Dear Conservatives: You Won’t Win the Latino Vote

Let’s forget the name calling, forget we called you a cuck. Just listen to me, alright? Latinos don’t care about you or your politics. They don’t care about this country’s founding principles or ideas. Maybe no one has told you what I’m about to tell Read More

The Alt-Right as Disruption: Crashing the #Cuckservative Industrial Complex with No Survivors

The age of cucks is over. The time of the shitlord has come. #Trump2016 #trumpforpresident #Shitlords4Trump— Lawrence Murray (@AtlanticCent) July 7, 2015 In the business world, the C-suite spends a lot of time worrying about a not-so-little thing called “disruption.” Disruption, in brief, is what Read More

Luis Gutierrez is a Traitor

As I write this I’m drunk with rage, my LARPing circuitry in overdrive my outrage gauges flashing “Danger”. You see, I watched this video: In it you will see Ann Coulter braving the liberal hive mind in one of its own bastions. You should watch the whole thing but Read More

Physical Removal in the Dominican Republic

And you thought only White people could be racist. In what can only be described as eugenic, the very tan Dominican Republic is planning to deport some of its very black Haitian population via obtuse legalism. Yes, very racist of those POC, but that’s the story. A lot of Read More

Modest Overview of Current Immigration Procedures Pt. 1

Many arguments are made about American immigration laws: that they are not enforced - usually argued by conservatives - that they are barbaric remnants of the Jim Crow era - usually argued by libertarians - and of course, liberals and progressives don’t really want immigration laws because we have Read More

Calling All Writers! Operation: Irrational Wiki

One of the easiest ways to gain visibility and promote a political cause is to engage in a concentrated campaign against a large and widely-viewed target. It doesn't guarantee recruitment or sympathy, but bad publicity is often the best publicity. By making yourself into the primary antagonist you insure that Read More

Leftism Rejected by Surprising Numbers of Brits

In the general elections on Thursday, roughly half of the electorate of the UK as a whole came together to reject any kind of leftist input into the government. As an enthusiastic supporter of UKIP, however, I wasn't thrilled with some of the results of the election, especially not by Read More

Top Ten Liberal Beliefs That Came From Television

One of the most important questions ever posed by anyone on his journey rightward is, “Why are liberals so stupid?” It’s a bit perplexing. How can someone smart enough to correctly repeat a blizzard of global warming talking points actually think that you can purchase machine guns at military Read More

Responding to voluntaryists and Doug Stanhope on Nationalism

Source: V is for Voluntary Oh Boy.The first part of this meme’s statement is hilariously wrong: Doug Stanhope and Voluntaryists, not nationalism, taught me to hate people I’ve never met. Hilariously enough, the first part of this statement also removes any moral posturing on Nazis, Hitler, and Read More

I Have No Trouble Understanding Nationalism


Brave Level: SoI recognize that this woman is not seriously that retarded, that she is rhetorically signalling being totally above the brutal and backward concept of nationalism. It’s still unbelievably triggering. If there is one thing that brings my piss to a boil, it’s when people (usually women) Read More