A Letter to the Right: Stop Failing Liberal Shit-Tests

If there is one major insight TRS has formed about the culture wars, it’s that the Right needs to quit letting the Left harry them into submission by agreeing to play the “I’m Not a Bigot Game.” Every single time a liberal convinces a conservative the burden of proof is on them to establish a lack of racism/bigotry/sexism, the entire alt-right collectively facepalms over their stupidity. Don’t play the damn game in the first place.

The most poignant example of this occurred recently when scientist Matt Taylor found himself in boiling hot water over his personal choice in T-shirts. Rather than simply smirk over a glass of single malt scotch and tell the Feminist Inquisition to go fuck themselves with the dildos they rode in on, Taylor instead publicly apologized and cried over the ordeal. Really brah? These ninnies are whining about a T-shirt made for you BY A FEMINIST WOMAN, and you let the little harpies pick away at you like a bloated piece of roadkill? Just point out that no one deserves to be treated differently because of what they’re wearing, then watch anuses explode when the analogy to rape apologizing penetrates those thick feminist skulls.

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All You Need to Know about Ferguson in One Video

After staying up well past my bedtime engaged in an impromptu Dindopocalypse Party, I crawled out of bed late to open my Chimpmas presents and felt my already dangerously high schadenfruede levels climb into fully toxic overdose status as I sat through Bassem Masri’s last segment of Livestream footage. Here we had a white-presenting kebab LARPer attempting to role play an “ally of the black community” getting his final broadcast cut short by a vibrant youf stealing his iPhone. Did this naive fool not read our TRS SWPL Safari Guide? Did he really think a “white” dude pitifully feigning a negroid “street accent” and issuing helpful commands about avoiding the marching police would honestly be seen as anything but a pathetic fake-ass poseur on holiday? Once my brain recovered from the neurological shock of this supremely ironic adventure in naive SWPL wannabes and the pavement apes who love them, I realized it really does sum up everything one needs to know about Ferguson:

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The TRS Guide to SWPL Safaris.

We here at TRS understand that as a compassionate liberal socialite, real-world demonstrations of your benevolence can be later used as ironclad proofs establishing your superior moral preferences. Fortunately enough, in this high tech world actual video and photographic verification of your Unlocked Achievements in social awareness can be immediately uploaded to your Facebook page for all your jealous  liberal friends to agonize over. Bear in mind that when going on these exotic adventures among African wild-life, your safety is the first priority, and the objective is to promote the over-all narrative, not accidentally end up as a popular story of naive liberal stupidity on Stormfront.org. With that in mind, we present to you several essential tips to make your next SWPL Safari a success, and not just a crime statistic:

You’ll be sorry, alright.

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Leave child-molesters alone!

Leave Lena Dunham Alone!

In case you missed it, writer/actress and former Batman Returns villain Lena Dunham recently became the subject of controversy after describing sexual misadventures with her younger sister. When National Review observed that not only was the Emperor Penguin not wearing clothes, but the Emperor Penguin had also admitted to sexually molesting a sibling, Dunham instantly descended into a “rage spiral“, apparently indignant that describing yourself as behaving like a sexual predator might just result in people actually calling you a sexual predator. Naturally, being the TARGET of moral outrage doesn’t sit well with people accustomed only to making OTHERS the object of sanctimonious castigation, something Lena herself tried in the selfsame autobiographical book by recounting another past sexual experience in college in such a manner as to subtly imply she might have been raped by a young Republican.

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Old White Men with Guns are Still Heroes.

I know it’s easy to become a bitter, disenchanted alcoholic when all a man sees is the unceasing march of the dildos approaching like some annual winter migration, but we’re going to take a minute to give respect where it is due to some white patriarchal figures that deserve more recognition. Naturally the mainstream media hasn’t taken much time off from the Ebola Crisis or the crushing Democrat election defeat to acknowledge them, so we here at TRS are going to put them in the spotlight for a second and highlight what makes them particularly shining examples of what us vile racist hetero-patriarchs are supposed to do in the face of evil.

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A Voyueristic Exploration of Whiteness

Recently PBS film-maker Whitney Dow strongly invoked Poe’s Law by creating “The Whiteness Project“, a series of interviews designed to encourage the sort of racial navel-gazing so beloved by members of the political left. Part Struggle Session, part voyeuristic horror, Dow’s project ostensibly proves that yes, we white folk are still awful, and yes, we can still clutch our pearls over it. If you were perhaps concerned that popular consciousness was forgetting about the White Devil and his evil ways, rest assured, Dow is dragging that demon back into the spotlight for us all to view with a mix of mortification and curiosity.

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The Cry of Cthulhu Privilege

Like many of my fellow white, cisgendered, patriarchal sci-fi geek oppressors, I blithely skimmed over the explicitly racist, genocidal attitudes of H.P. Lovecraft while reading his work without giving it a second thought. Thankfully, I have been rescued from my willful ignorance by the educational materials provided in a certain youtube video, created by a creature that in no way resembles a terrifying Lovecraftian abomination itself. Apparently Lovecraft was an anti-Semitic, genocidal lunatic who fondly enjoyed Mein Kampf and professed his glowing adoration of Adolf Hitler. The scales fell from my eyes as dizzying accounts of Lovecraft’s racism extended far beyond the infamous “Nigger Man” housecat from “Rats in the Walls.” Quite simply, I had no idea that Lovecraft’s fanatical racism and xenophobia permeated every iota of his work, like some pernicious, otherworldly plague.

“That is not dead which can eternal lie, and through strange eons, all niggers must die.”

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The Daily Shoah! Episode 11: A Breach In Protocol



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A semi week-off for the Shoah, we present to you material that wasn’t included in previous episodes, along with a brief intro by the Seventh Son. Also, as always, Morrakiu brings us a new episode of The Merchant Minute.

The Daily Shoah will return to normal next week.