Black couple opposes microaggression, perpetuates stereotype instead

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Let’s ignore the overuse of pronouns. Let us also pretend that the writer used “not” instead of  “never.” We should avoid asking why “thyself” is even there (maybe this was a romantic Quaker-themed restaurant?).

We should especially overlook that this black woman (judging by handwriting and tone) had such a profound inferiority complex that she felt compelled to project her grasp of the English language to a waiter.

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The Daily Shoah! Episode 20: Your iAnal Bill Of Rights


The Death Panel gathered to discuss trolling anti-racists, foreign policy, and Hateful Heretic gives us a nice preview of some articles he’s working on regarding triggering liberals into a hateful frenzy. Featuring The Shitlord Report and The Merchant Minute.

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Feminism As Matriarchy: 11 Simple Rules For Pussy Whipped Masochists

Over at the oddly named website .Mic a rare domesticated male dindu and self-declared social justice advocate named Derrick Clifton has revealed the secret to fulfilling every man’s dream of becoming a feminist. No, not the #NiceGuy creepy serial rapist type of male feminist, but the one who actually believes in this shit. So You Want to Be a Male Feminist? Here Are 11 Simple Rules to Follow is a pretty intimidating headline, but since the rules are supposed to be simple, I’m up for the challenge.

 TRS WaifusTRS waifus on a Friday night

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Ben Shapiro Explains Why The Majority Of Jews Are Leftists

If you ever want to give your good goy conservative Christian grandmother a stroke, confuse a fedora atheist, make your resident campus gentile neocon hang himself, or generally piss off mainstream conservatards and liberal cat ladies online, just show them this video. It’s Jew-tested and Jew-approved so there is no way they can deny it without going full retard:


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The Horse is Too Damned High

[Plz to be enjoying the first article submission from frequent commenter RAIDEN! -7th Son]

Rather than stand up for Western civilization, the social-signaler-in-chief recently saw fit to equate the barbarism of ISIL to the Crusades and the Inquisition. At the National Prayer Breakfast, presumably filled with Christians, Obama *so bravely* lectured them, “Lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades…people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.” In other words, “muh moral equivalency”. For someone who cultivates the image of an academic, the so-called professor has evidently never read a book on the subject.

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The End of Insensitivity

The University of Michigan is doing their part to help end offensive speech. In a new $16k program they have dubbed the “Inclusive Language Campaign,” the university has effectively banned a number of common words and phrases. They believe that this prohibition will be just what the doctor ordered, and surely will prevent sensitive individuals from having their dainty feelings bruised by the unwashed masses.

We can do better than this. Obviously, the university isn’t going far enough. Being the caring and politically correct humanist that I am, I have come up with a short list of additional words and phrases that must be banned from our society immediately in order for us all to avoid any uncomfortable realities.

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White people appropriate the darndest things

I propose a parallel to Hubble’s law: Jazmine’s law. Just as the universe is ever expanding, the list of things white people should never do that offends the sensibilities of POC’s is ever expanding, and furthermore will reach the point that simple white existence is an inexcusable exercise in privilege, making reality of the greentext woes found in r/talesofprivilege. As evidence of this law, I submit for your triggering this wall of text that now adds “making fun of white people” as yet another thing white people cannot do. Thanks, Jazmine Hughes.

Hi I'm Jazmine and if you appropriate one more fucking white person joke on your twitter I will personally fuck you up!
Hi I’m Jazmine and if you appropriate one more fucking white person joke on twitter I will personally blowtorch you to death you shitlord!

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