White Internationalism

The preeminent problem facing White people west of the Elbe is their racial replacement by third world populations, at the behest of governments composed of liberal Whites and Jews ("the globalists"). These governments make us a subjugated and unfree people, who are second-class citizens almost anywhere in the world we go, as we are unable to exercise our supposed rights of national self-determination. An in-depth exploration of how this state of affairs came to be is beyond the scope of this essay, but how we can survive this trial and ensure it never happens again is something I hope to convey adequately.

White countries did not all fall at once to policies of suicide. This took decades of cracking and infighting, from the Anglo-Boer wars, to the world wars, to decolonization, right up to the present day in Ukraine and Russia.

What is missing is a sense of solidarity. Sadly it is something that seldom occurs in our history, as we have been all too willing to not merely fight one another but even bring in outside help. It's not the way the world has worked; those bonds between members of our race simply weren't there. But when we did see those international, pan-European bonds, it happened at times of great alien pressure and distress. The most noteworthy examples are the 17th century Siege of Vienna, and the alliance between South Africa, Rhodesia, and the Portuguese Empire during the Cold War. In both cases, the alliances were essentially racial wars, though Vienna had a dominant Christian-versus-Muslim component while in Africa the conflict was explicitly White-versus-Black.

But as the world controlled and populated by Whites who govern in the interest of their nations contracts, solidarity will become essential. We cannot afford to spread ourselves thin, and we certainly cannot afford to side against one another. We must say to hell with precedent and ressentiment.

Only peoples who want to survive will. Those who would rather exhaust themselves on cousin wars and make easy targets of themselves will learn history's cruelest lesson: there are no comebacks. If you blow what you have left, the bigger fish will gobble you up.

In terms of attitude I think the alt right already feels this way. Nothing really divides White nationalists against another as enemies in say, Australia, Norway, the United States, and France.

But theoretically, we have to see ourselves less as allies around the world, which is much too dated in an age of civilizations clashing, and more as the same people.

Like how Jews and Muslims ignore borders in their sense of connection, we must also ignore these borders in terms of our concept of the political. White nationalists in Chile and Argentina are White nationalists in Germany and Poland. White nationalists in South Africa and Namibia are White nationalists in the United States and Canada. And so forth. A Bedouin is not a Pashtun, and a Russian Jew is not a Sephardic Jew, but they are all internationalists of a supra-nation.

Whites must be internationalists in the 21st century and the alt right can be the vanguard of this. That is how stateless nations and disaporas operate. Aren't we stateless? Aren't we a diaspora people?

Just how we can operationalize this remains to develop. But I think the cross-border connections we are building now, even in terms of just media, memes, podcasts, and other content, lay a foundation for more meaningful actions and reactions. It may hurt to say this now, but we are all Swedes.

And when we have our own states some day, we must remember that they are all intrinsically linked, that they were all wrested from the same hostile forces. That they are one or they will be none.

Those days are yet to come. Our greatest potential now rests in the hundreds of millions of our kinsmen around the world, who perhaps do not even realize what their situation is, that they are being replaced by foreign peoples at the encouragement of leaders who themselves may as well be foreign. The only way to solve an international problem is an international solution. And so that makes us all French, all British, all American.

As an episode of The Simpsons once put it, "together we form a mighty faggot."

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