Manchester and the People Without a Future

The latest European city we're being asked to "pray for" is none other than Britain's Manchester. This sort of thing has happened enough times that unironically asking for "thoughts and prayers" feels like a bad joke delivered by an even worse comedian.

Here's why we should not even offer the slightest condolences to Britain: they will allow this to happen again and they will do it because it is better to bury your own children than be "racist."

When some on the right rhetorically ask "How many have to die before a stop is put to this," they fail to realize that diversity is too sacrosanct to operate on a cost-benefit analysis. The ledger of progress must be watered with the blood of the faithful.

There is no breaking point for confronting foreign terrorism in a society that has already surrendered to it, whose leaders tell their people to learn to live with it and not condemn the communities which produce it. The British believe that their safety and that of their children is worth less than maintaining an "open and tolerant" society.

Now to be fair, it is not entirely legal to be pro-British in Britain. Unless you define British in terms of "values" and make sure to allow for the breach of those values by Muslims. So maybe there are people who don't want to die for diversity. And if so, their views are clearly being suppressed. And that is unfortunate. To live in a society where the most natural human reactions to being attacked are diagnosed as pathological (and even criminalized) is a kind of horror worse than anything a terrorist could inflict.

We are told not to politicize these "tragedies" by a schoolmarmish elite, but in the same breath chastised about how "racism" is an unacceptable response. Feelings of self-preservation against an aggressor are wrong. Change nothing critical. Use this opportunity to become more tolerant. And keep shopping.

I know replacement can be scary, but what's worse is intimidating the people who are replacing you with hate and xenophobia.

The future of cattle is slaughter. If the British enjoy living like cattle who are we to judge? It doesn't matter how many times bigots correctly predict these events; they are always wrong.

Don't pray for people who offer their children to Moloch. This is an attack the survivors want to happen again. Only "racists" genuinely want to stop terrorism.

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