In Which A Libertarian Egregiously Misses The Point

As a former basic bitch libertarian, I remain sympathetic to them. I do in fact believe that the general framework of a minarchist society by far results in the greatest prosperity and happiness for its citizens. I also believe that such a society can only be maintained if women and Read More

Jason Brennan Is A Welfare Whore

Jason Brennan is an incredibly pompous man who thinks he is hot shit because is an assistant professor of philosophy at Georgetown University. To give just one example of how brilliant Jason Brennan is, here is a video of his where he disproves Christianity in five and a half minutes. Read More

Jack Hunter's Race Cuckoldry

[Link] So The Southern Pretender posted something really stupid on the subject of race a few days ago. From a feigned position of moral enlightenment (I once was blind, but now I see), Jack Hunter wags his finger at the opposition for… Opposing the narrative. Not surprising. I sincerely hope Read More

Libertarians On New Libertarianism 02: Drama And Dildos

Previous Installment: [01] The following article is a collaborative effort between two anons: one primary, one assisting. Of course, for people involved in the discussion groups/websites mentioned, I imagine it won’t be difficult identifying these contributors. I appreciate them writing on the subject knowing this will likely finish Read More

SFL: Drag Shows for Liberty

[Source] Kendall Richey, author of the article linked above, is both social coordinator for Texas Christian University’s Gay-Straight Alliance and a Students For Liberty Campus Coordinator. The article depicts a recent student drag show, how it was a relative success compared to previous campus events. The article also clearly Read More

Libertarians On New Libertarianism 01: Jeff Tucker, I Hardly Knew Ya

This will hopefully be the first installment of a series that’s been in the works for several weeks. The intention is to provide readers with inside perspectives on the current trajectory of the liberty milieu. It is important to note that while each contributor will share their criticisms of Read More

The Libertarian Criminal Justice Nirvana: A Pre-Magna Carta Modern Day Somalia

Our good friend and colleague Attorney General Neckbeard is at it again. This time, he hints that the ideal libertarian criminal justice system is a cross between the king/peasant scene from Monty Python and modern day pirate-run Somalia. “Crimes are never really about the actual victims to begin with. Read More

The Ignominious Cuckification Of Jack Hunter

Once upon a time, there was this cool southern dude that would wear a Confederate flag mask and red pill people on several non-PC topics. He called himself the Southern Avenger. Then one day the Southern Avenger traded his mask for a comb-over and dildo. The end. This, from a Read More

Student For Liberty Endorses Show Trials To Fight Racism. Lol


I see your #InstitutionalRacism and raise you #InstitutionalTotalitarianism. I bet that will teach people not to be biased. I bet this will advance human liberty in a meaningful way. What makes this so funny is to look up Mr. Chawla’s involvement with “libertarianism,” in particular his page on the Read More

[PHOTO] Brave New Liberty


Bravery Level: So*Pictured (L to R): Boppo, Ginasarus-Rex, Cuck James, Blue Jeans Means This Are Serious Ceremony, Mrs. Potato Head * Good God, G-Rex has put on like 60 pounds in the last few months. I suspect she ate one of those shrimpy betacucks at a recent SFL conference. “Metamour” Read More