Between Two Lampshades: Keith Preston

Mike Enoch chats with Keith Preston of Attack The System. Read More

Feminist Goes Commando For a Week: Schadenfreude Ensues

Source: Bustle (because nothing screams "progressive female empowerment" like Victorian era fashion, amirite?) Pictured: Why I'm not surprised she conflates her personality with her axe wound.The fugly British woman modeling her ill-fitting clothes above went commando for a week and wrote about the experience. Because empowerment, or something. The Read More

Top Ten Liberal Beliefs That Came From Television

One of the most important questions ever posed by anyone on his journey rightward is, “Why are liberals so stupid?” It’s a bit perplexing. How can someone smart enough to correctly repeat a blizzard of global warming talking points actually think that you can purchase machine guns at military Read More

The Daily Shoah! Episode 27: The Gayest Shoah Ever!

Introducing Duke Godwin to the Death Panel! The Gayest Shoah Ever! Featuring Chateau Autiste, The Merchant Minute and lots of other gay stuff. 0:00 Intro 7:20 TRS Mailbag 14:40 Paul Kersey discussion 38:50 Good Goy Seventh Sonstein/Jersey Guy 49:10 De-stigmatizing Pedophilia. 1:14:55 Read More

Between Two Lampshades: Paul Kersey

Seventh Son speaks to Paul Kersey, the man who has created the best spin-off of Stuff White People Like of all time, the Stuff Black People Don’t Like blog. He is also the author of a number of both Dead Tree- and E-books, available at Amazon. He tells us Read More

Christians, Behold Your New God!

Well, it looks like the entire state of Indiana is being targeted by the Cathedral for its failure to promise to punish Christians for failing to celebrate homosexuality with sufficient enthusiasm. Right on cue, an awful lot of evangelicals are wringing their hands and saying, “Gosh, isn’t it the Read More

On the Ignominious End of Anthony Stokes

[Source] I’m going to go ahead and say it: damn shame. 17-year old Anthony Stokes died tonight after crashing a stolen car into a pole while fleeing police. They were chasing him after a burglary call. I interviewed Stokes two years ago after he got a new heart. It Read More

The Daily Shoah! April Fools!

Yeah, we’re not shut down. Read More

A New Hero for Our Leftist Friends

Unless you have been busy LARPing or you don’t get good cable reception in your mom’s basement, you have certainly already heard that Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show on Comedy Central. This was bound to happen, and in and of itself is not really worth my Read More

The Cause of Racism

[Source] The following zenpencils comic has been making rounds on the social network recently and for obvious reasons (signalling); I’ve shortened the message below for brevity’s sake. The comic depicts a backwards racist going on an eye-opening vacation to controlled tourist regions of the world, coming back from Read More