A Thanksgiving Day Letter to the American Negro

Ferguson has become a warzone. The media is twisting this, portraying a poor, oppressed people calling for justice. A call has gone out for the black man to rise up and cast off the chains of oppression. To seize the country he built in the first place.

You think you built this nation?

Our Fathers conceived a dream.
Our Fathers denied an empire.
Our Fathers cast off the shackles of foreign dominion.
Our Fathers soaked this soil in their blood.
Our Fathers envisioned this great nation.
Our Fathers made all of this happen.

You did none of these things.

You’re Welcome.

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The TRS Guide to SWPL Safaris.

We here at TRS understand that as a compassionate liberal socialite, real-world demonstrations of your benevolence can be later used as ironclad proofs establishing your superior moral preferences. Fortunately enough, in this high tech world actual video and photographic verification of your Unlocked Achievements in social awareness can be immediately uploaded to your Facebook page for all your jealous  liberal friends to agonize over. Bear in mind that when going on these exotic adventures among African wild-life, your safety is the first priority, and the objective is to promote the over-all narrative, not accidentally end up as a popular story of naive liberal stupidity on Stormfront.org. With that in mind, we present to you several essential tips to make your next SWPL Safari a success, and not just a crime statistic:

You’ll be sorry, alright.

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Shanesha Taylor draws attention to high-time preference behavior in black community


TL/DR for our readers:

shanesha>Shanesha interviews for a job.
>Leaves children in car for interview.
>Gets arrested for endangerment.
>Teary eyed mug shot creates opportunity for social signalling.
>White Guilt donates close to $100,000 dollars.
>Prosecutor will not pursue jail time if she puts some of the money aside for the children.
>”Lol what money?”

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To save narrative, left unwittingly takes Scalia in its collective mouth

Scalia, smirking as left unknowingly gobbles his knob
Scalia, smirking as left unknowingly gobbles his knob

Known for their insistence on rushing to judgment, liberals are now laying the narrative to delegitimize the pending inevitable no true bill from the Darren Wilson grand jury. (No true bill = no indictment = no scarin’ the Darren) When liberal dindu narratives fail due to whitey’s western judicial process, the common 1st and 10 playcall is usually to blame the prosecutor, and it looks like they’re sticking to the script. 

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