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A Small Victory

Univision anchor Maria Elena Salinas was unceremoniously booed while giving her commencement address at California State University, Fullerton last month. Ms. Salinas, who to be fair is pretty attractive for a 62-year-old, probably imagined this to be a witty line:

They blame us for so many things, that now they’

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Obama's Illegal and Dangerous Immigration Dictate

This week Obama announced that he will pursue an executive order that will allow certain illegal immigrants in America to obtain “deportation relief.” This means that they will be able to apply for paper work which will prevent them from being deported for the next three years. In order to

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Secession and Skyrim

This post is going to consist of two parts. The first part will explain why I am in favor of secession and, in particular, a group of almost all whites seceding from the United states. In the second part I will respond to an article recently posted on this site

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