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Alex's Definitive Guide to the Gun Control Debate

I have been dragged through this debate so many times that the talking points have been ingrained into my neural pathways like the well worn action of Grandpa’s old Remington shotgun. For the record, I am pro-gun, but for infinitely simpler reasons than the typical pundit: I just like

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Yankee prejudice and gun control

I recently watched Ken Burn’s documentary on Prohibition, and somewhere between the story of Carrie Nation and George Remus I realized something about the modern gun control debate: The pro-gun control side is acting on cultural sensibilities expressed as moralistic outrage. How  you feel about guns is self-evidently related

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The Sickening Pretense of Non-Power

Perhaps the most galling aspect of the current liberal political zeitgeist is the pretense by those in power and their supporters that they have no power. Liberal intellectuals and political activists maintain the smug conceit that they are “the little guy” fighting for “progress” against a mighty enemy of reaction.

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