The Daily Shoah! Episode 38: Flagged As Offensive

**UPDATE: The first 12 minutes have been replaced with higher quality audio. Thanks to Greg Johnson for recording a backup on his end, and bailing my ass out! -SS Recorded LIVE on Renegade Broadcasting, June 22, 2015. Seventh Son, Hateful Heretic and Counter-Currents' Greg Johnson reveal themselves to be JIDF Read More

A Yankee Loses His Shit

The blatant status signaling over the Confederate flag in the last few days has me about ready to cash it in. I get it. You're a really good person. Southern whites who keep that rebel flag around are really bad people, and so is anyone who defends them. Thank God Read More

Does This Offend You?

Look, if this isn't a meme, nothing is. I think you all know what to do. Here's an exploitable: Let's keep it dank, TRSwaggots. Here are a few ideas to get you started: Read More

The Daily Shoah! LIVE On Renegade Broadcasting TONIGHT 8PM EST

THE DAILY SHOAH EPISODE 38: FLAGGED AS OFFENSIVE! LIVE! Goyim, tonight we will be for the first time bringing The Daily Shoah to you LIVE thanks to our friends at Renegade Broadcasting from 8PM-10PM eastern. I'll be taking your calls live on the air so add this number to your Read More

Luis Gutierrez is a Traitor

As I write this I’m drunk with rage, my LARPing circuitry in overdrive my outrage gauges flashing “Danger”. You see, I watched this video: In it you will see Ann Coulter braving the liberal hive mind in one of its own bastions. You should watch the whole thing but Read More

Millennials are the Most Diverse Generation!

Rahm Israel Emanuel, the Democratic mayor of Chicago, once said: You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before. I don't know about you, but those echoes nearly made me deaf. Read More

Stuff Black People Don't Like: Getting Shot In Church

Our dear old friend Chauncey Devega is at it again! He struck a blow against white supremacy with his reaction to the South Carolina AME Baptist Church massacre. A virtuoso masterpiece of context denial, Chauncey penned 8 serious questions you won't see the media asking whites in the wake of Read More

Open Thread and Announcements

As you goys may already know, I will be out of town for the next couple of weeks, so you will be missing my lovely Seth Rogan voice on the Shoah for the next 14.88 days. What do? Well, we have worked out a tentative agreement to have Kyle Read More

Physical Removal in the Dominican Republic

And you thought only white people could be racist. In what can only be described as eugenic, the very tan Dominican Republic is planning to deport some of its very black Haitian population via obtuse legalism. Yes, very racist of those POC, but that’s the story. A lot of Read More

The Bad Faith of Identity Politics

Recently two huwhytes have centered themselves under media spotlights for daring to challenge traditional identity norms by attempting to faithfully replicate them as closely as possible. On one hand, we have Brucelynn Jenner, proving that it's wrong to hold up a false, airbrushed caricature of the ideal female beauty, unless Read More