The Negronomics of Race Riots

In which vibrant, urban scholar DeAndre Smith explains the nuanced political and social theory behind the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. It may seem to the casually oppressive cishet white male observer that this is nothing more than pointless self-destruction. But no. You are just interpreting the situation through the distorted lens of your white cultural narrative and social privilege. Allow DeAndre to explain how this really works:

“This is exactly what’s supposed to happen when an injustice is happening in your community… This is how they receive money: businesses and taxes, police stopping people and giving them tickets, taking them to court, locking them up — this is how they make money in St. Louis. Everything is all about money in St. Louis. So when you stop their flow of income… They have things organized in a certain way. Secret society shit… “We’re gonna eat, you’re gonna starve”, gentrification — put you in a certain neighborhood by yourself and see if you can starve… It’s not going to happen, not in St. Louis.”

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The Bloody Dildos of Contemporary Art

Disclaimer: I am by no means an authority on art theory. I’m just a guy who likes art, and these are my observations.

There’s two kinds of art; Creative art and expulsive art. Creative art is when you’re building something meant to be awe-inspiring. Be it the statue of David, the Sistine chapel, even the pyramids of Giza could be seen as art. These are creative; they’re creating something. The other kind, expulsive art, is just meant to regurgitate pent up emotions and frustrations. It’s a way of vomiting up the ugliness of the mind. That’s fine, I don’t see anything wrong with purging your system that way. The problem is when you start pretending that this emotional bulimia is some great act of creativity.

Michelangelo broke his leg painting the Sistine Chapel, but I'm sure your self-induced indigestion is just as big of a sacrifice.
Michelangelo broke his leg painting the Sistine Chapel, but I’m sure your self-induced indigestion is just as big of a sacrifice.

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The Daily Shoah! Episode 2



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In this week’s Daily Shoah we discuss illegal immigration (again), A recent dust up concerning choke-porn star Belle Knox and Young Voices for Liberty, the futility of most radical political narratives, Iraq, the upcoming movie “Camp X-Ray” and Hollywood’s hate for the US Military and finally we round all out with our weekly JQ segment.

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Smiling White Racists Invent Hateapp

Recently ValleyWag exposed a pair of dastardly white racists who invented a GPS based application designed to highlight and cross compare local stores supplying matches, gasoline, 2x4s, and sturdy rope while simultaneously plotting efficient routes to the closest black churches in the area. Also included is free uploading to of any successful lynching or boot-party, along with the option to tag all of your Klan buddies anonymously. Just kidding, what is actually being attempted here is far, far worse.

The smiling faces of evil.
The smiling faces of evil.

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Facial Abuse for Feminism

June 4, 1913: Suffragette Emily Davison threw herself under King George V’s horse at the Derby 100 years ago. The 40-year-old teacher, who was fighting to gain women the vote, died from her injuries four days after the incident at Epsom that shocked Britain.

Regardless of your political opinion or what you think of the outcome of women’s right to vote, what Emily Davison did was brave. In the beginning, suffragettes were fighting for the right to contribute to society in a meaningful way and adopt the virtues that men had access to. Feminists back then, wanted to be more than their reproductive organs and more than mere decorations.

A free womyn.

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Young Voices And The Marxification Of Liberty

Some interesting stuff happened in the libertarian world yesterday.

A lady by the name of Pamela Stubbard decided to leave the organization Young Voices. She wrote a blog post explaining her reasons for resigning.  The reasons involved morals and personal convictions. Pamela isn’t completely ready to give up some of the baggage, but she’s definitely on the right track; I encourage my readers to check out her article.

It doesn’t surprise me that the response from the milieu has been largely negative. Like most secular post-Christian ideologies, libertarianism does not take kindly to apostasy or heterodoxy.

However, It does surprise me to see what is being written, how the disagreement is being framed. It surprises me to see how quickly things have shifted left in the libertarian camp.

According to the new libertarianism, it is now oppression and bigotry to disagree or disassociate with things deemed “so much liberty” by individual consensus. It seems that in the absence of Ron Paul’s R3volution, libertarian feminists have successfully lowered the bar for not only libertarianism, but “petulant white girl” behavior as well.

I wish I was surprised, I really really do.

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White-Presenting Nationalism

A loyal TRSer must always try to find the hidden euphoria among the constant rustling and triggering in our fallen world if he is to maintain his sanity. A recent rustling that has gotten a lot of attention in our sphere is the Boston Globe “Mexizona” cartoon. White native born American whites ever-so-hilariously find themselves walled-out of the US and, I suppose, “illegal” immigrants in Mexico? It’s hard to describe. Ham-fisted failures at actual comedy usually are.

I would like to revisit the commentary on how the supposed “Mexicans” are depicted in the drawing. It has already been pointed out, they appear as white people with sun-tans. Not ditch diggers, leaf blowers or squat taco-shell bending mothers of 12, but as GQ-reading, Louis Vitton knock-off buying, stylish, white yuppies with extra melanin.

Just your average, normal mestizos.
If only…

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LEGO Science Girls For Equality… I’m Serious.


Trigger Warning: Nineteenth Amendment

Back in January of this year some horrible bitch used her daughter as a prop for some retweets.  Such behavior should be quarantined like ebola, but I digress.

This particular picture earned some media attention, due to the subject matter.  The issue? A perceived lack of gender equality in LEGO figures.

…No, seriously.

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