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Race In The Media: Narratives First, Facts As They Come

If the casual red-pill knows anything, it’s that the media runs on a 24hr news cycle and will speculate (wildly) on anything. If TRS knows anything, it’s that the media loves The Narrative. We saw it in Sanford, in Ferguson, in Queens. Now it’s rural Mississippi’s

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Black Couple Opposes Microaggression, Perpetuates Stereotype Instead

Source: Imgur


Let’s ignore the overuse of pronouns. Let us also pretend that the writer used “not” instead of  “never.” We should avoid asking why “thyself” is even there (maybe this was a romantic Quaker-themed restaurant?).

We should especially overlook that this black woman (judging by handwriting and tone

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Yes, ISIS Burned a Man Alive, But a Spoiled Negro Would Rather You Pay Attention to Him

Source: The Daily Kos

Yesterday, a “respectable negro” (lol organ grinder) at DK posted perhaps one of the most egregiously stupid and narcissistic things I’ve ever read.

Go fuck yourself.
ISIS’s burning alive of Muadh al Kasasbeh has been denounced as an act of savagery, barbarism, and wanton

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Iggy Azalea's Verbal Blackface Enrages the Dildosphere

The first time I ever heard mention of this Australian born, white mudshark rapper was from my brother, who informed me she had something of a prodigious talent at “spittin’ rhymes.” Indeed, on pop-radio she is a rather popular “artist,” particularly in the role of guest starring on other people’

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