The Wall

It is getting difficult to ignore the wall. Difficult, but not impossible. After all, the wall is largely invisible, or perhaps more accurately holographic. Democrats see it, but, for the apolitical and some Republicans, it is avoidable, for now. The information streams and the views of the public are divided

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Abortion: Permission for the Ultimate Transgression

We have to allow the moral horror of abortion because we lack the moral courage for eugenics.

Or do we?

Rather than assuming a collective, externality-minded, and least-harm approach to the problem of undesirable births, as a society we have opted for a principle of unfettered feminine liberty. It is

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Unpublishable Today: Confederate Savior of Mars

Can you imagine in the Current Year our Cultural Marxists-entrenched media and their Glavlit-inspired approval and publishing apparatus allowing a science-fiction hero to be a (1) white, (2) heterosexual, (3) male and, (4) this is the real icing-on-the-cake, also a brave Confederate war veteran? In 2017, no - no,

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The Big Game and the Little Game

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. Sun Tzu

In politics, there are always two games being played: the little game and the big game. The little game consists in petty battles over marginal issues that nevertheless seem to be

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Apocalyptic Visions

In the apocalyptic fantasies of the Left, Nazis are everywhere. They’re walking through the streets right now, they’re paying their taxes, roaring around on public transit, helping the elderly negotiate busy streets whilst wearing MAGA caps unabashedly. They’re kicking extra points for your favorite gridiron football team.

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