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Shanesha Taylor draws attention to high-time preference behavior in black community


TL/DR for our readers:

shanesha>Shanesha interviews for a job.
>Leaves children in car for interview.
>Gets arrested for endangerment.
>Teary eyed mug shot creates opportunity for social signalling.
>White Guilt donates close to $100,000 dollars.
>Prosecutor will not pursue jail time if she puts some of the money aside for the children.
>”Lol what money?”

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The Daily Shoah! Episode 14.88: Right Wing Pokemon

Gotta Catch ‘em all!




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Deepest apologies for the delayed upload! The Death Panel gather to discuss the many different flavors of Alt-Right for this special 14.88th episode of your favorite weekly hour and a half. Complete with 4 minute introduction.

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To James On Anarcho-Capitalism

Source: Mises Canada

paintingmelbourneBetter late than never I suppose! I hope this response finds you and your associates at Mises Canada well, James.

Back in July you took issue with a now-deleted article, where I weighed-in on the topic of anarcho-capitalism. Specifically, you disagreed with my assessment that the ideology is a hopeless contradiction. You put considerable effort in being both fair and reasonable with your arguments; I will do my best to return the favor.

Before I begin, I concede that it was incorrect to write off the ideology as I did. That was a low-hanging fruit that I’m sure any seasoned rhetorician could level against any opposing ideology. While I still find the combination of “anarchy” and “capitalism” to be somewhat incongruent, while I think the thought experiments and real-world examples offered by ancaps aren’t that convincing, it doesn’t really cut to what I believe to be the ultimate failing of your ideology.

…Which I will get into after I first clear up two minor quibbles with this article.

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To Adam On Belief

Fedora Trigger Warning: Christianity


This is for Bulbasaur, if possible. I do not believe the orthodox claims of the Church. I find the doctrines of the Incarnation and the Trinity, of sin and blood sacrifice to be incorrect. But my closest ancestors were strong Christians, and I struggle with understanding how they (or you, or anyone) can believe what I find to be false. Can you help me understand? Keep up the good fight, Adam

I apologize for my delay in responding and hope this message finds you well, Adam.

The answer to your question can be found in the question you’ve sent me. Specifically, the answer is “I.” You are why you cannot understand what propelled your predecessors to have the faith they had.

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Turn Out… For What?

Before we overdose on liberal tears, let’s explore the hilarious campaign fail that was #TURNOUTFORWHAT

What kind of message was that? What kind of identity is that conveying, what kind of ideal? No wonder Tyrone, Mohammed and Aiden stayed home while Grandpa and Grandma put Republicans back in the Capitol. Who wants to turn out for that?

It’s not surprising this video didn’t go viral, that Huffpo or Upworthy wasn’t declaring “so much this.” Fact of the matter is, this ad went too far, it was too much this.

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