A New Hero for Our Leftist Friends

Unless you have been busy LARPing or you don’t get good cable reception in your mom’s basement, you have certainly already heard that Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show on Comedy Central. This was bound to happen, and in and of itself is not really worth my Read More

The Guardian Hates Jews

Nazis show up in the darndest places. The Right Stuff recently had a run-in withbbThe Guardian when inept writer Jason Wilson denied the entire history of the New Left. Instead of responding to TRS in a professional manner he and his friends simply laughed and shrugged off the criticism. Actual Read More

More Data That Is Probably Racist Or Something

Meow Mix sent us a link to the AEI’s summary of the latest annual CBO report on“The Distribution of Household Income and Federal Taxes.”  It tells us what we pretty much already know, that the top income earners in the country pay a shit-ton in taxes. Look at Read More

What Wal-Mart Employees Are Really Thankful For

Tthe happiest slaves I've ever seen

The happiest slaves I’ve ever seenIt’s that time of year again. The time when liberals collectively remind us with tweets from their iPhones that they are above petty consumerism and that employing a mere 6,000 out of 2.2 million workers at minimum wage (a policy which Read More

Occupy An Oven You Dweeb

Liberal Eggman Knows The #Truth

Okay, something has been burning on my mind since about 2011 when Occupy Wall Street started telling the world that they were getting robbed by BANKSTERS. It’s this zero-sum notion that if Wall Street is surging, it can only mean that poor dindus ain’t gettin nuff money for Read More

"Douchebag:" A Perfidious Jew

[source] I gotta admit, I’m still chuckling at this one. Cohen ”I am white…shout white racial slurs at me!” Sure you are, Schlomo. I wonder how this totally detached thinker would respond to to a racial slur like “kike” or “himey?”Lol just kidding, I don’t wonder. Read More

Re: Cantwell, Ancap, Etc.

Earlier this month I wrote an article to noted edgytarian Christopher Cantwell.  In it I offered my post-ancap perspective on his supposed intellectual tension regarding the use of force.  Turns out he just wanted to be okay with shooting chicks in his mind; in retrospect, I should have done more Read More

Libertarians Ain't So Bad

Reactionary circles tend to reserve a lot of venom for the Libertarian crowd, much of it well deserved when one considers the autistic neckbearded insanity of many acolytes of the NAP and Saint Rothbard. You could misspend several hours cataloging Libertarian misadventures on the subject of legal age of consent, Read More

Whither Libertarianism?

Many harsh criticisms have been made on this site, by myself and others, of the more autistic, neckbeardy and fedoraish strains of Libertarianism. Bulbasaur in particular has gained a reputation for pouring vitriol and contempt down on Libertarianism and its bastard stepchildren, Voluntaryism and Anarcho-capitalism. I have tried to take Read More

The Corn Syrup Melting Pot

It seems that some jimjams have been flimflammed and a media kerfuffle has arisen over a rather banal and saccharine Dildo Super Bowl advertisement put out by the Coca-Cola corporation. The ad depicts various individuals and groups of endearing, non-threatening, SWPL-approved minorities signing “America the Beautiful” in various global (non-English) Read More