The Bad Faith of Identity Politics

Recently two huwhytes have centered themselves under media spotlights for daring to challenge traditional identity norms by attempting to faithfully replicate them as closely as possible. On one hand, we have Brucelynn Jenner, proving that it's wrong to hold up a false, airbrushed caricature of the ideal female beauty, unless Read More

A Safe Space Free of White Devils

Recently the Point of Origin for all cat ladies published a piece written by an Indian woman detailing how “Ethnic Minorities Deserve Safe Spaces Without White People.” Putting aside for a moment the obvious snarky observation that a whole lotta white people would absolutely love to accede to their wishes Read More

The Essential TRS Troll Guide, Part 2

In Part 1 we talked about general goals, types of forums, and the sorts of liberal cat ladies you’ll meet there. Now we’ll get down to business and discuss which troll class you should play and the sorts of weapons, power-ups, and team tactics to use. Remember to Read More

The Essential TRS Troll Guide, Part 1

At long last, the definitive work on how to butt-rape the interwebz has finally begun! Now you too can drive senile old liberal cat ladies into apoplexy with time honored strategies and tactics employed every day by hard-working TRS troll-agents. Prepare to create your own Butthurt Vortexes and deploy them Read More

Exploring Liberal Psychology

Recently I had the pleasure of reading Jonathan Haidt’s “The Righteous Mind,” an illuminating and highly accessible book on the role of religion in society and how moral intuitions shape politics. Most interesting is Haidt’s “moral foundations theory,” which holds that individuals are usually concerned to differing degrees Read More

Iggy Azalea's Verbal Blackface Enrages the Dildosphere

The first time I ever heard mention of this Australian born, white mudshark rapper was from my brother, who informed me she had something of a prodigious talent at “spittin’ rhymes.” Indeed, on pop-radio she is a rather popular “artist,” particularly in the role of guest starring on other people’ Read More

CIA Torture Report Reveals Americans Are Pussies

Recently a Senate report revealed the CIA has been using “harsh interrogation techniques” on prisoners, much to the mock outcry of the hand-wringing bleeding heart liberal masses. USA Today wonders “What the World Is Saying” about our naughty misdeeds against terrorists (Spoilers, Russia took this as an opportunity to get Read More

No Defending the Death of Eric Garner

I know it’s tempting to get complacent about the deaths of Dindus and assume any time there’s a media case involving police and the colored community it must be liberals willfully misreporting something to advance a predictable cat lady narrative about systemic racism, but the July death of Read More

TRS Holiday Shopping Guide: The Edgy Teenage Leftist Starter Pack

We here at TRS know that shopping for the Holidays can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to fight hetero-patriarchial white colonialist capitalism while also taking advantage of super low prices and online deals created by exploitative mega-corporations. To take some of the stress out of buying gifts for Read More

A Letter to the Right: Stop Failing Liberal Shit-Tests

If there is one major insight TRS has formed about the culture wars, it’s that the Right needs to quit letting the Left harry them into submission by agreeing to play the “I’m Not a Bigot Game.” Every single time a liberal convinces a conservative the burden of Read More