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Hola, Tannerinos, learn to speak fucking english!!

Lena Dunham: How to get away with molesting a toddler in five easy steps!

This week in shitty feminist news: Lena Dunham uses the words “sexual predator” to describe herself in a published book and then dissolves into Twitter tears when someone else uses these words to describe her.

For those of you lucky enough not to know who she is, Lena Dunham is

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Attention Whoring in the Era of the Oppression Olympics: A Showcase of Narrative Collision

This week’s latest viral adventure in rent-seeking introduces us to entitled Jewess, Shoshana Roberts, and her beta orbiter pal Rob Bliss. The crime committed against her? A staggering two minutes of lewd comments and the occasional innocuous greeting, also known as oppression, shouted at her over the course of

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