Mulatto Futurism

America has never had a first black president. That it ever had one is a lie of the twenty-first century. Barack Hussein Obama was not a black man of the typical sort, he was a mulatto. (And not even of American Negro stock, but a Kenyan). Polite society does not like this term because it is considered "offensive," which is all you really need to know about the existence of Afro-European hybrids.

While undoubtedly true that mixed children of at least one African parent are perceived as black and classified as such by many, reality is more nuanced. For the mulatto, despite entering the world in much the same way as anyone else, is an entirely different creature. He has no organic community, expresses a scrambled set of genes, and dwells in a society which makes him so but which can never make him comfortable. Above him are the fully-bred Whites (as well as newer non-black minority immigrant groups), and below an increasingly dark chain of Negro being.

Were he to ascend towards the Whites, in the Western countries, the mulatto becomes worshiped as a fleshly incarnation of Progress and Diversity. To be cast as a god while alive, a blessed being that inspires unearned fealty, praise, and respect simply for being, must be alienating for the mortal man. For the magic mulatto is indeed an object of worship and a totem of great therapeutic properties for the cucked masses. He represents their tolerance and anti-racism in a physical and ever present way. Whether one creates a mulatto, befriends one, or morally defends one against perceived detractors, he is a hero that transcends the eternal guilt of the White race to please his multiculturalist masters, if only briefly. He has come into contact with the avatar of Progress and is duly blessed.

But were the mulatto to descend into his Negro past, found in the living community of full-blacks, he will find himself beset by those who are felt to be his inferiors while at the same time they feel superior to him. They are mutual embarrassments to one another. The mulatto's blackness is forever inauthentic no matter how strongly he aligns with blacks as a people. He will always be "too White." At the same time, this infusion makes him their natural leader in a black-minority society, at least in transitive phase between "white rule" and "black rule." Yet by integrating back into the black world he will lose his very traits which enabled him to rise to the top among them. His children will become Negroes. Though he will always fall short of their level of acceptance among blacks, he moves up as an individual in the broader progressive stack.

So the mulatto must hold in contempt the society which bore him. Among the dominant White liberals and Jews, he is a living saint. Among the subaltern mass of blacks, he is a weapon they employ against the Whites. Never can he be himself or exist for his own kind, as such kind do not exist as a tribe. He is the most unstable of racial crosses. He has no nations to speak of, like the mestizo does. Even Brazil is not truly his but in the hands of those who manipulate him.

He is the ideal form of goyim to our elite Jews, a malleable and rootless being (not unlike themselves in that regard), but without their sense of tribal belonging. All that is necessary is to fill his void of belonging and purpose is their patronage and their selection of enemies for him to declaim, and he becomes a loyal tool. He will attack Whiteness, but never blackness. In predominantly White spaces he shall demand more blacks, not to balance the world but himself in it. And if he turns on those Jews he will be cast out as an anti-Semite and lose access to his status.

The tragic (and simultaneous comedic) character of the mulatto must be noted. Anyone who knows one knows they are undeniably interesting persons. Yet they are perhaps more anomic than anyone else. They (as of yet) do not inhabit a world where their experience is "normal."

Consider: our "first black president" was fathered by an immigrant African Muslim, raised by his White mother and grandparents, and at one point had an Indonesian stepfather. He then went on to become an Ivy League graduate and a lawyer, entering a world where he was surrounded by Whites and Jews. Then he became a senator and surrounded himself with even more Whites and Jews. Finally as president he surrounded himself with even greater numbers of Whites and Jews. How very "black" indeed.

The mulatto is disinherited under all caste systems, e.g. the American South (banned as persons), the Haitian revolutionary state (killed for being too European), the historical Arab kingdoms (where his would-be fathers were castrated and gelded). He is not supposed to exist. But in our "post-racial" society where everyone is supposedly destined for blending, the mulatto finds himself made into a goal rather than treated a person. He doesn't so much belong as he is claimed as the prototype of the ideal human being. Look at this wonderful symbol we have created of our progress. Never mind his quality of life or sense of internal conflict and alienation.

Yet all America wants is to create more of these crosses. The constellation of corporate giants and media conglomerates that comprise our late stage capitalism are perversely enamored with the mulatto. Nothing is more cherished in American entertainment and advertising than the interracial couple. Everything from Cheerios to The Walking Dead to The Bachelor/ette. And what does that couple produce, whether pictured on screen or not?

Interracial couplings are shilled for precisely because they are the foundation for a mulatto future. While on the egalitarian left these couplings activate a reverent reaction and on the racialist right a disgust reaction, those are just based in superficial perception. It is the sensual proximity of black and white that elicits the response, either because it is so morally holy or morally repugnant.

But seldom are the final implications thought of: the creation of mulattoes.

As much as "diversity" may be desired or abhorred, what diversity is there in a society of tragic, comedic, and ultimately anomic mulattoes? And if the (lighter) races are blended out of existence, what then becomes of the mulatto's former role as leader and intermediary of the black community relative to them? What do they need him for? What is to stop blacks from turning against him out of colorism and classism?

Mulatto futurists never ponder these questions. But they would do well to at least contemplate a version of their dream that doesn't end with utopia. Because as far as I can tell, Whites and Jews seem to desire a mulatto future more than blacks themselves. What a world that would result in...  MULATTO FUTURISM