Mad (White) Men

The series finale of Mad Men aired the other night and if my social media accounts are any indicator, it's currently filling up your wall too. A banal show written by a kike about how awful white men are is once again the biggest draw on TV. Anyone surprised? Of Read More

The Rational View on Race?

This is a critique of RationalWiki’s page on “racialism”. This response will be long, but that is only because RationalWiki commits an astonishing number of errors. RationalWiki begins by defining racialism as “the view that human races are substantially different from each other and these racial differences strongly determine Read More

The Synthesis of Democracy

According to the Hegelian theory, (surprise surprise, I happen to be a 'Right Hegelian') history progresses in triads. Hegel attributed the terminology to Kant, and rarely used it himself, (there's even some dispute over whether the Triad model can be called "Hegelian") The first part of the triad is the Read More

Identity Politics Destroyed Austria-Hungary

ethnographic map of Austria-Hungary

Look at all that white diversityAustria-Hungary was one of Europe's Great Powers from 1867 to 1918. Prior to that it was called the Austrian Empire. And before the Napoleonic Wars, for some three hundred years, it was an eclectic amalgamation of multi-ethnic territories held by the von Habsburg dynasty in Read More

You don't ask a drunk how to get sober

Cathy Reisenwitz(witzwitzwitz) may not actually be Jewish, but she is a self-admitted fuckup. And while her name may not actually echo, she seeks more rent than a Hassidic New York City landlord. She has written for such intellectual luminaries as XOJane, Huffington Post,and Thought Catalog. These represent only Read More

SWPL Imperialism

An important rite of passage for the average white liberal college student is the service trip abroad. Whether it's to the mythical country of Africa (i.e. Ghana or Kenya), the Caribbean (Jamaica or the Dominican Republic) or somewhere in Central America, the service trip is important to building smugness Read More

A better response to "G's" dilemma

Hi G. Your question has struck a nerve in our little community. Our response left a lot to be desired. I should pretend that your question was never read on the podcast. Things for me would be a lot easier if I could. I have quit the inner circle, the Read More

Change for a twenty?

The servants of Dildolech are at it again, ratcheting up their efforts to erode every facet of tradition that composes America. The latest offering to the God of Political Correctness: the face on America's twenty dollar bill. I first noticed this story in USA Today, but various clips have aired Read More

The Daily Shoah! Episode 32: Retard Rape

The Death Panel discuss how to rape retarded girls and become a spokesman for a generation. Toilet Law appears and tells depressing stories of the dindu control system. Mike has a new soundboard and consequences will never be the same. Featuring The Merchant Minute. 0:00 Intro 9:25 D'nations Read More

Jason Brennan Is A Welfare Whore

Jason Brennan is an incredibly pompous man who thinks he is hot shit because is an assistant professor of philosophy at Georgetown University. To give just one example of how brilliant Jason Brennan is, here is a video of his where he disproves Christianity in five and a half minutes. Read More