Hobby Lobby’s Birth Controlocaust

[Source] – Who else but Huffpo?

So yesterday with a snicker-snack! the Supreme Court delivered a terrible blow to women’s rights or something with a split decision in favor of businesses refusing to cover contraception on the basis of religious beliefs.

Behold, America’s impending theocratic oppression.  Or something.

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A Conversation With Cantwell: The Use Of Force

This past year I have made the acquaintance of Free State Project darling Christopher Cantwell.  You know: “Anarchist, Atheist, Asshole.”  No beating around the bush with this fellow.

As most anarchists tend to be overly pedantic and/or petulant, I can put away my biases on matters of governance long enough to appreciate Cantwell’s acerbic and sometimes over-the-top rhetoric.  Blunt assertions about killing cops and soldiers, while perhaps triggering, is a hell of a lot more compelling than trying to pretend you are a  Vulcan while discussing very human matters.

The answer to human problems is not being human at all.
The answer to human problems is not being human at all.

Yesterday Chris posted an article questioning his position on the use of force, offering new perspectives on the matter.  Though I find myself disagreeing with a goodly number of points in this article, I am encouraged by his frankness regarding uncertainty on some very fundamental matters.  While he attempts to limit his focus to use of force, I’m certain he recognizes that this matter has implications for perhaps the entirety of his thinking.

Hence the title: I seek a conversation, and look forward to any response Chris may have in the future.

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The Cult of Anti-racism

This is not another article to condemn either racism or anti-racism. What it intends to explore is what the real “progressive” objection to racism seems to be.

Take whatever stance on the issue you will, but I can see having a problem with people expressly and purposely treating others differently on account of race and rejecting those who do treat others that way.  Call that disparate treatment of others genuine racism.

However, with the recent drama surrounding “racist” comments by the likes of Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling, no one actually cares about genuine racism anymore. It’s all about use of speech in unapproved ways.

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The Edgiest


After almost two years of bitter debates, ceaseless research, and countless triggerings, our efforts have finally borne fruit.

From the darkest recesses of the Earth, TRS has finally discovered the edgiest political stance one can possibly take.   Specifically, Michael Enoch found it.

Perhaps this position will come as a surprise to many.  Perhaps not.  I would argue that we were moving this way from the moment the blog started.

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Matthew Heimbach, Phyletism And The Edgisphere

On April 29th, 2014 Father Peter Jon Gillquist of the All Saints Orthodox Church in Bloomington, Indiana made a public announcement regarding Matthew Heimbach, an outspoken public figure associated with the website tradyouth.org.  In a move supported by the local bishop, Matthew and possibly several other tradyouth members will be denied communion with the Church until they renounce their white nationalist positions and cease all public activity.

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Agency as Privilege: Educating for Justice

The goings on at the 15th annual White Privilege Conference held in Madison, Wisconsin over the weekend have of course been making the rounds on social media. Some are supportive, others are hateful, others simply find it amusing. Put me in the latter category. While I find the proceedings to be highly comical I also find them sad and ironic. The main theme of the conference was of course the absolute social supremacy of white people along with the complete denial of the agency of non-whites. This really should not surprise people anymore.

White people attending a postmodern church service.

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Celebrating Diversity: Liberal Tolerance and the “Religion of Peace”

I’ve long maintained that you can predict most liberal positions will just be the opposite of whatever conservatives are talking about at the moment. This is certainly the case any time some progressive smirks and proclaims that Islam is totally no different whatsoever than Christianity in terms of social consequence. Even the New Atheists, a group notorious for misadventures in philosophy, are at least intellectually honest enough to loudly disagree with the liberals on their naive premise that Islam is “no more problematic than Christianity” and cite plenty of convincing reasons for why this isn’t true. Quite naturally, the liberals considered the intellectual case for disapproving of Islam at considerable length, and then constructed a carefully reasoned rebuttal of this premise. Just kidding! They did nothing but scream “Islamophobia” at full volume, peppering retorts of “Not All Muslims Are Like That” in between mandatory accusations of xenophobia and racism.

Pro-tip, excluding extremists is common sense, not intolerance.
Protip: Excluding extremists is common sense, not intolerance.

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Judge Napolitano Explains Vulgar Libertarianism

Old but gold, today’s article comes from a December 2013 episode of the O’Reilly Factor.  The subject: a federal judge’s ruling on polygamy in Utah.

Bill O’Reilly presents us the modern, toothless, “conservative” take on not conserving much of anything in America.  Andrew Napolitano offers the unbrutal and hypocritical “libertarian” perspective on the erosion of our liberty.

Both men would rather appeal to their cow-brained demo than try and discuss the serious issues underlying our culture today.  Of course.

Trigger Warning: Modern Realpolitik

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Jen Sorenson’s Totalitarian Feelocracy

Behold, the stupidest thing I have seen today…  And it’s 2am.  Dammit.

Trigger Warning: Jen Sorenson


1. Funny how “freedom” when dealing with human actors always becomes something inherently unequal.  Jen ignores this.  Of course.  Jen instead projects a conception of freedom that involves reality catering to her wants.  Of course.

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