Mulatto Futurism: Grande Edition

An Ariana Grande concert was bombed in Britain by an Arab terrorist. On the one hand, that's just part of life in a European country. On the other, it's a strange collision between two kinds of Americanism. First, we have the nation of immigrants model of forming a proposition nation through importing assorted ethnic stocks and crossing our fingers that it doesn't implode. And secondly, we have the aggressive encouragement of interracial sexuality, which we shall refer to as Mulatto Futurism. Let us focus on this latter phenomenon's trip to Britain, as surely we have heard enough of immigrant-derived terrorism in Europe.

Mulatto Futurism is the use of media to promote the idea of interracial couplings, which leads to mulatto children and thus a mulatto future. Hence, society becomes increasingly rootless, alienated, and gripped by an identity crisis which cannot be resolved but only temporarily staved off by winning the praise and adoration of others. The mulatto is a saint to White liberals and Jews, and an inauthentic black to the Negroes, never truly himself because his kind do not constitute anything more than a temporary community. He lives in a kind of limbo for his entire life, oscillating between two peoples which are only partially familiar to him. Proponents of Mulatto Futurism are typically White liberals or Jews, with less input from Negroes themselves, and their desired social engineering policies will lead to a mulatto society.

Ariana Grande is not an African, but her music and visual presentation is routinely filled with them. Ethnically she is Italian-American, specifically "half-Sicilian and half-Abruzzese" according to a tweet in which she was asked about her "nationality." In plenty of pictures of her, especially older ones, she obviously looks Mediterranean. But if you look at anything from the last couple of years, from her music career, she begins looking Puerto Rican or light Black. It is not immediately clear, which is of course what would prompt someone to ask about her "nationality." In fact, I had assumed she was Puerto Rican until very recently. Tanning yourself all year round to the point of appearing darker than Negroes in your music videos does obscure your ethnicity, and is a form of colorist vanity. Perhaps she is "the real racist."

Grande claims to have left the Catholic church because of its stance on homosexuality (snort) and began practicing the religion of Hollywood, which is Kabbalah, in her teens. Thus we can assume she embraced Jewish mysticism some time during her Nickelodeon phase. So Grande not only presents herself in a uniquely American manner of negrification, but is a practicing Jew. In 2016, she spent Hanukkah with her boyfriend-at-the-time Mac Miller, who is also Jewish. She has also prominently dated Negroes (Big Sean) and Hispanics (Ricky Alvarez). For now, it seems she has walked back from personally creating mulatto offspring, but she is still a promoter of Mulatto Futurism for America and Europe.

Her music and music videos are all hypersexual to the point where the innuendo would be obvious to anyone with less innocence than a five year-old. And like any good media promoting the message of interracial sexuality, the typical shot of an Ariana Grande music video features performers of White, Black, and intermediate tones posing together. And with creative lyrics such as:

'Cause if you want to keep me, you gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, got to love me harder (I'mma love you harder) And if you really need me, you gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, got to love me harder (love me harder)
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,
Love me, love me, love me,
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,
Harder, harder, harder,
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,
Love me, love me, love me,
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,
Harder, harder, harder

In the music video screenshotted above, "Side to Side ft. Nicki Minaj," we see a row of four scantly-clad, darkened men and women. From left to right we have a black man paired with our (((White))) woman who is so tanned she is nearly as dark as him, and a Trinidadian (already mixed, Afro-Indian) with a White man. The composition of the still from her video, which has been viewed over 950,000,000 times as of writing, presents the audience with a situation where a mulatto future is strongly implied. Sex sells. Sells what? A nation of Barack Obamas.

So to put everything together and take the Grande pill: Ariana Grande converted to Judaism while she was at Nickelodeon, which means pedo shit was possibly involved. Now she is dating a Jewish rapper and her music videos are about implying sex with Blacks and Hispanics. She is marketed to young American and European girls.

Grande is ultimately just an archetype though, more a cultural phenomenon than an individual. She won't be relevant in a few years and she doesn't need to be. Youthful, marketable, malleable women are a dime a dozen. She sits at the apex of the Instagram industrial complex, which produces that sort of blank-faced, bronze-colored, back-arching, cowboy shot gallery of eternal thots made famous by their derrieres.

According to her Wikipedia entry:

Grande has a large following on social media. As of March 2017, Grande's YouTube channel ArianaGrandeVevo had accrued more than 15 million subscribers and was ranked as the 25th most subscribed channel; her music videos had been viewed a total of more than 7 billion times; her Instagram account had accumulated more than 100 million followers, ranking her as the 2nd most followed person on Instagram; her Twitter account had more than 45 million followers, placing it as the 17th most followed Twitter account; and her Facebook page had more than 30 million likes.

This is what is being sold to young Western women. It is what we might call the Kardashian mindset, using Negro culture to market female White bodies with heavy sexual overtones. When she becomes a bit older and less relevant, she will transition into some kind of socially-acceptable liberal activism for which she will win much praise and continue to inspire her aging fans.

And let us not take Grande as an isolated case of female pop stars who are used to promote Mulatto Futurism either. Within hours of the bombing and not wanting to be outdone, California's Katy Perry--first made famous almost a decade ago in 2008 by a hit song about bisexuality--said in an interview on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show: “The greatest thing we can do is just unite and love on each other. No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist.” Yeah that's the solution. Let Libyans who travel to the warzone in Syria go back to Britain and bomb concerts because of Lennonism.

And here is an image she posted on her Facebook page around the same time.

I leave you with that.