Greek Independence Day: The Greek War Of Independence And The Modern Parallel Of Europe

Today, March 25th, is celebrated world wide by the Greek Community, and even recognized by President Trump.

This day marks the beginning of the 8 and a half year struggle to secure freedom from Turkish Muslim rule. With everything going on in Europe today, the lessons of this day are

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The Quixotic Jihad

An attack on London is an attack on multiculturalism, not the "imperialist West" or the "crusader states." The great irony is that it is highly likely the diverse victims of the Westminister terrorist would have either met his demands or permitted him and his kind to implement them in the

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World Control and World Order

The quest for world order, as presently conceived, is foolish and destructive. The European state system, based on a balance of power, put forth at Westphalia after the Thirty Years War was first distorted to apply to the entire world, and then discarded altogether by the hegemonic United States in

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Manifest Destiny Means Lebensraum

"After the United States gobbled up California and half of Mexico, and we were stripped down to nothing, territorial expansion suddenly becomes a crime. It's been going on for centuries, and it will still go on." — Hermann Göring

What was it that was spread from sea to shining sea in

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