Milo’s Alt-Right

Milo Yiannopoulos is many negative things but stupid is not one of them. He recently gave a speech with the tongue-in-cheek title of “How to Destroy the Alt-Right” to a university audience as part of his speaking tour. The Summer of Trump is certainly a time unlike any other to

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(((U.S. Government))) Takes a Step Toward War in Syria

Despite the talking heads lamenting the existence of ISIS, the reality is that stopping ISIS is not the primary goal of American foreign policy in the Middle-East. From Hillary Clinton's leaked emails, we have an honest insight into the goals of the establishment:

The best way to help Israel deal

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The Daily Shoah #103: Vice Shitty Stories

The Death Panel welcome Vice reporter Elle Reeve, and BULBASAUR! YES, BULBASAUR! REJOICE! So strap in an prepare your jimmies for an extra long, rustling presentation. Here we go, fam.

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Mr. Current Year on Immigration

Recently Canada’s Prime Minister Justin “It’s the Current Year!” Trudeau met with Londonistan’s mayor Sadiq Khan (who calls Trudeau an inspiration). The hot topic of immigration came up and Trudeau decided to impart us with his wisdom on the subject. He stated that the issue of Muslim

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When Black Lives Matter More Than Your Own

On the night of July 26, 2016 Greg Wheeler and a female friend (lol, foreveralone) were accosted by some oppressed youth at a public park in Columbus, Ohio. During the altercation he caught three bullets in the legs and foot. Mr. Wheeler survived the encounter.

The 14-year old youth was

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