Men can rule, therefore we must.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal refreshingly challenges the conventional wisdom that men and women are exactly equal, only to assert that female rule is what’s in store for us and it’s something to look forward to. Groan.

Research has found that women are superior to men in most ways that will count in the future

Bring on the apocalypse
Yeah, somehow I kind of doubt it.

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The Policy Stuff

In recent years, I’ve gradually lost interest in LARPy policy arguments. 2010 was a turning point for me. All the liberals I knew were clearly arguing in favor of some imaginary health care reform that had at best a tenuous relationship to what Harry Reid planned to inflict on us. Meanwhile, conservatives were arguing for policy that had exactly 0% chance of passing. What we got was a dildo straight in the pooper, and all our LARPing on all sides had exactly jack diddly crap to do with the outcome.

"They fell for it, Nancy!"
“They fell for it, Nancy!”

The usual proposed alternative to LARPing is compromise. The idea is that if we meet the left, they might replace the double dragon dildo with a smaller, smoother model, and may even let us lube up first. This, however, is a fool’s errand, as we all know the next compromise will simply a bigger, rougher, drier ravaging.

Now, conservatives have won major victories in the last couple decades on things like home schooling, the income tax, gun rights, and regulations on abortion. So it is clear that the Overton Window can in fact be moved rightward. As the alt-right grows and becomes a nontrivial influence in the Republican Party, what kind of policy should we support?

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One Weird Trick For Drumming Up Clicks In AdSense

Hey kids, time for another Godwin rant.

By now you and everyone you know has seen the latest gem from unleashed minds behind that nexus of college-tier leftism, AlterNet. You know, the one where white people are all basically ISIS because a mob executed people extrajudicially by immolation. Therefore reparations. Remember the thousands of negro fire sacrifices to the White God. Oy vey, it’s anotha Shoah. Our esteemed Daily Shoah Correspondent on Southern Issues and Water-type Hate Machine already roasted Chauncey’s numbers like a white Boer at Winnie Mandela’s birthday party here. Godwin’s here to foam at the mouth about this whole Negroah Shoah business.

The piece begins by colorfully suggesting that these routine ceremonies of negrocution were the événement du’jour- drawing families of toothless hicks with their sister-cousins and fancy ladies with their eligible suitors alike, from around the state, nay even country. How white people did it ritualistically to “symbolically purge the black body from White America” and had spectacular lynchings regularly for 100 years. It goes on to suggest that the cases of immolations he describes are evidence that white people are just two missed flagellation sessions away from becoming barbarians just like the modern day inhabitants of Africa and the Middle East but ones who immolate people not for political or military means, but for fucking entertainment.

Notice the shapes- CROSSES! That's right, Christians did this.
Notice the shapes- CROSSES! That’s right, Christians are to blame for this as well.

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The sad degeneration of Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner is “transitioning” into a “woman.” Or so he/she/it claims. (E will run an hour long feature at the appropriate time after the mohel doctor finishes the mutilation) This once proud, white,masculine athlete is devolving before our very eyes, and yet all along remaining a symbol of the status of white America. As Common Filth is wont to say: “Do not avert your eyes. Look at it. See it.”

To end.. like this?
To end.. like this?

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It is a scientifically verifiable fact that all it takes to change society’s standard of beauty is to take something formerly unattractive, put make-up and sexy clothes on it, and publish the photos of the Internet. Recently, the Huffington post has made everyone find morbidly obese landwhales, moth-eaten drag queens, and wizened old hags attractive with this one simple technique. We at TRS decided to try our hand. Enjoy having your definition of “sexy” totally rewritten.

Our cisheteropatriarchal standards of beauty say a beachball can’t be attractive. This lovely orb shows those bigots what real beauty is!

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An Obituary For Rijad Pasagic

We are sad to learn we have lost one of our own.


Last Sunday, Rijad Pasagic passed away during basketball practice after suffering a cardiac episode. He was only 17.

Rijad was not a contributor to the blog. His contribution to our group was a unique sense of humor as well as a perspective that spoke to his circumstances as an irreligious young man among a very Muslim community in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Rijad shared with us his dreams of overcoming the squalor of his upbringing and immigrating to America. A large man, he intended to become a professional fighter or trainer. As bright as he was athletic, there is no doubt he would have accomplished these things.

Even at so young an age, Rijad made an impression on people worldwide, on many of us here at TRS.

You will be missed.

Dale and Veronica Partridge: Christ died for status-signalling

Source: Chron


Here we have what passes for dialectic in this country. Tradition vs. Progress. Old vs. New. Stupid Faith vs. Smart Faith. I’m not surprised to learn this deep, meaningful debate was covered by Good Morning America. This is the Liberal Cat Lady’s catnip.

…But what does “Christian” mean in this context? Is the Partridge family really taking a stand against our decadent and secular culture? Are they really taking up the cross and following the Lord in a meaningful fashion? Let’s take a look at their blogs:


Umm…. You seem to have forgotten to capitalize “God” there, Veronica. LOL, whoopsie.

The husband’s blog isn’t much better.


…I bet the Bible would do a better job of that, bro.

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