Religious Freedom and Intolerance


Source: George Takei This “higher ground” amounts to spitting on religious doctrine in favor of the disgusting behavior associated with gay “culture.” Apparently it’s also not absolutism or religious if you are a female or “LGBT ally” that absolutely and religiously supports things that were better off secluded in Read More



In our world the fatherly God has been killed and replaced by postmodern humanism. Throughout history societies have gone from worship of nature to more immaterial, metaphysical concepts that are beyond our comprehension. Scientific progress has helped us move away from believing the winds and tides are caused by spirits, Read More

An Abomination We Can Believe In

Today’s subject comes from Upworthy: Bill has apparently experienced some oppression by uneducated and insensitive people who question his “gay credentials” because he dates transexual men. That is, women who decided to wear tank-tops and badly-imitate a countertenor. Being a creative soul, Billbo creates a comic that is meant Read More

Feminism is about "Respect"


Forget the grammar in the picture–focus on the message. It isn’t enough that society bends over backwards in order to accommodate women. Third-wave feminism is about acknowledging women’s subordination, both in terms of agency and intellectual/physical ability. The acknowledgment isn’t explicit. They’ll deny it Read More

Fedora-Capitalism On Exploitation


Dear Jeffrey Tucker, I’m very sorry that you live in a society where notions like “productivity” and “mutual service” cannot be rationally advanced on a masturbatory social media outlet like facebook. I must also regretfully inform you that pandering redundant books and even more-redundant online lessons in anti-Keynesian snark Read More

Revenge of the Pussynerds

“The first Kings were Fathers of Families.” – Patriarcha, Sir Robert Filmer (1680) You’re doing it wrong.As the diannihilect swept past for another spiraling lap, what was forgotten became profound once again. In world of ceaseless and senseless deconstruction, it is both surprising and not surprising that a male’ Read More


You’re going to die. You will be buried, cremated, or left somewhere to rot. Your name will fade into memory. After enough years and enough people follow you in death, you will be forgotten. How you lived your life will not change this ending. You face the same cold Read More

Après Paul, Le Déluge


Translation: After (Ron) Paul, Dildos. Ron Paul, our generation’s William Jennings Bryan, has largely run his course. The man who for decades bravely griefed Congress and disrupted Republican Primaries, now talks shit about dead people on twitter. He who lives by the troll dies by the troll, I suppose. Read More

Your Body And Your Rules Suck

This is why women can’t have nice things. I. YOUR BODY. YOUR RULES™ So what is the moral of the story (the sales pitch)? Something about empowerment, that women are actually the controllers of the sexual transaction, no matter the manliness or perceived power of the partner involved. By Read More