An Ethnonationalist Defence of the Galactic Lebensraum

Perhaps the major existential argument in the Alt Right is on the answer to the question “whither to, White Man?” Clearly, this is a question for when we win. However, I believe it is an important one to consider, even as a philosophical exercise.

On the one hand, we have the Identitarians, or Ethno-nationalists, whose stance I would summarize as “White countries for White people”, and no further. On the other, we have the Imperialists, Supremacists, Pan-nationalists, or what have you, who more or less believe that our race needs to expand in order to survive. Naturally, there are overlaps between these two stances, and everyone has their own special snowflake view on such existential matters.

As an Ethno-nationalist, for a long time I held the view that each White nation deserves a country of its own, to live as it sees fit, and, for the most part, this is still my stance. However, it is easy, whilst living in a small homogeneous nation, to forget the greater picture and to fall into the myopic, petty disputes that plague Ethnonationalists everywhere. There are many that say “A brotherhood of nations” with one breath and then curse their ethnic neighbours with the other. This is an issue that needs to be overcome, and I believe it can be, but it involves getting Ethnonationalists to see the commonalities and forgive the differences. Many ethnic grievances are old and deep (Russia and Ukraine come to mind), but stoking this fire is counterproductive to the survival of our race.

Many words have been spilled and hands wrung over the above issue, but I wonder, will it be enough to live in a patchwork harmony in Europe and America order for our race to flourish? Can we harness our Faustian spirit and be satisfied with what we have? Is a comfortable, petit-bourgeois existence really enough to fulfill the White man? Now, I am sure the average White normie would be more than happy with an Arcadian existence in a small, homogeneous, peaceful ethnostate, and that this should be the primary goal to strive for. But History shows that the aristocratic soul desires expansion.

Luckily for us, expansion is possible. I have no doubt that we are the only race that can colonize the Cosmos to its full potential, without stripping it bare, like the Asiatic ant-people undoubtedly would. The 40k future is White.

In addition to the internal struggle, there is also the problem of what lies beyond the borders of this White brotherhood of nations. The brown masses of the Global South do not care if we want to be left in peace to live in our countries. They want what we have, and they are coming to get it. Think about four billion Africans if you dare. Many solutions to this problem have been floated in the Alt Right, from unironic exterminationism to “peaceful ethnic cleansing” to the “Norway strategy” (i.e. pay them to leave - if only!). There may come a time when, if unironic exterminationism is not the ideology of the day, escape into Space will be needed.

Whether our race lifts off due to our inner desires or as a way to escape a global Camp of the Saints, the Galactic Lebensraum will happen. So how to we maintain our distinct ethnonations in space? Is it desirable to do so? I think yes. I also think that a planet for every nation (or at least a generation ship for every nation) is probably even better for Ethno-nationalism than what we can have on Earth. However, blood-and-soil is not only blood, but also soil. As Ethno-nationalists, we not only love our people, we also love the land, steeped in history, myth, and the blood of our ancestors, and having to give it up would be a huge blow to the collective spirit.

Ideally, I would envision a Europe and America of nations, surrounded by big, beautiful, powerful walls to defend us from the Orcs, and a launch pad in every capital city for the diaspora that will be our posterity.