5 White Pill Predictions Going Forward

When Trump first announced his candidacy last year, I was beyond excited.

When he mentioned the wall and enforcing our immigration laws, I felt he was directly appealing to me. Apparently tens of millions of Americans felt the same way.

I predicted after the first debate on Fox News that

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Trump The Mountain King

Epic legends depicting heroes asleep under mountains or hills are entrenched in the European racesoul. Kings under mountain that will one day awake; the second coming of King Arthur; and the slumbering Emperor Frederick Barbarossa are all examples. Donald J. Trump epitomizes this legendary series of tales that are embedded

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Oy Vey over Taipei

The Cold War casts a long shadow, and in Asia it never really ended. India and the Philippines have localized maoist rebels. There are still two Koreas. As many tend to forget, there are still two Chinas as well. Thanks to President Trump’s recent chat over the phone with

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Genocide: The Inescapable Conclusion

Note: This article is meant to provoke thought and discussion and should be used for informational and educational purposes only. TRS does not support church shootings or any sort of violent or illegal activity of any kind. Support your local Police.

Genocide is just a word invented by a Jew

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