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SFL: drag shows for liberty


weirdoKendall Richey, author of the article linked above, is both social coordinator for Texas Christian University’s Gay-Straight Alliance and a Students For Liberty Campus Coordinator. The article depicts a recent student drag show, how it was a relative success compared to previous campus events.

The article also clearly shows readers which organization the author identifies more strongly with. You read nothing resembling libertarian talking points until the last few sentences. Almost like it’s an afterthought.

Funny, that.

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#illridewithyou: status signalling more important than cultural dialogue


Australians took to Twitter shortly after a suspected Iranian-born Islamic extremist captured several hostages at a Sydney cafe.

Sheik Man Haron Monis was a Muslim cleric known for sending hate messages to families of Australian troops killed in battle. He was also rumored to have been out on bail for involvement in his ex-wife’s murder.

Monis went inside a local Sydney bar, took hostages, made them fly a black flag with the Shahada on it, killed two civilians and wounded an officer during the take-down.


And that’s “suspected Islamic extremism.” Heh, okay.

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Americans Against The Tea Party Conflate Jihad With Conservatism. Of Course.


Woo boy, here is a real gem.

On the right is Reem Riyashi. She was a Palestinian mother of two that suicide bombed the Erez Crossing processing station in 2004. The bombing killed herself and four Israelis. Hamas was heavily criticized for allowing this woman to go through with her desire to meet Allah.

On the left is Holly Fisher, a Virginian military wife and mother of three that made this picture for July 4th, 2014. There was heavy criticism because guns are scawy, and racism or something.

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Libertarians On New Libertarianism 01: Jeff Tucker, I Hardly Knew Ya

This will hopefully be the first installment of a series that’s been in the works for several weeks. The intention is to provide readers with inside perspectives on the current trajectory of the liberty milieu. It is important to note that while each contributor will share their criticisms of where things are going, each of them would still consider themselves libertarian. -Bulbasaur

Jeff Tucker, I Hardly Knew Ya

I come from a blue-collar, Southern military family. I attended college and spent a number of years as an active duty Army officer. I was involved in both the ’08 and ’12 Ron Paul campaigns.

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SWPL Daily: LARPing as a 13-Year Old Gay Boy

Source: Elite Daily

LARP: Live Action Role-Playing



Twitter user @paleveil shared photos from her 13-year-old brother’s text conversation with one of his friends, in which he anxiously comes out as gay.

Way to parade your brother around like a trendy handbag. Having some issues coming out, little bro? Let’s make it a status for millions to see forever! Way to value retweets and website attention more than your brother’s personal privacy, lady.

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