The Right's Moral Imperative

Even in its newly metastasized state, the left has always had a moral trump card: fairness. For example, libertarians are correct when they argue that welfare is economically inefficient, but the left's response is that markets are intrinsically unfair to people who aren't born in the right place, at the Read More

The Daily Shoah! Episode 42: Stir Of Echoes

Thank you to everyone who joined us last night for our live call-in show. The broadcast was rife with technical issues, and to make it up to you, we'll be recording a Second Shoah Wednesday night and publishing it Thursday. That episode will feature the Merchant Minute. In the meantime, Read More

The Inconsistency of Anti-Racism

John Metta, who identifies as Black, gave a speech to a nice, genteel White church a few weeks ago, and he articulates therein a perspective which seems to be common among the "anti-racist" set. What follows is the text of a “sermon” that I gave as a “congregational reflection” to Read More

The Daily Shoah! LIVE on Renegade Tonight

Ahoy, Goyim. Tonight at 8pm Eastern time, The Daily Shoah will be live on the Renegade Broadcasting network. We will be taking your calls at (347) 633-9657. SPECIAL NOTE TO COMMENT THREAD REGULARS: Call Screening is virtually non-existent on the BlogTalkRadio platform. If you like, email Seventh Son at GOYMAIL Read More

The Russian Question

Something the alt-right expends a decent amount of text on is the Russian Federation, the successor state to the USSR (and the Russian Empire) that has been run for the last 20 years or so by Vladimir Putin. Putin himself has also been the subject of many articles, as he Read More

Please Insert Cassette Number Two

At the Nutroots Nation 2015 conference, Jewish socialist candidate Bernie Sanders attempted to talk over a horde of screaming dindus hollering about #BlackLivesMatter. Some limp-wristed beta faggot wrote a pretty good summary of it from the self-hating cuckold point of view (trigger warning: signalarity), so I'll be brief. The elderly Read More

Caught In The Act: Hatred Of Whites On Display Before The World

I published an earlier version of this article but I felt it wandered from the topic. This basically speaks for itself: Read More

Guns, Words and Feels

In the increasingly post-Anglo United States, we still retain a number of pesky rights that the mostly British founders of this country thought should be secured for themselves and their progeny, just as many of those rights had existed in English common law. One such right is that of a Read More

Relativism: Keystone of the Left and Great Trouble of Our Age

Surprise, motherfuckers! Simon “Slav Slayer” Elliot here, with my long awaited debut article. Now it may meander quite a bit and be poorly structured, but sod it. I’ll type as it comes naturally to me. What I’m going to walk you through here is a subject that I Read More

#RemoveTheGraves Campaign

Here at The Right Stuff, we're committed to spreading a message of tolerance, inclusion, and equality. When the fervor to take down the Confederate flag took off in the American heart, we were overjoyed. It's 2015 and that's 150 years late as far as we're concerned. Sadly, this country has Read More