The Cuckservative Soul

At a glance, the cuckservative is a somewhat mysterious creature. Why does he cave to the left over and over again? Why does he constantly grovel at their feet, begging for their mercy and forgiveness? What animates his pathetic posture of obeisance, gives energy to his bowing and scraping? One

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The Daily Shoah! Ep 48: Media Matzos for America

An Early Bird Special! Season Two continues with Mike Enoch, Hateful Heretic, Ghoul, Greg Johnson, and Seventh Son got together to discuss Cuckservatives, Oven Mitts, Pestering the Lester and much more. Featuring the Merchant Minute, Chateau Autiste, and a word from our sponsor.

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 4:50 #Cuckservative effects
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A Lesson from the Israeli Labor Party: Take Note, #Cuckservative

The New York Times, which I read solely for the purpose of triggering myself and gaging the pulse of mainstream liberalism, recently ran an opinion piece written by Hilik Bar, a deputy speaker of the Israeli Knesset and the secretary general of their Labor Party. He echoes, obviously. What I

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Fash The Nation Week 3

McFeels and Halberstram discuss a taco attacking Trump, the Pope's upcoming pilgrimage to the USA, and profane emanations from the chthonic realm of Dildolech.

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What's So Scary About Donald Trump?

By now we're all well aware of how frightened many progressive journalists and cuckservative politicians alike are, not only of the prospect of a President Donald Trump but of what his candidacy represents.

Trump is cocky, confident, and funny, which makes him stand out among the lacklusters and milquetoasts who

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