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Agency as Privilege: Educating for Justice

The goings on at the 15th annual White Privilege Conference held in Madison, Wisconsin over the weekend have of course been making the rounds on social media. Some are supportive, others are hateful, others simply find it amusing. Put me in the latter category. While I find the proceedings to be highly comical I also find them sad and ironic. The main theme of the conference was of course the absolute social supremacy of white people along with the complete denial of the agency of non-whites. This really should not surprise people anymore.

White people attending a postmodern church service.

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Agency as Privilege: Bitcoin, Technology and Feminism

It seems that recent media buzz surrounding the dramatic rise of the digital currency Bitcoin has attracted swarms of petulant and clamorous rent-seeking “social justice” parasites like flies to a midden heap. This should come as no surprise to anyone that understands the true nature and purpose of feminism and social justice activism. You can hardly expect these troublesome naggers to pass up what looks like a big, juicy pile of resources in the hands of young (mostly) heterosexual, privileged White (and Asian) men. Feminists have been eyeing both the IT industry and libertarian community as potential sources of rent for a while now, and Bitcoin represents an as yet untapped revenue stream.

The face of privilege

The face of privilege

Trigger warning: Think Progress

According to an online poll from Simulacrum, the average user is a 32.1-year-old libertarian male. By users’ accounts, those men are mostly white.

Breaking that down, about 95 percent of Bitcoin users are men, about 61 percent say they’re not religious, and about 44 percent describe themselves as “libertarian / anarcho-capitalist.”

Looks like a perfect target.

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Whither Libertarianism?

Many harsh criticisms have been made on this site, by myself and others, of the more autistic, neckbeardy and fedoraish strains of Libertarianism. Bulbasaur in particular has gained a reputation for pouring vitriol and contempt down on Libertarianism and its bastard stepchildren, Voluntaryism and Anarcho-capitalism. I have tried to take a more moderate approach, but have not always been exactly charitable. This may have seemed like hate to many of you. The words may have stung. Some buttcheeks may have gotten red, chapped or perhaps a bit numb and tingly over the whole affair. (You know who you are.) But Let me assure you dear readers, this was not done out of hatred or anger. At least not entirely. We did it because because we cared. It was tough love. In contrast I am now offering my apology for Libertarianism.

Is it?

Is it?

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The Corn Syrup Melting Pot

It seems that some jimjams have been flimflammed and a media kerfuffle has arisen over a rather banal and saccharine Dildo Super Bowl advertisement put out by the Coca-Cola corporation. The ad depicts various individuals and groups of endearing, non-threatening, SWPL-approved minorities signing “America the Beautiful” in various global (non-English) languages.

At first glance one that has trained his mind in the art of spotting the progressive narrative cannot help but feel a minor trembling in the ol’ Johnathans. On second glance one wonders why one is glancing at this cloying, hackneyed rubbish a second time. Whether the average Dildo Super Bowl viewer was able to pick up on the not-so subtle cultural Marxist messaging here, or whether his mind was already too numb and broken from the unrelenting dildo bludgeoning it had been receiving all evening, I can’t say. I can’t read minds, nor can I relate to the mindset of a Dildo Super Bowl viewer.

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RIP Pete Seeger, SWPL and Communist 1919 – 2014

“RULERS should be careful about what songs are allowed to be sung.”—Pete Seeger

We here at TRS wholeheartedly agree Pete. Particularly songs as dangerous to the ruling class as yours. Songs so edgy, so boundary-pushing, so Earth-shattering and potentially devastating to the status quo that upon his death their composer is memorialized in establishment newspapers, magazines, public radio stations and government websites.


Rulers indeed must be careful what songs are allowed to be sung Pete. No doubt this has something to do with why the media is currently saturated with breathless hagiographies of you despite your complete lack of fame or even name recognition among the younger generation. Your message must have been really threatening to the powers that be.

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Goyim Privilege?

Who wrote the book on privilege?

The seemingly ubiquitous meme of “White Privilege” has been a favorite topic of TRS since we began. It has been explored at length on this site by myself and other authors and tackled from several different angles and we’ve had a lot of fun with it. I have suggested in previous writings that one sure way to fluster Social Justice Warriors, Tumblristas and “more progressive than thou” lefties in the course of argument is to accept their “white privilege” narrative without guilt or shame and challenge them to make their next rhetorical point. They can’t, because the narrative relies on whitey balking at the concept and arguing against it out of a desire to cleanse himself of the existential guilt implied by the accusation of privilege. I stand by this as an effective argumentative technique that sabotages the progressive narrative and could potentially lead to some valuable reflection both on the part of the leftist as well as their intended white victim.

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Have a TRS Christmas

Here is wishing our readers a Merry Christmas from the TRS writers. In the spirit of the season we won’t be overwhelming you with dildos or leftist narratives. Instead enjoy some TRS Christmas music. Best to you and yours. We will pick back up with our regular fare of hard hitting commentary on the 26th.

The Tragedy of Postmodernism: Rent Seeking

While it is tempting to brush off the more ridiculous manifestations of postmodern thought by mocking their unintentional hilarity, occasionally a more serious takedown of the ideas is warranted. In my last article I mocked the idea of so-called Feminist Programming Languages by pointing out how stupid and unworkable it is to try to create a supposedly “new” kind of programming language out of a hodgepodge of abstract nonsense, deliberate contradictions and politically correct bullshit. I offered my opinion that Arielle Schlesinger, the woman behind the project, is nothing but a hack that knows how to repeat technical sounding jargon, but has no actual understanding of computers.

You’re kinda cute when you’re exploring feminist critiques of logic.

That was all well and good, but I failed to address the more fundamental point that Feminist Programming is not supposed to work in the first place. There is no point to actually trying to make it work. The whole thing is a huge lie and a massive boondoggle.

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The Hilarity of Postmodernism: Feminist Programming Languages

feelzToday’s installment comes to from the “Yes, they are actually serious” department of HASTAC, a group that describes themselves as “an alliance of more than 11,500 humanists, artists, social scientists, scientists and technologists working together to transform the future of learning for the 21st century.” Feminist scholar Arielle Schlesinger has embarked on a radical new project to transform the world of computing by doing research into the creation of a feminist programming language that will be freed from the constraints of oppressive man-logic and other patriarchal modes of thinking.

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A Glimpse Into White Guilt: The “Blacker-Than-Thou” Morality Contest

One of the more obnoxious and tiresome aspects of white liberal cultural degeneration in the postmodern era is the tendency to assign moral superiority and progress to things that are ostensibly “black” and moral inferiority and backwardness to things that are “white.” I’m sure we’re all familiar with the phenomenon of a group of liberal whites sitting around engaging in a rhetorical contest with each other over who “understands” black people more, who is more in touch with the black community, who has more black friends, who listens to the blackest music etc.

Usually the winner is able to expose the other whites as being into things that are faux-black but marketed to whites, while he is into the “real” black. So the blackest, and therefore the most moral, white in this scenario is the one that doesn’t listen to “mainstream” hip-hop, but instead is into the more gritty “underground” style that is supposedly more authentically black.

(Protip: It’s not. So-called “underground” hip-hop is pretty much exclusively marketed to white teens, while black radio stations that black people listen to play the mainstream stuff. Merchant is crafty and understands how to get liberal whites to open their wallets.)

So Brave

Bravery level: So

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