You’re Ebola Because You’re Free

While Kaci Hickox is busy lawyering up and filing a lawsuit for presumably at least a million in pain and suffering from her unscheduled visit to Dachau – a primitive isolation ward set up at a local hospital, the DoD announced today that 11 soldiers returning from Liberia after being relieved by the 101st Airborne are going to be kept in isolation in Italy until they’ve waited out the incubation period. The next 100 to return are expected to be kept in isolation as well. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to spend any more time than necessary in New Jersey, either but difference in these two examples are like night and day, and this is why we need feminism.

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Hobby Lobby’s Birth Controlocaust

[Source] – Who else but Huffpo?

So yesterday with a snicker-snack! the Supreme Court delivered a terrible blow to women’s rights or something with a split decision in favor of businesses refusing to cover contraception on the basis of religious beliefs.

Behold, America’s impending theocratic oppression.  Or something.

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On Abortion

Fun fact: until recently, I had never engaged people on the topic of abortion.  Living in a red state, I have had little contact with the baby killers.  I also tended to avoid the topic; perhaps I subconsciously knew I would hate the results.

Honestly, I was inclined to believe that things are the way they are because of inertia and Wendy Davis.

I was wrong.

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Jen Sorenson’s Totalitarian Feelocracy

Behold, the stupidest thing I have seen today…  And it’s 2am.  Dammit.

Trigger Warning: Jen Sorenson


1. Funny how “freedom” when dealing with human actors always becomes something inherently unequal.  Jen ignores this.  Of course.  Jen instead projects a conception of freedom that involves reality catering to her wants.  Of course.

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Religious Freedom and Intolerance

ughSource: George Takei

This “higher ground” amounts to spitting on religious doctrine in favor of the disgusting behavior associated with gay “culture.” Apparently it’s also not absolutism or religious if you are a female or “LGBT ally” that absolutely and religiously supports things that were better off secluded in dens of iniquity.

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MLK As Consumer Brand

Cool story, bro: a party planned in Flint, Michigan went viral last week, threatening the West’s narrative on the negro question.

Particularly damaging were the party’s fliers, depicting civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.’s face photoshopped on a BET actor.

Oh, and the party’s theme was “freedom 2 twerk.”  That’s pretty damned triggering, especially to us white folk who seem to be the only ones that recollect the words to and meaning behind MLK’s speeches.

Thank God almighty, $5 cover charge.
Thank God almighty, $10 cover charge.

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Women Should Hate Freedom

Much ado has been made recently in the left wing of the “liberty movement” over the fact that men are its predominant constituents. Much speculation has been devoted to how women might be sold on the virtues of freedom and liberty, thus cleansing libertarianism of the stain of inequality that has long befouled its name.

Unlike “libertarian feminists” or even regular libertarians, I think women are absolutely right to hate freedom. There are reasons they do, and those reasons have served them well. Women’s sensibilities are wholly appropriate; to women. They just shouldn’t, under any circumstances, be given the power to impose them on men. As the old cliche goes, what’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily good for the gander, and vice versa.

trust women
LOL. No.

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Your Country On…

Art by Steve GREENBERG. Of course.

Q: Why are the liquor store, projects, and quickie loans on the Republican side?
A: The negroes can’t afford to live in the white Democrat side. LOL when you realize that the Democrats achieve what white racial separatists desire, and with efficient cars to boot!

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Two Sides, Same Coin

It is a popular argument among the “classical” liberals that theirs is the correct strain of liberal thought, that the popular leftism of today has deviated too far from its roots and is no longer viable.

The classical liberal types argue that their differences in application of liberal ideals are profound; we argue that they are superficial.


That is why, in this short article, we will compare the modern liberal’s infamous “Life Of Julia” with the classical liberal’s threadbare “Free Market.”

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Libertarian Women Demonstrate Why The Liberty Movement Has A Woman Problem

Girl in middle looks like Molly Ringwald.

On Tuesday July 23rd, a day which will live in infamy, published a piece by edgytarian Fred Reed, titled “Why Sexual Integration Is A Bad Idea.”

In response to Reed’s work, three “libertarian feminists” penned an amusing retort; amusing, because their collective hissy-fit does more to support Reed’s position than his own work (which I didn’t read).

This humble article will be the type of response I do not expect to be see published on either LRC or Fred’s blog. I’ll get around to explaining why I believe this to be the case. First things first, I must dissect the choicer bits of Borowski, Reisenwitz, and Kristian’s calumnious response to Reed, a concerted effort by three women to promote individuality and feminism (lol).

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