TRS Game Review: Depression Quest

We here at TRS care deeply about social justice, and the social justice issue of our generation, or maybe your generation (tfw old), is GamerGate. GamerGate is a firestorm of bigotry, patriarchy, misogyny, bigotry, cisheteroprivilege, and, most importantly, bigotry surrounding the doings of a noble heroine, Zoe Quinn, developer of Depression Quest. But we’re not here to talk about how Zoe Quinn fought off the patriarchy with nothing more than a few simple blowjobs. We here at TRS know there are much better sources for learning about GamerGate. All we know is that an innocent women was targeted by a bunch of misogynists for the simple crime of taking control of her sexuality and making womyn’s choycys with the lived experience of her unconventionally beautiful body, and we fully support that and any other decision she might make.

This brave woman possesses the vagina that is changing the game industry, and I’m not talking about the one in the black T-shirt.

So what about the game? TRS fellow Michael Enoch challenged me to go beyond the limits of my inborn privilege and play this game, and what follows is the review. The short version is that this is to video gaming what the Sistine Chapel is to Renaissance art. The longer version is below the jump.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 6.07.49 PM
With all these awards, you know it’s amazing!

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The Great Immigration Debate

Libertarians have been talking up the “open borders” argument with greater volume and frequency of late.

But this makes very little sense.

When liberals argue the point, I can understand, because they hate western civilization, and would like to see it destroyed.

But – by all rights – libertarians should want to see the things which make western civilization distinct preserved and even magnified, rather than attenuated and diluted.

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Walter E. Williams Commits Political Suicide

Recently a kind old conservative Uncle Tom commenter gone slightly soft in the head made the outrageous observation that while politically speaking, it is acceptable to charge higher health insurance rates to smokers and the obese, one cannot apply that logic to homosexuals. What’s really amazing is that in this world of Tumblr, The Huffington Post, and the Daily Show, an “intellectual” like Williams would have the temerity to speak a single word in such a charged atmosphere without first considering the sorts of irrational witch-hunting guaranteed to result from his naïve comments. Apparently poor ol’ Walter still thinks he lives in a universe where gaggles of rabid Social Justice Warriors aren’t salivating for the slightest opportunity to miss-interpret something and howl triumphantly at the bigotry they’ve uncovered, moments before an entire pack of them descends on the hapless victim. This is what they fucking live for, these people validate much of their existence via pious secular witch-hunting, and the examples of this being played out recently in the mainstream are just too blatant to ignore.

Another clueless black victim
Another clueless fuddy-duddy

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Whither Skyrim?

larpThe past several weeks have seen harsh debate and a sharp divide among our inner circle.  The issue? Secession.  In particular,  whether or not the United States as a nation is something worth maintaining.  This may come as a surprise to some: the blog’s generally positive attitude regarding the United States is a minority view in our circle.

Dissent with the current trajectory has been bubbling for months: neologisms like “larping” and “Skyrimist” have not helped matters.  Podcast 2 finally led to emotions boiling over.  The result hasn’t been pretty.

Discussions very quickly degenerated, criticisms became personal in nature.  A lot of harsh words were said;  I certainly spoke my fair share.  Several long time members (including the fellow who personally brought me into TRS) have gone so far as to actually sever ties.  I expect things to remain tense for a while.

I don’t expect a blog post to magically mend fences.  That said, I do feel this topic deserves a more even-keeled appraisal than what has been offered on the blog so far.  So in contrast I will begin by presenting four allowances on the issue.  The Secession Concessions, so to speak.

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Ferguson And The Police State

Source: LA Times

policestateToday we read that Michael Brown may have been involved in a strongarm robbery prior to his fatal shooting. Officer Darren Wilson was taken to a hospital for injuries sustained during the altercation, suggesting this wasn’t an act of racist, vigilante execution.

However, it seems the initial violence has already burned out, despite new information and a new black sheriff in town (lol Blazing Saddles).  Looting and violence is now being reported as protests and twitter posts.  This behavior is better for the narrative, it speaks to our more enlightened SWPL sensibilities.

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Smiling White Racists Invent Hateapp

Recently ValleyWag exposed a pair of dastardly white racists who invented a GPS based application designed to highlight and cross compare local stores supplying matches, gasoline, 2x4s, and sturdy rope while simultaneously plotting efficient routes to the closest black churches in the area. Also included is free uploading to of any successful lynching or boot-party, along with the option to tag all of your Klan buddies anonymously. Just kidding, what is actually being attempted here is far, far worse.

The smiling faces of evil.
The smiling faces of evil.

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When I Met Evil

This will not be a pleasant article.

I have never been one to shy from moralistic posturing, because I have never been one for lying.

I feel that what I am ultimately seeking is the ideal of good.  I feel this is what every driven mind and hungry heart in this world seeks, though precious few care to admit it.  I feel that a large number of people are either indifferent or pursuing good in a lackadaisical, half-hearted and easily-consumed manner.  More and more, I believe this has always been the state of the human race.  Not quite bound to sin and total depravity, more inclined to the vulgar and venial.  Wickedness is not mundane.

I no longer believe that the personally harmful and socially damaging things in our world today were primarily the creation of purposeful human design.  I believe that few people truly desire to be bad.  To be bad is as much of a sacrifice as it is to be good.  I nowadays feel that the answer we seek isn’t a matter of less bad, but more good.  There is a distinct shortage in the world of both bad and good.

Rarer still is actual evil.

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