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"Stern Letter Sure to Sink Trump," Says Increasingly Nervous Establishment for Second Time This Year

This week, several of the bankers, lobbyists, bureaucrats, djinns, wraiths, and wendigos that have formed the core of the U.S. foreign policy establishment over the last few decades expressed their indignation over the refusal of Donald Trump to drop out of the presidential campaign. Despite a letter exposing "male

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Assessing Trump’s ‘America First’: Muscular Americentrism Meets Neoconservatism

WASHINGTON, DC – In a speech that was loudly decried by ((((pundits)))), Donald J. Trump outlined what foreign policy would look like under his presidency. Surprisingly to some, he used a teleprompter, but foreign policy really is something that you cannot wing, even if most foreign policy brokering between countries actually

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