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SWPL-Down Economics: Accidentally Pro-slavery

SWPL-Down Economics refers to the idea that, thanks to material abundance (at the expense of vassals both foreign and domestic), high-brow SWPL preferences become affordable and accessible to the mass.

The libertarians are wont to view the result of SDE as a desirable “fruition” of man’s efforts. They do

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A Patriotic Postscript

(Thanks to commenter abcdavid01 for the catch!)

With the country largely focused on defending/attacking Nelson Mandela’s empty suit legacy, I wonder how many had the time to notice that Saturday the 7th was supposed to be a significant day of remembrance. Before there was 9/11 there was

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The Hilarity of Postmodernism: Vagina Knitting

knitJust when you think modern expressions of a coddled and stunted generation couldn’t get any more trivial and stupid, you find things like this.

For those of you who cannot or choose not to view it, Casey Jenkins, fish-faced “former craftivist,” is spending 28 days knitting a scarf from

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