Deploying Tactical Blackpills: The Alt Right Versus Trump

The Alt Right has a deceptively challenging task over the next few years: demand more of Trump, even things we know he cannot do.

I say deceptive because many are lost on the purpose of supporting the Trump administration. Trump is not /ourguy/. Trump was never /ourguy/. Trump will never be /ourguy/. Trump is a vehicle for our ideas.

And as such, unless Trump crosses the very specific line of enacting anti-White agenda items, we should remain demanding but supportive, not become hostile opposition. For instance, we want him to go further than he proposed on his immigration platform, not walk it back. We want barriers built, we want e-Verify, we want the kebab ban, etc. We can't push him that way as total outsiders, only as allies. We are yet to see him act on immigration decisively one way or the other. As that is our key issue, that will be our breaking point when it comes to the Alt Right position on Trump.

We are not interested in Trump succeeding just so we can feel like we're winning and the left is losing. We are interested in seeing policies we agree with implemented. We don't care if he has a successful presidency if he just implements standard Republican policies. That's not actual victory; it's vicarious. It's complacency.

This is where we split with the less politicized Trump base. Trump is a means to us and not an end.

So when Trump goes in what we think is the wrong direction, we must be part of the chorus of voices that raises a stink. That way we can either influence the influencers, or maybe even hit directly.

The Alt Right is going to do the actual 4D chess around here. Tactical blackpills are the answer to Trump's transgressions. Everything he does wrong must be made an issue of. And as loudly as possible. As the only genuine nationalist movement of the right, we have to thought patrol the light-wing nationalists and conservatives when they backslide into the failure of an ideology they call the Republican party platform. Just as we did during the election, we must show there is criticism of the right, from the right. The era of intellectual gate-keeping is over. We have platforms and we have audiences to communicate to and through.

For instance, striking the Assad government's military assets is a major wrong. Assad is fighting our mutual enemy of ISIS. Regardless of our opinion of Assad or of his semi-autocratic regime, we have no obligation to depose him in the name of human rights. And certainly not if it benefits hostile geopolitical actors. The only internationally recognized right is that of sovereignty. We do not administer Syria and we do not want war with Syria. It is not in the interest of the White American nation to intervene there, and truly our only pretext for doing so was the (((neocon))) agenda. See also, Iraq under Bush and Libya under Obama-Clinton.

We are anti-war and we do not support Trump's decision to bomb the leader of the Syrian nation, who is defending its people (native Muslim and Christian alike) from being made into second-class citizens in their homeland, forcibly converted to hardline Sunni Islam, raped, or enslaved. And we do not like what the decision to bomb Syria says about Trump's advisors. We have made this clear in tweets and on the streets.

What our Trump criticism should aim to accomplish is two-fold:

1.) Pressure sympathizers and other nearby actors within the government who are listening to us to try to keep Trump on track with the elephant in the room. That is to say, pursuing policies that advance White demographic interests, because White Americans are integral to the survival of the Republican party and of the United States as a coherent nation. The administration isn't stupid. They know this is how they were elected. It was basically the Sailer strategy in everything but name. They know that winning the above-average White states of the greater Rust Belt are critical to retaining control of the federal government. I have pretty much zero doubts that Bannon and (((Miller))) at the very least understand if not implicitly agree with this concept. And there are surely others who do as well but are quiet for obvious reasons. The problem is that non-nationalists have too much influence over the administration, and to the extent that they care about White interests at all, they are purely cynical. They get their votes and then enact a reduced-speed Democratic platform on social issues and a globalist platform on economic issues. We cannot let them have all the influence. To fully switch from support to opposition would shut us completely out. We need a Trump administration that becomes increasingly nationalist, not less.

2.) Blackpill the Alt Lite on the viability of deracinated civic nationalism in the United States so that they become more open to post-liberal solutions. Trump is trying his best to be a leader for all "Americans." I think he genuinely means it and many of his non-Alt Right supporters genuinely want that. But the reality is that we live in a polarized country predominately split by tribe. So this libertarian ethos of everyone just getting along regardless of who they are because they share in the sacrament of American Exceptionalism while electing comically jingoistic leadership is going to fail. This patriotic conservatism or civic nationalism or populism stuff really only appeals to (most) White people and a small subset of non-black minorities. The rest of the population thinks he's Hitler for wanting to deport foreign criminals and keep out terrorist-producing foreign populations. And that's just one point of divergence. You can't fix a polarized society by picking a side. You have to radically reform the society itself, if not totally disband it. When the American colonists could no longer tolerate the rule of London, they broke from it. So when the American people can no longer tolerate their own neighbors, is it not time to rethink our living arrangements? Do we have any place in a society that castigates both gentrification and White flight as racism? Are we free if anywhere we go we are scolded?

Trump's brand of patriotic populism was sold as "taking our country back" from "globalism," or something. (Nice, vague claims huh?) But our country hasn't been ours for a long time. And we don't even know who to take it back from or to whom it belongs. Well, the Alt Lite and "the Deplorables" don't at least.

But the Alt Right does. Without a sense of tribe, there is no taking anything back from anyone, because those collectives of us and them cease to meaningfully exist. There is only a mass of individuals with an unprocessable matrix of infinite relationships, interests, ties, and conflicts. And here's the real blackpill for those wondering why this country is so easily swindled. Deracinated individuals are readily duped and controlled in our sprawling and crowded society because they cannot raise their heads above the roaring din and spot their fellow tribesmen. They are simply all alone, unable to react with the sort of multiplication of will that would come with belonging to a group.

Individualism becomes a penalty rather than an advantage. The hive always defeats the scavengers, and we are hiveless. When someone attacks what should be our hive, our only reaction seems to be denial and cuck apologia. There is no coordinated defense, only floundering or hunkering down.

The Alt Right has an obligation to get frank with Trump and Trump supporters when he digs us deeper into a hole. We do not believe that worse is better. And we're going to use the same metrics every other people does: Is this better or worse for us?

And there is indeed an "us." The left can talk about the agency of White people electing Trump, but the right cannot?

Because like it or not, Trump doesn't have the ability to cancel multiculturalism. White people have to live with this reality of ethnic and racial pluralism on our own terms, or we will completely lose control of the societies we created. Four years of racially-blind nationalism will not undo decades of state-sponsored diversity. We cannot pretend to not exist as a people and hope everyone else does the same. Colorblindness is the real racism; identity politics is race realism. We must assert that our existence is our interest, and everything else is subordinate. Trump will not do this for us, but the inevitable failure to deliver nationalism from a non-identitarian foundation will help. White people voted for nationalism, and when they don't get it, something has to fill in the gaps.

It's time to wake up. And it's the Alt Right's job to do the waking.

Take the blackpill, White America. You have no idea how bad things truly are.

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