Is Islam Good for the Whites?

“Love the Jews for three reasons:
because I am Jewish,
because the bible is in Hebrew
and because the inhabitants of Paradise speak Hebrew.”

I can only imagine the number of times this passage would be cited by people in the Hateosphere by the folks at and Neo-Pagans if they were attributed to Christ. But they’re actually the words of Muhammad, paraphrased obviously, to give an example of what Arabs have done for humanity to receive the love of the world. All they have is the Quran and Muhammad.

I’m not going to argue against Islamization in any way in this post, but what I will do is take a look at the narrative that Islam can save the Whites (pronounced “hwhytes” if you are Jared Taylor).

I’m going to look at the religion from a purely racist perspective, keeping the alternative (Liberalism) in mind and ask both Liberalism and Islam, “Is this good for the Whites?”

Really bro?

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A Native’s Perspective On Australian Multiculturalism

The Religion Of Peace™ did what it does best in Sydney on Monday: spreading its unique form of vibrancy to an otherwise dull backwater. By now readers will be aware that an Iranian cleric named Man Monis, decked out in the fashionable jihadi accessories, took over a dozen people as hostages and prompted an eighteen hour siege. This siege eventually ended at 2am, resulting in the terrorist’s death (although sadly not at the end of a rope) and, more importantly, the death of two hostages.

When Australia attracts any attention in ‘alternative right’ circles – which is rarely – it is usually seen as one of the last ungelded Western countries, largely due to our (admittedly awesome) policy of “stop the boats”.

But as much as I hate to break it to our Odin-worshipping compatriots:

1 good policy + many lefty tears over that policy ≠ 1488

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TRS Holiday Shopping Guide: The Edgy Teenage Leftist Starter Pack

We here at TRS know that shopping for the Holidays can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to fight hetero-patriarchial white colonialist capitalism while also taking advantage of super low prices and online deals created by exploitative mega-corporations. To take some of the stress out of buying gifts for that angst-ridden disenfranchised teenager in your life, we’ve compiled this handy starter pack of items you can package inside this stylish Hammer and Sickle Gift Wrap. Now just $21.95 from Zazzle! Great for wrapping a special surprise for the petite bourgeois, college-aged, revolutionary intellectual in your life. Celebrate Christmas and the glorious worker’s republic at the same time!

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To Adam On Belief

Fedora Trigger Warning: Christianity


This is for Bulbasaur, if possible. I do not believe the orthodox claims of the Church. I find the doctrines of the Incarnation and the Trinity, of sin and blood sacrifice to be incorrect. But my closest ancestors were strong Christians, and I struggle with understanding how they (or you, or anyone) can believe what I find to be false. Can you help me understand? Keep up the good fight, Adam

I apologize for my delay in responding and hope this message finds you well, Adam.

The answer to your question can be found in the question you’ve sent me. Specifically, the answer is “I.” You are why you cannot understand what propelled your predecessors to have the faith they had.

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A Feminist “Converts” To Islam


Gee, I wonder why?

It never ceases to amaze me to see the lengths women will go to signal status and achieve what they believe to be a higher place in feminism’s trivial pecking order.

The CNN article begins with Mrs. Theresa Corbin’s early life, being totally repulsed by the intellectual barrenness and sexism of Catholicism (lol cool story). The author would spend four years “poking and prodding at world religions and their adherents”(READ: drum circles and exotic boyfriends), before settling for the hijab.

She is vague on specifics, but ultimately converted to Islam two months after 9/11…  For reasons totally unrelated to politics I’m sure.

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The Daily Shoah! Episode 11: A Breach In Protocol

A semi week-off for the Shoah, we present to you material that wasn’t included in previous episodes, along with a brief intro by the Seventh Son. Also, as always, Morrakiu brings us a new episode of The Merchant Minute.

The Daily Shoah will return to normal next week.

Hey, Dr. Cloward: Let’s Have That Debate


I am not known for environmentalism.  “Conservation” for me is picking up after myself and not overfishing the local lake.  I will recycle when it’s available, but I am not keeping up with those extra bins at home.  That’s a headache and I have better things to do; dragoon those sickly Honduran children to recycle my shit for me.

Don’t get me started on the bizarre lifestyles greenies indulge in, like non-GMO diets or shitting in cat boxes or living in a closet.  I already have a God I seek forgiveness from, and Thoreau was mediocre anyway.

I want to own an electric or hybrid vehicle like I want a haircut from an ISIL militant.  I’m jonesing for a big ole’ diesel truck like every other red-blooded American male.


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Whither Skyrim?

larpThe past several weeks have seen harsh debate and a sharp divide among our inner circle.  The issue? Secession.  In particular,  whether or not the United States as a nation is something worth maintaining.  This may come as a surprise to some: the blog’s generally positive attitude regarding the United States is a minority view in our circle.

Dissent with the current trajectory has been bubbling for months: neologisms like “larping” and “Skyrimist” have not helped matters.  Podcast 2 finally led to emotions boiling over.  The result hasn’t been pretty.

Discussions very quickly degenerated, criticisms became personal in nature.  A lot of harsh words were said;  I certainly spoke my fair share.  Several long time members (including the fellow who personally brought me into TRS) have gone so far as to actually sever ties.  I expect things to remain tense for a while.

I don’t expect a blog post to magically mend fences.  That said, I do feel this topic deserves a more even-keeled appraisal than what has been offered on the blog so far.  So in contrast I will begin by presenting four allowances on the issue.  The Secession Concessions, so to speak.

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Ordain Women Sucks

Article Submission By Captain Moroni

Editor’s Note: We have had a number of Mormons involved in the group since before we started the blog in 2012.  I’m excited one of them has finally produced an article!

While I do not profess the LDS faith, I am in complete agreement with Cpt. Moroni’s stance against women preachers/priests. I find Mormons vastly preferable to the esoteric mystics or pagans normally found in the reactionary milieu.

Boo hoo. Go to a “church” that will have you.

For anyone who cared (read: no one), a mouthy feminist was finally excommunicated from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Unsurprisingly, large media outlets jumped at the chance to shame a pillar of patriarchy and tradition.

The shame didn’t stick well, at least for those of us who enjoy no longer having to associate by faith with creatures like Kate Kelly.  The media eventually moved on, but the flock has nevertheless been exposed to a foul and contagious disease.

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