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Vicious Anti-Gay Bigot S. Truett Cathy Finally Croaks

Today marks the death of S. Truett Cathy, who founded the infamous “Chick-fil-A” cartel which for decades has served as a sandwich slinging front-group for the most homophobic hate-organizations in existence. Not only did this nefarious “fast food franchise” funnel profits into murdering the gays, their attractively priced and delicious

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Gay Rights and Whitey's Revenge

I’ve long held a certain suspicion that during the “Civil Rights Struggle” white folk looked on with a sense of inflamed jealousy and bitter resentment while figures such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King stole the national spotlight. After all, at best the pale skinned progressives and lily

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Pandora's Transgender Box

While the Gay Acceptance Bandwagon has gotten a full head of steam lately in the mainstream, many bored social justice hipsters are already looking for the next new and exotic Civil Right’s Struggle. Enter “Transgender Acceptance,” the brand new scene where you can demonstrate your total free thinking acceptance

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