Pedophilia and Postmodernism

Here at TRS, we are always scanning the rhetorical horizons in an effort to keep America safe and prosperous. Language holds the keys to the kingdom, and how we define words often dictates our reactions. This is the primary reason that political correctness is a pox upon our house. Often, this redefining is offensive to the sensibilities of most citizens, and serves only to further the “progressive” ideas of small, deviant sections of the populace.

The Postmodern Stone (Not Pictured) is kinda like this, except dick-shaped.
The Postmodernist Stone (Not Pictured) is kinda like this, except dick-shaped. THANKS, FREUD.

Away from the prying eyes of America, liberal academia has been busy scheming over one such subversion: the legitimization of pedophilia.

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"Denying white privilege is like denying global warming."

The Essential TRS Troll-Guide, Part 1.

At long last, the definitive work on how to butt-rape the interwebz has finally begun! Now you too can drive senile old liberal cat ladies into apoplexy with time honored strategies and tactics employed every day by hard-working TRS troll-agents. Prepare to create your own Butthurt Vortexes and deploy them into the center of quiet forums and lefty echo-chambers to wreak havoc. Today will begin with general concepts, types of forums, and classes of enemies.

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“The Patriarchy” doesn’t get Muslims… Or anything for that matter

Source: The Patriarchy

Read the full post linked above at your own risk.

I’ll forego the snarky introduction for this one. Let’s get down to responding to quotes from this author’s “traditional” abandonment of his people and culture.

Westerners don’t “get” Muslims. We’re descended from the barbarian tribes (Anglo-Saxons, Celts, Franks, Visigoths, Vandals, etc) that destroyed the western Roman empire, we have a tendency to reflexively hate and attack that which we don’t understand.

Westerners just don't understand.
Westerners just don’t understand.

Modern, cosmopolitan Western Civilization is descended from and influenced by barbarians at some point in the past. This means that Westerns are probably not going to be very understanding of a foreign culture and faith that is commanded to submit the world.

No, that’s seriously the premise. OH BOY.

We have only just begun. We will soon discover that the author intends to argue that the best way to combat the modern corruption of the West’s altruism towards outgroups… Is to have more altruism when it comes to a particular outgroup.


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Magic Negro: Crime Stats are Exaggerated Because Bush

Negro apologism is one of the main symptoms of peak negro. Well, that and crime. If the year of the Dindu taught us Nuffin, its that negros have no agency, and no matter what antisocial or illegal behavior they may engage in, any consequences are assuredly undeserved. Cold hard facts regarding negro criminality seem to refute these narratives. Faced with this logic trap, an enterprising white presenting negro claims these crime stats are improperly calculated. Could this be? Could the methodology be flawed?

Meet the real criminal scum


Trigger Warning: Alternet (ht @antidemblog on my twitter feed)

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Responding to Marc Murphy on religious violence

Update: in the 2nd picture, 5000 people were not killed on 9/11. It was over 6000 non-fatal injuries, 2977 victims and 19 hijackers. -Bulbasaur

Much edge. Wow.
Much edge. Wow.

Man this is some really hard-hitting satire. It really highlights the underlying hypocrisy of mean ole’ whitey thumbing his nose at these oppressed brown people. Like, look in the mirror and stuff.

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The Coming Annihilation of European Progressivism

A few days before Christmas, over 17,000 Germans gathered in Dresden to sing Christmas carols in a protest against the Islamization of their country.

In November, UKIP won its second seat in Parliament.

And now, thousands have gathered in Paris to protest the shooting of about a dozen satirists by Muslims.

As it turns out, progressivism is not about progress; it is about demanding progressively asinine policies in order to test people’s faith in the doctrine of equality. Women’s suffrage, desegregation, environmentalism, gay marriage, open borders, and now, pick-your-own-gender policy are all part of this need to escalate the absurdity of the demands in order to test the believer’s faith. God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son is really a paltry request compared to progressive mandates.

“Abraham, you must either sacrifice your son or let your land be overrun by Muslims.” “Okay, God, that’s an easy one.”

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Racism in America? A Closer Look at the Numbers

The popular SWPL Youtuber John Green recently uploaded a video entitled Racism in the United States: by the Numbers. In the video, Green cites recent polls showing that many white people don’t believe that racism is a significant problem in America today. Green finds this data troubling because, in his mind, the existence of racism in America is borne out so strongly by the relevant data that it isn’t even debatable. To support this contention Green points to numerous statistics which purport to show that blacks and whites, who are more or less identical, except for their race, differ significantly in terms of how they are treated by the criminal justice system, the health care system, and the economic system.

The most punchable face in America pontificates on race.

I’ve reviewed the statistics that Green presents and I don’t think that a single one of them can be rationally interpreted as demonstrating that racism against blacks is a serious problem in America. With out exception, the differences between blacks and whites that Green cites can be explained without any reference to racism. Below I will examine each of Green’s data points to show that this is the case.

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