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Jews Explaining Jews Vol. II: Controlled Opposition

A couple of months ago I published a video of Ben Shapiro explaining to the uninitiated that the majority of jews are communist fucks. Although Shapiro obviously had ulterior motives and inserted his own obfuscations and half-truths like a good neocon, his video served as a great introduction to those

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Always Capitalize The Word 'White'


Fuck these people. Always capitalize 'White' when referring to the White Race. Make it a thing. Why? Because it triggers leftists, that's why. It's a great microaggression.

Other suggestions from The Right Stuff Writing Style Guide include always capitalizing words like 'Right-Wing', 'Conservative', 'Fascism', 'Patriarchy', and so on while

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12 Words You Need To Add To Your Vocabulary To Be A Better Fascist

Standard SJW bio: black thick-rimmed glasses, colored hair, humble-bragging activism, 'quirky' and 'clever' hobbies.

Inspired by this lovely article from Mashable (read: Ovenable)

You're all about thoughtful bigotry. Your favorite word is "Zyklon". You're constantly on that fat shaming, commie killing, George Zimmerzammering grind. I mean, come on, you even

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