Thomas Jefferson's Enlightened Views on Immigration

VDare took the opportunity upon the release of Lin Manuel Miranda’s great monument to cultural appropriators to point out that if Alexander Hamilton had gotten his way, Miranda would probably have lived as a nameless street-rat in Puerto Rico rather than the pampered son of one of Ed Koch’

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The Daily Shoah 164: Vanned in the UK

The latest episode of your second favorite Republican Sports podcast is available over at Radio.TheRightStuff.Biz.

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Western Man: The Globalists Know

Your leaders know what they are doing. They aren’t stupid. They aren’t “well intentioned."

Many people in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are looking around wondering how their politicians can be so stupid. The White Europeans who make up these countries are wondering what

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What a week for Christian conservatives and the alt-right! First the Southern Baptists resolve to condemn white nationalism and then John Piper published some musings on interracial marriage. Here is some additional context on the SBC from Faith and Heritage, and a rejoinder to Piper from Vox Day.

This essay

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