Feminism Exists. . .

But only in Western nations and due to their inherent egalitarian natures. Is it not the epitome of irony that the only societies where feminism can persist are the very ones that do not need it? Perhaps, but I believe that we can go deeper and find an even more biting irony.

Soak it in.
This is what we get.

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A Letter to the Right: Stop Failing Liberal Shit-Tests

If there is one major insight TRS has formed about the culture wars, it’s that the Right needs to quit letting the Left harry them into submission by agreeing to play the “I’m Not a Bigot Game.” Every single time a liberal convinces a conservative the burden of proof is on them to establish a lack of racism/bigotry/sexism, the entire alt-right collectively facepalms over their stupidity. Don’t play the damn game in the first place.

The most poignant example of this occurred recently when scientist Matt Taylor found himself in boiling hot water over his personal choice in T-shirts. Rather than simply smirk over a glass of single malt scotch and tell the Feminist Inquisition to go fuck themselves with the dildos they rode in on, Taylor instead publicly apologized and cried over the ordeal. Really brah? These ninnies are whining about a T-shirt made for you BY A FEMINIST WOMAN, and you let the little harpies pick away at you like a bloated piece of roadkill? Just point out that no one deserves to be treated differently because of what they’re wearing, then watch anuses explode when the analogy to rape apologizing penetrates those thick feminist skulls.

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All You Need to Know about Ferguson in One Video

After staying up well past my bedtime engaged in an impromptu Dindopocalypse Party, I crawled out of bed late to open my Chimpmas presents and felt my already dangerously high schadenfruede levels climb into fully toxic overdose status as I sat through Bassem Masri’s last segment of Livestream footage. Here we had a white-presenting kebab LARPer attempting to role play an “ally of the black community” getting his final broadcast cut short by a vibrant youf stealing his iPhone. Did this naive fool not read our TRS SWPL Safari Guide? Did he really think a “white” dude pitifully feigning a negroid “street accent” and issuing helpful commands about avoiding the marching police would honestly be seen as anything but a pathetic fake-ass poseur on holiday? Once my brain recovered from the neurological shock of this supremely ironic adventure in naive SWPL wannabes and the pavement apes who love them, I realized it really does sum up everything one needs to know about Ferguson:

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Leave child-molesters alone!

Leave Lena Dunham Alone!

In case you missed it, writer/actress and former Batman Returns villain Lena Dunham recently became the subject of controversy after describing sexual misadventures with her younger sister. When National Review observed that not only was the Emperor Penguin not wearing clothes, but the Emperor Penguin had also admitted to sexually molesting a sibling, Dunham instantly descended into a “rage spiral“, apparently indignant that describing yourself as behaving like a sexual predator might just result in people actually calling you a sexual predator. Naturally, being the TARGET of moral outrage doesn’t sit well with people accustomed only to making OTHERS the object of sanctimonious castigation, something Lena herself tried in the selfsame autobiographical book by recounting another past sexual experience in college in such a manner as to subtly imply she might have been raped by a young Republican.

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Turn Out… For What?

Before we overdose on liberal tears, let’s explore the hilarious campaign fail that was #TURNOUTFORWHAT

What kind of message was that? What kind of identity is that conveying, what kind of ideal? No wonder Tyrone, Mohammed and Aiden stayed home while Grandpa and Grandma put Republicans back in the Capitol. Who wants to turn out for that?

It’s not surprising this video didn’t go viral, that Huffpo or Upworthy wasn’t declaring “so much this.” Fact of the matter is, this ad went too far, it was too much this.

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Old White Men with Guns are Still Heroes.

I know it’s easy to become a bitter, disenchanted alcoholic when all a man sees is the unceasing march of the dildos approaching like some annual winter migration, but we’re going to take a minute to give respect where it is due to some white patriarchal figures that deserve more recognition. Naturally the mainstream media hasn’t taken much time off from the Ebola Crisis or the crushing Democrat election defeat to acknowledge them, so we here at TRS are going to put them in the spotlight for a second and highlight what makes them particularly shining examples of what us vile racist hetero-patriarchs are supposed to do in the face of evil.

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Psychedelic Stupidity

In our modern drug addled post-hippy youth culture, spawned  from the cesspools of Woodstock and LSD drum circles of hairy White women, the concept of shitting all over the senses and perception as an enlightening and “eye-opening” experience is most certainly not a new thing. Bored White kids with little life challenge will continue to accelerate this trend, as mimicking the spiritual lifestyle of dindu shamans mowed over by the racist hand of modernity is sure to bring one to a higher plane of thought and existence. What a truly powerful thing it must be to mentally escape our oppressive construct, and set upon the great path of Juju. Pass the ayahuasca bro, I need to open my third eye.

Teach me your ways, mysterious dindu.
Teach me your ways, mysterious master.

Speaking of ayahuasca, the most fashionable path to “muh eye” as of at least four or five years ago in the West (and still going strong), is most definitely the use of the psychedelic compound Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT. Yeah, I know this topic is old, and it’s a bit random to bring this up now, but this isn’t the standard psychedelic brain raping trend. Something about this particular hippie craze is worth discussing. What has made this particular drug  fashionable is it offers not only a path to “muh eye”, but to anti-religious and anti-establishment narratives. Why is this? Continue reading

Attention Whoring in the Era of the Oppression Olympics: A Showcase of Narrative Collision

This week’s latest viral adventure in rent-seeking introduces us to entitled Jewess, Shoshana Roberts, and her beta orbiter pal Rob Bliss. The crime committed against her? A staggering two minutes of lewd comments and the occasional innocuous greeting, also known as oppression, shouted at her over the course of an entire day spent bravely strutting deep through negro territory, all conveniently captured on a GoPro camera strapped undoubtedly to a fearless male feminist cuckold. Or male attention whore, whichever.

Pictured: Rob Bliss, proud owner of the rentseeking “agency” Rob Bliss Creative and beta faggot extraordinaire, frolicking through the streets of NYC, enjoying his wasted privilege. He claims to have made the video for his girlfriend (read: woman who is currently cucking him) because of the daily oppressions she suffers on her way to school. We get it, Rob, your girlfriend is hot enough to merit “street harassment.”

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Kaci Hickox: Bourgie White Women Worse Than Ebola

Nurse Kaci Hickox ‘Will Go To Court’ Over Maine Ebola Quarantine Rule

Ebola Nurce Kaci Hickox Defies Voluntary Quarantine By Going On A Bike Ride

How about you go fuck yourself, instead?

It’s very hard not to be upset at the Kaci Hickox story.

Here we have a supposed “health care professional,” someone with years of medical experience both domestically and overseas, throwing a hissy-fit because being seen at the local Whole Foods is more important than government safety protocols and public health concerns. Because human freedom or whatever. Because I’m sure the founders of this country envisioned a day and age where a state government would bend over backwards to accommodate some fugly New England bitch’s desire to ride a bike for the evening news, or feminism, or something. I digress.

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You Won’t Believe What Happens When A Frumpy Jewess Waddles Around New York for 10 Hours!

Or maybe you would. These sorts of things have become rather predictable after all. In case you missed it, earlier this week a video of a large-breasted, stumpy-legged, Jewess named Shoshana B. Roberts waddling around Manhattan and getting harassed by various vibrant individuals went viral on the internet. What started out as a fairly straightforward attempt at rent-seeking inadvertently revealed some uncomfortable truths about the racial demographics of street harassment in urban America.

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