It is a scientifically verifiable fact that all it takes to change society’s standard of beauty is to take something formerly unattractive, put make-up and sexy clothes on it, and publish the photos of the Internet. Recently, the Huffington post has made everyone find morbidly obese landwhales, moth-eaten drag queens, and wizened old hags attractive with this one simple technique. We at TRS decided to try our hand. Enjoy having your definition of “sexy” totally rewritten.

Our cisheteropatriarchal standards of beauty say a beachball can’t be attractive. This lovely orb shows those bigots what real beauty is!

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An Obituary For Rijad Pasagic

We are sad to learn we have lost one of our own.


Last Sunday, Rijad Pasagic passed away during basketball practice after suffering a cardiac episode. He was only 17.

Rijad was not a contributor to the blog. His contribution to our group was a unique sense of humor as well as a perspective that spoke to his circumstances as an irreligious young man among a very Muslim community in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Rijad shared with us his dreams of overcoming the squalor of his upbringing and immigrating to America. A large man, he intended to become a professional fighter or trainer. As bright as he was athletic, there is no doubt he would have accomplished these things.

Even at so young an age, Rijad made an impression on people worldwide, on many of us here at TRS.

You will be missed.

Dale and Veronica Partridge: Christ died for status-signalling

Source: Chron


Here we have what passes for dialectic in this country. Tradition vs. Progress. Old vs. New. Stupid Faith vs. Smart Faith. I’m not surprised to learn this deep, meaningful debate was covered by Good Morning America. This is the Liberal Cat Lady’s catnip.

…But what does “Christian” mean in this context? Is the Partridge family really taking a stand against our decadent and secular culture? Are they really taking up the cross and following the Lord in a meaningful fashion? Let’s take a look at their blogs:


Umm…. You seem to have forgotten to capitalize “God” there, Veronica. LOL, whoopsie.

The husband’s blog isn’t much better.


…I bet the Bible would do a better job of that, bro.

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Keeping It Vibrant In Britainistan

While feminists on our side of the Atlantic are bitching about horribly oppressive practices like ‘manteruppting’, our progressive family in Great Britain is once again conveniently ignoring the actual oppression of females when it clashes with their multicultural narrative. From the country that has more of its muslim “citizens” fighting for ISIS than for its own military, a Pakistani child rape factory, and a soldier decapitated in broad daylight, comes this fantastic news:


Just let that sink in for a moment.

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"Denying white privilege is like denying global warming."

The Essential TRS Troll-Guide, Part 1.

At long last, the definitive work on how to butt-rape the interwebz has finally begun! Now you too can drive senile old liberal cat ladies into apoplexy with time honored strategies and tactics employed every day by hard-working TRS troll-agents. Prepare to create your own Butthurt Vortexes and deploy them into the center of quiet forums and lefty echo-chambers to wreak havoc. Today will begin with general concepts, types of forums, and classes of enemies.

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SWPLs Warned You About Cops Bro, They Warned You

Every once in a while I come across a linked article on my Facebook feed about how to interact with cops. The most interesting by far involves a video produced by former Maryland Judge William “Billy” Murphy, Jr. with “Flex Your Rights,” a SWPL-aligned civil liberties organization.  The white-presenting Murphy attempts to explain to a courtroom packed with confused and agitated Browns and Dindus (nothing I don’t see on a day to day basis) how to not get your ass kicked by the police. Obviously, Msrs. Brown, Garner, Myers et al failed to take this important civics lesson to heart. Perhaps revisiting Mr. Murphy’s advice might yield better results than interrupting my fucking lox bagel and chai tea latte at Izzy’s with your obnoxious bullshit chanting.

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When I Met Evil

This will not be a pleasant article.

I have never been one to shy from moralistic posturing, because I have never been one for lying.

I feel that what I am ultimately seeking is the ideal of good.  I feel this is what every driven mind and hungry heart in this world seeks, though precious few care to admit it.  I feel that a large number of people are either indifferent or pursuing good in a lackadaisical, half-hearted and easily-consumed manner.  More and more, I believe this has always been the state of the human race.  Not quite bound to sin and total depravity, more inclined to the vulgar and venial.  Wickedness is not mundane.

I no longer believe that the personally harmful and socially damaging things in our world today were primarily the creation of purposeful human design.  I believe that few people truly desire to be bad.  To be bad is as much of a sacrifice as it is to be good.  I nowadays feel that the answer we seek isn’t a matter of less bad, but more good.  There is a distinct shortage in the world of both bad and good.

Rarer still is actual evil.

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Truth In the Empire of Lies

No matter what, one thing you can say about Lenin and the Old Bolsheviks is that they passionately believed in their cause. Of course, Lenin and the others were mass-murdering maniacs, and their utopian delusions were completely contrary to reality, but a distinguishing factor of, say, Leon Trotsky’s work is that what he wrote was what he believed, and what he did–including his murders–reflected that.

By the time Leonid Brezhnev became Premier, the USSR was little more than a rotting husk of an empire mouldering upon a core of lies. It is hard to say whether anyone much believed in Communism, the USSR, the World Proletariat, or any of that by 1977. What the average apparatchik did believe was that lying was the best way to get by. So everyone just lied. The men at the top lied to keep their jobs. The military commanders lied about their armaments to keep Americans fearing Soviet strength. The common man lied about his happiness to keep his family safe.  The apparatchiks lied to keep the people subservient.  The industrial planners lied about production numbers to stay out of Siberia. You lied, lied, and lied some more, hoping that it would get better, or that at least you’d be able to lie your way to a comfortable retirement, perhaps near the Black Sea. 

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Cathy Reisenwitz is the new Rebecca Watson.

I’ve predicted for a while now that it’s only a matter of time before Cathy Reisenwitz, eager eyed young feminist and rent-seeker extraordinaire, finally achieves her life long ambition of being paid to speak at a conference of neckbearded libertarian social outcasts only to be clumsily hit on by one of the smellier basement dwellers while riding an elevator. This will allow her to realize her ultimate end game of ranting about patriarchal oppression at the hands of the male dominated libertarian community and kick off an ideological civil war inside of the liberty movement, eventually spawning Libertarian + with Reisenwitz ascending to the throne as their chief representative.

Resistance is futile.
Resistance is futile.

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