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Northman is a latter-day barbarian who dwells in the frigid wastes north of the 60th parallel pondering the ills of the day, their possible remedies, and -- ever so infrequently -- dispensing the dig

Signaling for Fun and Profit

Anti-discrimination laws make freedom of association illegal. But most of the freedom of association you want, you can have by judicious use of signaling and incentives.

Any organization which is not explicitly right-wing (including a business) will sooner or later become explicitly left-wing (Conquest's Second Law.)

Diversity is Our Core Value Diversity is our core

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Immigration: Part II - Unaccompanied Minors

This summer, the story on immigration began to focus on the surging numbers of unaccompanied minors at the borders.

From liberals, we heard impassioned pleas to welcome these increasingly teeming masses of children out of our bottomless compassion, and shaming language directed at the greed and selfishness of anyone who

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