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An Obituary For Rijad Pasagic

We are sad to learn we have lost one of our own.


Last Sunday, Rijad Pasagic passed away during basketball practice after suffering a cardiac episode. He was only 17.

Rijad was not a contributor to the blog. His contribution to our group was a unique sense of humor as well as a perspective that spoke to his circumstances as an irreligious young man among a very Muslim community in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Rijad shared with us his dreams of overcoming the squalor of his upbringing and immigrating to America. A large man, he intended to become a professional fighter or trainer. As bright as he was athletic, there is no doubt he would have accomplished these things.

Even at so young an age, Rijad made an impression on people worldwide, on many of us here at TRS.

You will be missed.

Dale and Veronica Partridge: Christ died for status-signalling

Source: Chron


Here we have what passes for dialectic in this country. Tradition vs. Progress. Old vs. New. Stupid Faith vs. Smart Faith. I’m not surprised to learn this deep, meaningful debate was covered by Good Morning America. This is the Liberal Cat Lady’s catnip.

…But what does “Christian” mean in this context? Is the Partridge family really taking a stand against our decadent and secular culture? Are they really taking up the cross and following the Lord in a meaningful fashion? Let’s take a look at their blogs:


Umm…. You seem to have forgotten to capitalize “God” there, Veronica. LOL, whoopsie.

The husband’s blog isn’t much better.


…I bet the Bible would do a better job of that, bro.

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At the Mountains of Libertarian Madness

Due to time constraints, I did not focus on the libertarian sphere’s reaction to Brad Spangler’s confession of abusing his own daughter last night. I was tired and, to be quite honest, my jimmies were wrecked.

Pictured: Libertarian morality responds to Spangler.
Pictured: Libertarian morality responds to Spangler.

I mentioned in the previous article that Haidt would find this interesting, allow me to explain why. He posits that for libertarians in particular, they have only one moral axis: liberty/oppression. As is, such a truncated morality leads to bizarre and, for me, offensive rejections of sometimes common sense social ideas and norms.

Now, it is not fair or logical to try and suggest that all libertarian moralists are necessarily kid-touchers. I have no intention of even suggesting such a thing. That said, it’s interesting to note how easily people with no moral compass, that is, sociopaths and predators, can fit into such a milieu and pass as one of them. This is why I suggested that people within this movement should reflect on such a man seeking to associate with them in the first place.

Fellow contributor Ryan McMahon has compiled several screencaps of varying responses to Brad’s confession, as well as of Spangler discussions in the past. Let’s take a look, shall we?

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Left-Libertarian Admits to Sexually Abusing Daughter, Insanity Ensues

Addendum: I was acquainted with Spangler in 2011, when he would have been considered ancap. I have changed the title of this article from “anarcho-capitalist” to “left-libertarian,” to more-correctly reflect his current political affiliation.

Sincere Warning: What follows is a serious confession of aberrant and vile human behavior. I advise my readers not to read the following article in too negative a frame of mind.

Things like this make me seriously question things like laws and human rights.

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“The Patriarchy” doesn’t get Muslims… Or anything for that matter

Source: The Patriarchy

Read the full post linked above at your own risk.

I’ll forego the snarky introduction for this one. Let’s get down to responding to quotes from this author’s “traditional” abandonment of his people and culture.

Westerners don’t “get” Muslims. We’re descended from the barbarian tribes (Anglo-Saxons, Celts, Franks, Visigoths, Vandals, etc) that destroyed the western Roman empire, we have a tendency to reflexively hate and attack that which we don’t understand.

Westerners just don't understand.
Westerners just don’t understand.

Modern, cosmopolitan Western Civilization is descended from and influenced by barbarians at some point in the past. This means that Westerns are probably not going to be very understanding of a foreign culture and faith that is commanded to submit the world.

No, that’s seriously the premise. OH BOY.

We have only just begun. We will soon discover that the author intends to argue that the best way to combat the modern corruption of the West’s altruism towards outgroups… Is to have more altruism when it comes to a particular outgroup.


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Responding to Marc Murphy on religious violence

Update: in the 2nd picture, 5000 people were not killed on 9/11. It was over 6000 non-fatal injuries, 2977 victims and 19 hijackers. -Bulbasaur

Much edge. Wow.
Much edge. Wow.

Man this is some really hard-hitting satire. It really highlights the underlying hypocrisy of mean ole’ whitey thumbing his nose at these oppressed brown people. Like, look in the mirror and stuff.

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Responding to Sacha Reingewirtz on the Paris Market Shooting


Sacha Reingewirtz, 28, president of the French Jewish Student Union, said France is a dangerous place for people who clearly show they are Jewish.

“What the government is doing to protect us is not enough. I refuse to have Jews here living behind walls in fear of their lives,” he said. “We need more than a security plan but an educational plan to fight against stereotypes.”

I will pass over the implications that Sacha only seems interested in murdered and threatened members of the ingroup. I’m sure that isn’t what he/she actually thinks, Judaism being the humanistic and universalist faith that it is (hardy-har).

Maybe Sacha should look into the open borders stance held by so many in his/her own community. Seems to me that had a lot to do with these tragic events.

Maybe, just maybe, not all gentiles are created equal, and French Jews were better off with a white majority than a vaguely-tan plurality?

Je vous avais prévenu sur l'immigration , bro. -Jean Raspail (citation needed)
“Je vous avais prévenu sur l’immigration.” -Jean Raspail (citation needed)