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Raid on Eben-Emael

I was chatting with a normie “history buff” recently while attending a company happy hour. In normie conversations, typically those at work events, the usual talking points revolve around sportsball, Netflix original series, vapid happenings on social media and dull watercooler gossip. After about twenty minutes of disingenuous engagement, I’

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Zulu – Men of Harlech!

On January 11th, 1879, Lord Chelmsford led an invading British army into Zululand and raised the ire of the Zulu nation, perhaps one of the most vicious of Africa’s savage tribes. His army crossed the Tugela River the same day at Rorke’s Drift, a small river crossing and

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The Rise of Weimerica’s Legions

“Senators were apparently discouraged from serving – a policy that became permanent about half a century later under Gallienus; Italian-borne men, except in moments of great emergency, practically disappeared from the rank and file (although they still held higher commands); the old praetorian guard, the exclusive reserve of Italians, was disbanded

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