A New Hero for Our Leftist Friends

Unless you have been busy LARPing or you don’t get good cable reception in your mom’s basement, you have certainly already heard that Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show on Comedy Central. This was bound to happen, and in and of itself is not really worth my Read More

Men can rule, therefore we must.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal refreshingly challenges the conventional wisdom that men and women are exactly equal, only to assert that female rule is what’s in store for us and it’s something to look forward to. Groan. Research has found that women are superior to Read More

Responding to voluntaryists and Doug Stanhope on Nationalism

Source: V is for Voluntary Oh Boy.The first part of this meme’s statement is hilariously wrong: Doug Stanhope and Voluntaryists, not nationalism, taught me to hate people I’ve never met. Hilariously enough, the first part of this statement also removes any moral posturing on Nazis, Hitler, and Read More

I Have No Trouble Understanding Nationalism


Brave Level: SoI recognize that this woman is not seriously that retarded, that she is rhetorically signalling being totally above the brutal and backward concept of nationalism. It’s still unbelievably triggering. If there is one thing that brings my piss to a boil, it’s when people (usually women) Read More

Fugly Aussie Totally Challenges Traditional Gender Identities (LOL, JK)

Source: Have A Gay Day/Minus18 You’re Trans? What are you looking at? LOLNot gonna lie, I was more confused than triggered at this picture. Hell, I’m still bewildered. It’s like viewing one of those silly modern “art” exhibits, except this one breathes and has a profile Read More

The End of Insensitivity

The University of Michigan is doing their part to help end offensive speech. In a new $16k program they have dubbed the “Inclusive Language Campaign,” the university has effectively banned a number of common words and phrases. They believe that this prohibition will be just what the doctor ordered, and Read More

Pedophilia and Postmodernism

Here at TRS, we are always scanning the rhetorical horizons in an effort to keep America safe and prosperous. Language holds the keys to the kingdom, and how we define words often dictates our reactions. This is the primary reason that political correctness is a pox upon our house. Often, Read More

In the wake of Charlie Hebdo: Victim Blaming

Source: The Hooded Utilitarian At TRS we have noted a growing trend among leftists to place social status above intellectual consistency. When narrative-challenging events like yesterday’s shooting at leftist magazine Charlie Hebdo occur, what typically happens is liberals will coalesce around the easiest and safest narrative available. In this Read More

Tumblr On The Tranny Beiber Alcorn Suicide

Trigger Warning: Tumblr, Trannies In case you’ve missed it: a 17-year old freak by the name of Josh Alcorn ended his life by stepping in front of a semi. Here is a wikipedia article for more information. Dead Josh inspired the keyboard humanitarians to create a petition for a Read More

What Wal-Mart Employees Are Really Thankful For

Tthe happiest slaves I've ever seen

The happiest slaves I’ve ever seenIt’s that time of year again. The time when liberals collectively remind us with tweets from their iPhones that they are above petty consumerism and that employing a mere 6,000 out of 2.2 million workers at minimum wage (a policy which Read More