The Daily Cuckservatives: A Response To Matt K. Lewis And Friends

The Daily Caller senior contributor Matt K. Lewis recently decided to write an article 'explaining' what a cuckservative is to an audience that he assumed didn't know what the term actually meant. His tactic is typical damage control and I don't claim that his views reflect the opinions of the Read More

#RemoveTheGraves Campaign

Here at The Right Stuff, we're committed to spreading a message of tolerance, inclusion, and equality. When the fervor to take down the Confederate flag took off in the American heart, we were overjoyed. It's 2015 and that's 150 years late as far as we're concerned. Sadly, this country has Read More

Phantom Squid Occurrence II: Fugue No. IV

Cord art hasn't died and neither has the sand bucket film at five. It has rehatched to TRS. Enjoy the modern Baroque Aryan works of Ghoul and eat the envelope lump. Read More

Always Capitalize The Word 'White'

source Fuck these people. Always capitalize 'White' when referring to the White Race. Make it a thing. Why? Because it triggers leftists, that's why. It's a great microaggression. Other suggestions from The Right Stuff Writing Style Guide include always capitalizing words like 'Right-Wing', 'Conservative', 'Fascism', 'Patriarchy', and so on while Read More

Right Wing Trolls Can Win

"Do something!" We've heard it before. Being on the Internet and trolling people is the opposite of doing something. Real reactionaries stockpile ammunition in their cabin and plan up shooting rampages to spark the RAHOWA...or something. Aside from the possibility that such individuals are FBI agents trying to snare Read More

Increase Your Power Level with These Simple Steps

Whether you have just joined the resistance or you are a battle-hardened shitlord, it is important to always strive for excellence. The jimmies you rustled last week were not the only ones left to slay, and our enemy (progressives) are always scheming. Incorporating some or all of these steps into Read More

Calling All Writers! Operation: Irrational Wiki

One of the easiest ways to gain visibility and promote a political cause is to engage in a concentrated campaign against a large and widely-viewed target. It doesn't guarantee recruitment or sympathy, but bad publicity is often the best publicity. By making yourself into the primary antagonist you insure that Read More

Quick response to Glenn Beck on the Israeli election


Here we have Beck, a Mormon heretic who believes Christ (Jehovah) is a lesser deity among an infinite number of gods. Glenn is very dishonestly representing his views in order to whip up a frenzy among evangelicals who have a bumper sticker-level of religious understanding, who don’t realize that Read More

Responding to voluntaryists and Doug Stanhope on Nationalism

Source: V is for Voluntary Oh Boy.The first part of this meme’s statement is hilariously wrong: Doug Stanhope and Voluntaryists, not nationalism, taught me to hate people I’ve never met. Hilariously enough, the first part of this statement also removes any moral posturing on Nazis, Hitler, and Read More

I Have No Trouble Understanding Nationalism


Brave Level: SoI recognize that this woman is not seriously that retarded, that she is rhetorically signalling being totally above the brutal and backward concept of nationalism. It’s still unbelievably triggering. If there is one thing that brings my piss to a boil, it’s when people (usually women) Read More