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From Christmas to (((Christmas)))

If you know much about Jews, you're probably aware that they're not really big fans of Christmas. During their two thousand year exile in Europe, the one thing they could rely on regardless of if they were in Berlin, or Brussels, or in Paris, or in Prague, or in Vienna,

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Twist The Knife

SIR ROGER L’ESTRANGE tells us a story in his collection of Fables, of the Cock and the Horses. The Cock was gotten to roost in the stable among the horses; and there being no racks or other conveniences for him, it seems, he was forced to roost upon the

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The Degradation of Popular Culture

Through the early 1870s, Firmin-Girard’s submissions to the Paris Salon followed the shifting trends in public taste from historical subjects and scenes taken from the Siege of Paris to more fanciful Japonisme and Orientalist themes. While these compositions earned Firmin-Girard early accolades, his submission of Le Quai aux Fleurs

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