Reflections on the Revolution in Berkeley

This is a guest post submitted by an author who wishes to remain anonymous

These days there's no escaping irony. It permeates (or poisons, depending on who you ask) the discourse, structures our humor, informs our language, and leaves its perplexing yet indelible mark on events great and small. Irony

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Deploying Tactical Blackpills: The Alt Right Versus Trump

The Alt Right has a deceptively challenging task over the next few years: demand more of Trump, even things we know he cannot do.

I say deceptive because many are lost on the purpose of supporting the Trump administration. Trump is not /ourguy/. Trump was never /ourguy/. Trump will never

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Your favorite ex-Republican podcast is back, along with Fash The Nation's Jazzhands McFeels! Go get it at Radio.TheRightStuff.Biz!

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No More Globalist Wars

Note: This piece was written before Trump declared that the US would not invade Syria. That is, however, not the primary point of this article. But, who knows what might happen next week – the neocons could be calling for ground troops in Yemen.

In light of recent events, it is

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