No Country for Last Men.

Two recent events have highlighted just how vast the gulf is between decadent postmodern American civilization and a particularly aggressive breed of everyone's favorite old-timey Middle Eastern religion.

On a university campus in Missouri, an alleged "shit-Swastika" appeared on a bathroom wall, and supposedly a couple of drunks yelled "Nigger!

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The Daily Shoah! Ep 60: It Is The Current Episode

To download the mp3, right-click here and choose "save link as" or "save target as."

Mike, SS, and Ghoul discuss silly C4SS getting trolled, liberals signalling how much they love Syrians, conferences, and the whereabouts of Moonman.

  • 0:00 Richard Spencer (Whites, Whites, Baby)
  • 6:00 90's Fashion/Moonman?
  • 13:
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Elysium 2050: The Third World is Colonizing Us

The United States is well on its way to becoming a Third World country. It cannot be emphasized enough. Yes, we at TRS write about the immigration issue a lot and get called racist for it by status signalers and the blissfully ignorant. Funny thing though: if enough people screamed

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Fash Britannia Episode 8: Interview with Daniel Friberg

This week we have a very special episode of Fash Britannia! Cathy and Welga interview the CEO of Arktos Publishing Daniel Friberg about his new book, The Real Right Returns.

Get the book here and visit RightOn.

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Fash the Nation Week 15

Shitlord News (WASHINGTON, D.C.) - This week on Fash the Nation, Benzo Carson’s popularity has predictably declined in the polls, making it more and more likely that Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has spent an entire week defending her Lois Griffin moment at

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