Deport the DREAMers

The retard in the White House, Donald J. Trump, has proven once and for all that he is not in fact playing celestial chinese checkers but in fact just a boisterous and womanizing version of Lindsey Graham.

Trump, who entirely possesses the talmudic-constitutional authority under the divine right of documentation to not only undo the executive orders of his predecessor but to outlaw any class of foreigners from entering the United States for as long as he is in office, has decided that he explicitly supports DACA.

DACA means non-whites who entered the United States "illegally" as children cannot be deported.

I shall repeat that for emphasis:

DACA means non-whites who entered the United States "illegally" as children cannot be deported.

Donald Trump does not understand that he was elected because of White racial consciousness in the United States that increased under the mulatto presidency. He only understands what his Jewish in-laws and advisors tell him about the world, otherwise he would end the mulatto's executive order to make America less Aryan and start deporting these colonizers.

The only positive policy Trump could possibly achieve at this point, having already broken promises on war and illegal immigration, would be the construction of a border wall. The border wall would do nothing to stop the ongoing de-Aryanization of the United States, only partially prevent it from being done illegally via an overland route any further. He may not even give his supporters this token gesture.

Elected Republicans have shown they will do nothing to maintain Aryan hegemony in the United States. Even though it is a prerequisite for their politics since White Americans are mostly Republicans while non-whites are mostly Democrats.

America is not a serious country. It does not have a serious government. There are Walmarts with a better attitude towards loss prevention than Washington has towards illegal immigration.

If Republicans will not deport the illegal immigrants who will never vote for them, they cannot be counted on to represent the White Americans who vote for them. These people are nothing but tools of Zion. Only Aryan Revolution will solve the question of White Americans' future on this continent.

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