure, as was communism. I know many listeners get their stupid economic information from watching hours of amateur YouTube videos praising hitlernomics (such videos may include Greatest Story Never Told, National Alliance videos, etc). We could maybe address why in fact Hitlernomics were piss poor in disective detail on another podcast, but long story short, Hitler ultimately did nothing but create a massive martial economic bubble. The economy was not built for long lasting purposes. It was built for starting a war, and winning a war. Perhaps some might argue that the Germans could maintain stability post-war by basically holding a gun to the head of the world, but that’s ultimately a ridiculous assertion. Again, topic for another time.

Regarding Libertarianism:

Classical liberalism’s champion, John Locke, was an idiot. He makes a very false assumption of humanity and Western peoples. To Locke, human and market interaction is a completely voluntary phenomenon, due to the high intellectual capacity of humans* to desire a more prosperous society through logical and peaceful evaluation. Because of this, he believed a government ought to be small, and strictly serve the whims of the populace to achieve the most prosperous and free society. He also believed all people where born into a morally equal blank state, and that all people have intrinsic value.

It sounds nice because it’s completely self-empowering. When libertarians/liberals make claims of human importance, it’s a self-valuing claim with a collective cushion; basically saying “I am very important” with safe language. Continue reading

Open the Prisons Now, We’re Just Too Fucking Stupid for Our Own Good

1L’s (noob law students) have a lot of delusions:

  1. They will land a job (not as a barista)
  2. Making 120K a year in biglaw where they will
  3. Pay off the student loans quickly and
  4. Land a trophy wife who will blow you every day when you get home in your
  5. Newly paid for Jaguar.
  6. Prisons are for rehabilitation.

Hey libertarians i violated your stupid NAP right out the gate, how do you like that dumbass?

Want the reality? Check the end of the post for answers. But for now, we press on to two circuses of autistic delusion that come to the same conclusion: prison is bad and you should feel bad.

Against the Criminal Justice System Pt 1: No One Should Ever Be Punished

First, the latest cranial diarrhea out of the Libertarian camp (by the way guys, thanks so much for siphoning votes from right wingers all over the country), is this boozy little piece no doubt intellectually bandied about by icehouse-inspired college beta orbiters. This is Jason Byas, and he thinks noone should ever be punished:

Attorney General Neckneard will make sure Lloyds of London pays out for Dindu Nuffin's crimes
Attorney General Neckbeard will make sure Lloyds of London pays out for Dindu Nuffin’s crimes

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