The Daily Shoah! Episode 3: Summer Chimpout Edition



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In this week’s Daily Shoah we have an emergency Death Panel session to discuss the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri followed by this weeks JQ minute by our pal Morriaku.

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The Daily Shoah! Episode 2



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In this week’s Daily Shoah we discuss illegal immigration (again), A recent dust up concerning choke-porn star Belle Knox and Young Voices for Liberty, the futility of most radical political narratives, Iraq, the upcoming movie “Camp X-Ray” and Hollywood’s hate for the US Military and finally we round all out with our weekly JQ segment.

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Young Voices And The Marxification Of Liberty

Some interesting stuff happened in the libertarian world yesterday.

A lady by the name of Pamela Stubbard decided to leave the organization Young Voices. She wrote a blog post explaining her reasons for resigning.  The reasons involved morals and personal convictions. Pamela isn’t completely ready to give up some of the baggage, but she’s definitely on the right track; I encourage my readers to check out her article.

It doesn’t surprise me that the response from the milieu has been largely negative. Like most secular post-Christian ideologies, libertarianism does not take kindly to apostasy or heterodoxy.

However, It does surprise me to see what is being written, how the disagreement is being framed. It surprises me to see how quickly things have shifted left in the libertarian camp.

According to the new libertarianism, it is now oppression and bigotry to disagree or disassociate with things deemed “so much liberty” by individual consensus. It seems that in the absence of Ron Paul’s R3volution, libertarian feminists have successfully lowered the bar for not only libertarianism, but “petulant white girl” behavior as well.

I wish I was surprised, I really really do.

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The Daily Shoah! Episode 1



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The first episode of our new podcast experiment. With Michael Enoch, Ghoul, Bulbasaur and Seventh Son (aka Bjorn This Way). Special thanks to Seventh Son for audio production. We discuss race, immigration, politics, religion and social life from our unique TRS perspective. Prepare your anuses and ear canals for the best social commentary on the internet.

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You Killed The Patriarchy And All You Got Was His Stained T-Shirt

Hatefact: Women are unhappier now than in 1950.

Hatefact: Women are fatter now than in 1950.

Hatefact: More women think marriage is important to happiness than in 1990.

Hatefact: Women have more sex partners than ever.

Hatefact: A woman can always bang a hotter man than she can marry.

Hatefact: Cougars are a myth.

The plan of feminism was so simple. First, destroy marriage. Second, get free stuff. Third, stay twenty-five for the rest of your life.

Why didn’t it work?


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Hobby Lobby’s Birth Controlocaust

[Source] – Who else but Huffpo?

So yesterday with a snicker-snack! the Supreme Court delivered a terrible blow to women’s rights or something with a split decision in favor of businesses refusing to cover contraception on the basis of religious beliefs.

Behold, America’s impending theocratic oppression.  Or something.

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A Conversation With Cantwell: The Use Of Force

This past year I have made the acquaintance of Free State Project darling Christopher Cantwell.  You know: “Anarchist, Atheist, Asshole.”  No beating around the bush with this fellow.

As most anarchists tend to be overly pedantic and/or petulant, I can put away my biases on matters of governance long enough to appreciate Cantwell’s acerbic and sometimes over-the-top rhetoric.  Blunt assertions about killing cops and soldiers, while perhaps triggering, is a hell of a lot more compelling than trying to pretend you are a  Vulcan while discussing very human matters.

The answer to human problems is not being human at all.
The answer to human problems is not being human at all.

Yesterday Chris posted an article questioning his position on the use of force, offering new perspectives on the matter.  Though I find myself disagreeing with a goodly number of points in this article, I am encouraged by his frankness regarding uncertainty on some very fundamental matters.  While he attempts to limit his focus to use of force, I’m certain he recognizes that this matter has implications for perhaps the entirety of his thinking.

Hence the title: I seek a conversation, and look forward to any response Chris may have in the future.

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The Cult of Anti-racism

This is not another article to condemn either racism or anti-racism. What it intends to explore is what the real “progressive” objection to racism seems to be.

Take whatever stance on the issue you will, but I can see having a problem with people expressly and purposely treating others differently on account of race and rejecting those who do treat others that way.  Call that disparate treatment of others genuine racism.

However, with the recent drama surrounding “racist” comments by the likes of Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling, no one actually cares about genuine racism anymore. It’s all about use of speech in unapproved ways.

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The Edgiest


After almost two years of bitter debates, ceaseless research, and countless triggerings, our efforts have finally borne fruit.

From the darkest recesses of the Earth, TRS has finally discovered the edgiest political stance one can possibly take.   Specifically, Michael Enoch found it.

Perhaps this position will come as a surprise to many.  Perhaps not.  I would argue that we were moving this way from the moment the blog started.

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