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Killing The Walking Dead

I remember watching The Walking Dead (TWD) when it premiered on AMC in 2010. I had spent that Halloween weekend drinking far too much at several house parties with some close friends. That Sunday (the show airs on Sundays), we sat in my kitchen and watched the inaugural show.


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Eat a Peach: The Atlanta Forum

Last weekend was the first ever Atlanta Forum and I can tell you from first hand experience it was a great time. A truly big league event – with great speeches, a very accommodating and professionally-staffed hotel and, most importantly, friendly, well dressed and well behaved likeminded Southerners.

Michael Cushman has

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John Brown – Murderous Monomaniac

I was raised to understand an extremely important, but usually overlooked, aspect of United States history – that the abolitionists were bloodthirsty terrorists. And, of all those vipers, none were as dangerous, deranged or psychotic as John Brown. As of yet, he has not been transformed into a national hero, though

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