John A. Allison IV: Jewish Bankers HATE Him!

In selecting the members of his presidential administration, Trump blew his economic picks bigly. His Labor Secretary is a Jeb-tier cuckservative who wants increased Third-World immigration to save a few cents on cheeseburgers. His Treasury Secretary is a Jew with ties to (((Goldman Sachs))) and (((George Soros))). His Director of

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Look at You, You’re the Fake News Now

The meme war continues to twist and turn mere days into 2017, and Trump continues to ravage the left at trans-dimensional backgammon. I know, I know; ascribing Trump's broadsides to 4-D chess is overused and generally a big-if-true kind of deduction, but hear me out.

The mainstream media came up

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Ask Waifus: The Importance of Being Aesthetic

Dear 3D Waifus,

I'm a 22-year old college student with good career prospects for the future. For the past few months I've been dating a blonde Aryan goddess with incredible DD breasts. She is easily the most attractive girl I've ever been with.

The problem is that she is average

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A Vodka For Your Thoughts

The news has been inundated with claims of Russian interference in the U.S. election. The Hillary losers just can’t fathom that running a tired, old, and sick lesbian was not a winning strategy.

During this dust-up, the pols and media have been in a frenzy over leaked e-mails

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