About Us

Welcome! We at TRS are delighted to meet you, albeit by web. Who we are, what we do and how we do it, are explained in our website. We will continue to add features, topics and services for you.

In short, we are here to help those who help others, whether it is to work with individuals or groups. That also means letting the community know who is available and what we offer.

We enjoy being part of the larger community, sharing all that we can. If you have any suggestions, we are always delighted to hear them.

Launched in December of 2012, we are a political and cultural blog with two major goals:

  1. Reinvigorating dialogue among a disparate and edgy right-wing.
  2. Inflaming anuses among the childish and regressive left-wing.

Though we set our sights high, we are a pragmatic clique. As such, we are open to outside opinions, and welcome comments from intelligent and civil people across the political spectrum.

Recurring themes: nationalism, statism, monarchism, democracy, liberalism, libertarianism, free markets, race relations, gender roles, pan-secession, revisionist history, conspiracy theories, pluralism, slavery, self-determination, imperialism, economics, political correctness, feminism, socialism, postmodernism, religion, etc.