CIA Torture Report Reveals Americans Are Pussies

Recently a Senate report revealed the CIA has been using “harsh interrogation techniques” on prisoners, much to the mock outcry of the hand-wringing bleeding heart liberal masses. USA Today wonders “What the World Is Saying” about our naughty misdeeds against terrorists (Spoilers, Russia took this as an opportunity to get in a jab against Obama), while Libertarian sites like overflow with pious moralizing about the Nazi CIA and their inhumane torture of over 6 million Jews Arabs. Facebook threads abound with frumpy liberals hopping up on moral high horses and voicing their sobrave.jpeg condemnations of US conduct towards prisoners. The overall narrative hasn’t changed at all since Bad Goyim Ward Churchill published “On The Justice of Roosting Chickens“, a seminal piece of victim blaming more notable for the controversial assertion Jew capitalists in the World Trade Center were “little Eichmanns” than for its predictable Chomskyite stance on US Imperialism directly resulting in “blowback”. The gist of it is, America is an Evil Empire, and it’s morally wrong for us to harm a hair on the head of those brave little freedom fighters flying planes into our skyscrapers.

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My Bowtie is Bigger

As red-pilled as it gets.
As red-pilled as it gets.

Thanks, mister ancap,  for the brilliant cartoon idea. Sharing it across Facebook will surely self affirm my out-of-the-loop political beliefs, and further redpill my ass into baboon territory. Unfortunately, you’re not freedomed and individualed enough to realize that intellectual property is not really property at all, and there is no way your ass is receiving royalties. Statist welfare leech.  Continue reading

SWPL Daily: LARPing as a 13-Year Old Gay Boy

Source: Elite Daily

LARP: Live Action Role-Playing



Twitter user @paleveil shared photos from her 13-year-old brother’s text conversation with one of his friends, in which he anxiously comes out as gay.

Way to parade your brother around like a trendy handbag. Having some issues coming out, little bro? Let’s make it a status for millions to see forever! Way to value retweets and website attention more than your brother’s personal privacy, lady.

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How to Paint Yourself Into A Corner on Race Realism

“Race” is a Valid Scientific Category

Alexis Delanoir, one of the writers at the blog How To Paint Your Panda, uploaded an article in January talking about “Lewontin’s Fallacy” and race realism. She agrees with race realists who say that Lewontin committed a fallacy. Given the fact that there is more variation within human races than between them, it does not follow that racial classification is insignificant. But she still thinks that Lewontin’s conclusion was correct. Alexis denies race realism. A reader asked TRS to create a response to that article, and I was tasked with writing that response. After emailing back and forth with Alexis for while about what she said in her article, I have done so. So, here it is.

Race doesn’t exist? Cool story.

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No Defending the Death of Eric Garner

I know it’s tempting to get complacent about the deaths of Dindus and assume any time there’s a media case involving police and the colored community it must be liberals willfully misreporting something to advance a predictable cat lady narrative about systemic racism, but the July death of a Basketball American from the efforts of law enforcement officers to arrest him just looks criminally negligent all by itself, shrill bleating about prejudice notwithstanding.

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