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Gay Rights and Whitey's Revenge

I’ve long held a certain suspicion that during the “Civil Rights Struggle” white folk looked on with a sense of inflamed jealousy and bitter resentment while figures such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King stole the national spotlight. After all, at best the pale skinned progressives and lily

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MLK As Consumer Brand

Cool story, bro: a party planned in Flint, Michigan went viral last week, threatening the West’s narrative on the negro question.

Particularly damaging were the party’s fliers, depicting civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.’s face photoshopped on a BET actor.

Oh, and the party’s theme

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On Zimmerman's Acquittal

No, it’s not.
The happening was again averted.

There were no riots, no race war. Nothing of that sort has happened. Nor will it.

The most violence we’ve seen so far, the only violence we will likely see as a result of Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict, was

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