Ghoul's Brief Analysis (Daily Shoah Episode 14.88 Transcript)

Capitalism is demonstrably shown to work. However, the attempt to intertwine the success of capitalism with the dildo granted Western society a short lived euphoria before becoming a threat to itself. I’m stating this now because for some reason, possibly to do classical conditioning, many immediately make the leap Read More

Psychedelic Stupidity

In our modern drug addled post-hippy youth culture, spawned  from the cesspools of Woodstock and LSD drum circles of hairy White women, the concept of shitting all over the senses and perception as an enlightening and “eye-opening” experience is most certainly not a new thing. Bored White kids with little Read More

Whither Skyrim?


The past several weeks have seen harsh debate and a sharp divide among our inner circle.  The issue? Secession.  In particular,  whether or not the United States as a nation is something worth maintaining.  This may come as a surprise to some: the blog’s generally positive attitude regarding the Read More

The Edgiest

*WE’VE FOUND IT. * After almost two years of bitter debates, ceaseless research, and countless triggerings, our efforts have finally borne fruit. From the darkest recesses of the Earth, TRS has finally discovered the edgiest political stance one can possibly take.   Specifically, Michael Enoch found it. Perhaps this position will Read More

What It Means To Be Post-Libertarian

Ideological swaps have a common tendency: first, you experience a marked increase in positive feelings and energy towards your new ideology. Second, you disassociate yourself with your previous ideology and sling mud at it. You can’t take it seriously, so even if you have decent critiques of it, the Read More

Fedora-Capitalism On Black Friday


False dilemma, thy name is Jeff TuckerSo, according to Tucker, the “fullness of (humanity’s) fruits” is being trampled by high time preference-types for a $200 Playstation 3. Most of them are buying these deals on credit, as well. I’m sure our ancestors are proud. It’s strange to Read More

Is Capitalism The Right Stuff?

Short answer: YES*Capitalism occupies both a unique and tragic space in Western discourse. When it is not being loathed as the spiritual adversary of an ungrateful and dependent consumerist-left, Capitalism is being raised as an object of worship by a perversely-rational bowtie-left. As is typical of modern minds, the Read More

Nerdism and Property


The Non-Aggression Principle is one of those codes of honor that gets carried out by the most naive of ideologues. The An-Caps, Voluntaryists, Libertarians, and Anti-Statists are great examples. Don’t get me wrong, these guys are perfect for identifying the reasonable corruption of various institutions, however the code of Read More

Two Sides, Same Coin

It is a popular argument among the “classical” liberals that theirs is the correct strain of liberal thought, that the popular leftism of today has deviated too far from its roots and is no longer viable. The classical liberal types argue that their differences in application of liberal ideals are Read More

Libertarian Women Demonstrate Why The Liberty Movement Has A Woman Problem

[![]( "Bleh")]( in middle looks like Molly Ringwald.On Tuesday July 23rd, a day which will live in infamy, published a piece by edgytarian [Fred Reed] Read More