The Libertarian Problem

Once upon a time, I too was once Libertarian. It all started around 2008, back when my political senses and knowledge hardly stepped beyond the boundaries of feel-good territory. When “ending violence” was my top priority. When world peace was a simple Ron Paul away. Those were the days, huh? Back when we all the problems of the world rested on the shoulders of this old republican Texan.

ron paul

By solving problems, I mostly mean the legalization of marijuana.

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What It Means To Be Post-Libertarian

Ideological swaps have a common tendency: first, you experience a marked increase in positive feelings and energy towards your new ideology. Second, you disassociate yourself with your previous ideology and sling mud at it. You can’t take it seriously, so even if you have decent critiques of it, the best you can come up with–if you try at all–is a series of strawmen.

This is not that.

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The Libertarian Stuff: Discrimination

I. Discrimination

To discriminate, or not to discriminate? That is the question.

…That is to say, this is the distortion of reality presented by a modern media.


Support gay sex or face gay sex in prison.

The argument is typically framed as one side discriminating the other.  That this is an unsatisfactory situation goes without saying.  Of course it’s bad to discriminate.  Now salivate when I ring the bell.

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Fedora-Capitalism On Black Friday


False dilemma, thy name is Jeff Tucker

So, according to Tucker, the “fullness of (humanity’s) fruits” is being trampled by high time preference-types for a $200 Playstation 3. Most of them are buying these deals on credit, as well. I’m sure our ancestors are proud.

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An Open Letter To Libertarians

This article is my attempt to start an open dialogue with libertarians in the same vein as Darth Stirner’s “Fascist Libertarianism” article. 

I also see a potential alliance and compatibility between occidental traditionalists and libertarians; at least, those of a more minarchist persuasion.  Google analytics and social networking tends to support this idea.

It is my intent to argue that the liberty so many seek will be better achieved within a more TRS narrative.  That even if you do not fully agree or wish to reflect on such a matter, extenuating circumstances and a growing Fifth Column moves towards forcing your hand one way or another.

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An Open Letter To Christopher Cantwell

There has been a flurry of recent social media activity regarding one Christopher Cantwell, an outspoken and acerbic fellow associated with the post-Raw Paw liberty movement.

The cause of this kerfuffle? Cantwell committed the mortal sin of logically applying libertarian ideas outside the bounds of the Overton Window.


…Not surprisingly, jimmies have been rustled.

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The Rise Of Liberal Opportunism

whiteknightlibrulToday’s subject comes from totalfascism.

TL;DR: A brave youtuber produces an eight-minute video preaching against the evils of authoritarianism; Total Fascism’s Andrew Anglin responds with a brilliant circling of wagons.

Anglin’s response was a bit excessive, but the request for a Skype debate was nevertheless pure genius.

Fact is, a youtuber that produces trivial videos for the fedora demographic would be utterly trounced in a debate against a well-researched and dedicated ideologue like Anglin.

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Is Capitalism The Right Stuff?

Short answer: YES*

Capitalism occupies both a unique and tragic space in Western discourse.

When it is not being loathed as the spiritual adversary of an ungrateful and dependent consumerist-left, Capitalism is being raised as an object of worship by a perversely-rational bowtie-left.

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The 5 stages of becoming Right Stuff

Response to: The 5 stages of becoming an anarchist

Maybe you’re no longer an anarchist. But TRS? NO WAY.

Some day, however, you might be.

On the road to Right Stuff, there are five stages. And unlike ancap applications of the Kübler-Ross model, you will not come out posting profile pictures looking like a goofy motherfucker.


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Nerdism and Property

keep-calm-and-follow-the-prime-directiveThe Non-Aggression Principle is one of those codes of honor that gets carried out by the most naive of ideologues. The An-Caps, Voluntaryists, Libertarians, and Anti-Statists are great examples. Don’t get me wrong, these guys are perfect for identifying the reasonable corruption of various institutions, however the code of honor that they live by is remarkably unrealistic and irresponsible. An act of aggression for the greater good such as forcing someone into a straitjacket so they won’t be able to shoot up heroine would be principally immoral under these premises. This simplistic individualism they hold on to has been critiqued by various left-wing, liberal, progressive douchebags, but it has also been critiqued by those of the radical-right wing such as Bulbasaur.

The thing with the NAP that shouldn’t be neglected is that it’s reliant on the Self-Ownership Principle. The idea is that because individuals own themselves, an act of aggression upon another individual is principally a crime. This is usually applied to protect the individual from the state, but can also be applied to various other institutions, collectives, or even other individuals. With that being said the NAP is pretty brilliant as an idea, as it can be applied to various subjects and issues and still be a relevant principle. Those that support the NAP however, tend to be a little lazy on how they apply it. It’s still a worthless principle.

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