Ghoul's Brief Analysis (Daily Shoah Episode 14.88 Transcript)

Capitalism is demonstrably shown to work. However, the attempt to intertwine the success of capitalism with the dildo granted Western society a short lived euphoria before becoming a threat to itself. I’m stating this now because for some reason, possibly to do classical conditioning, many immediately make the leap Read More

Degenerate Electorate

Having come out of yet another midterm election, this is the period of time that American media spends analyzing what went right and what went wrong.  They simply cheer for what went right without any time spent on how it occurred.  Even with what went wrong, they never analyze the Read More

Turn Out... For What?

Before we overdose on liberal tears, let’s explore the hilarious campaign fail that was #TURNOUTFORWHAT What kind of message was that? What kind of identity is that conveying, what kind of ideal? No wonder Tyrone, Mohammed and Aiden stayed home while Grandpa and Grandma put Republicans back in the Read More

A Feminist "Converts" To Islam

[source] Gee, I wonder why?It never ceases to amaze me to see the lengths women will go to signal status and achieve what they believe to be a higher place in feminism’s trivial pecking order. The CNN article begins with Mrs. Theresa Corbin’s early life, being totally Read More

Hobby Lobby's Birth Controlocaust

[Source] – Who else but Huffpo? So yesterday with a snicker-snack! the Supreme Court delivered a terrible blow to women’s rights or something with a split decision in favor of businesses refusing to cover contraception on the basis of religious beliefs. Behold, America’s impending theocratic oppression.  Or something. Unsurprisingly, Read More

On Capitalism and Property

It is a good idea when analyzing any social phenomenon or institution to look at how it is viewed in the present context by various groups in society and ask why they hold the view that they do. This can be a revealing exercise. If we know about the ideology Read More

Your Country On...


Art by Steve GREENBERG. Of course.Q: Why are the liquor store, projects, and quickie loans on the Republican side? A: The negroes can’t afford to live in the white Democrat side. LOL when you realize that the Democrats achieve what white racial separatists desire, and with efficient cars Read More

The trivial hobbies of bored white people


The Caucasian ethnic group has long amused itself with creative story telling, a habit forever immortalized by the countless religions, epics, novels and plays put down to paper by creative light skinned humans over the years. The art of the narrative is so ingrained in white culture that virtually any Read More

Two Sides, Same Coin

It is a popular argument among the “classical” liberals that theirs is the correct strain of liberal thought, that the popular leftism of today has deviated too far from its roots and is no longer viable. The classical liberal types argue that their differences in application of liberal ideals are Read More

The Ideal Democracy: Why Progressive Reforms are Needed Now


Three cheers for democracy in action!–yes, that’s what they called it. I recently received a letter in the mail from my credit union informing me that elections for the board of directors are coming up, and that it is very important for me to carefully screen the candidates Read More