America Chose God-Emperor Trump, Not Pretty Princess Ivanka

Rumor has it that President Trump changes policies based on the opinion of his Orthodox Jewish daughter, Ivanka Kushner. With enough pretty princess points saved up to get whatever she wants, apparently pictures of suffering children became enough to swing Trump from not intervening against the Syrian government and focusing on ISIS, to firing missiles at the Syrian government's airbases.

Daddy, look at the poor Syrian children. We need to attack the man fighting ISIS. Oh, pretty please?

This shift towards neoconservative foreign policy and bending to the influence of (yet even more) unelected Jewish people in Washington should be cause for alarm. America did not elect Mr. and Mrs. Jared Kushner.

America elected a candidate who promised to walk back from "nation-building" and who wanted to reform NATO. That does not seem to be the case any longer.

America doesn't have all the pretty princess points that Ivanka has. And American nationalism, the sentiments that Trump campaigned on, are barely present in his administration. Should the palace intrigues against his Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, succeed, these sentiments will be almost totally expunged. The administration will just be Goldman Sachs and the Kushners. Neocons, not paleocons, will have the president's ear.

For Trump to have flipped this abruptly comes as a severe shock to many of his supporters. We find his reliance on the opinions of unelected New York Democrats to be highly incongruent with what was advertised during the campaign, and the attachment of his in-laws and children to the administration to be unethical and unbecoming of a civilized Western government. This is not Zimbabwe or Liberia. (At least, it used to not be...)

What should be taken from this is as follows: it is time to stop treating Trump as an idol to project our aspirations on. He has become a regular politician, albeit one with poorly run staff and the inability to get his administration to send clear signals of their policy intentions.

On some level we should be grateful that this so. Because if he is not going to pursue a nationalist agenda in foreign policy, the less competent he is at foreign policy the less damage he will do. A Clinton would have been far more competent at pursuing foreign policy objectives which nationalists are opposed to. Trump at least is more limited. All the pretty princess points won't fix that either; fundamentally he cannot be controlled directly because he is so indirect, vague, and unable to marshal his administration.

But in hoping to change foreign policy, nationalists may have asked for too much. In American politics, foreign policy is generally out of the hands of the electorate anyway. We were wrong to expect much change through the democratic process. Obama droned more brown people than Bush despite being a peace candidate. What is to be learned here is that anti-war messages sell well, but they will not be followed through so long as globalist interests control the military and state department.

Where we can actually get results with some consistency (hopefully) will be on domestic issues. Kicking off his tenure by screwing around with Ryancare was a bad sign that he is just going to take cues from whoever is already in Washington, but he has definitely shuffled things around in other areas. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a massive improvement over whoever would have been appointed by any other candidate, and perhaps one of the closest elected politicians in the administration to "Trumpism." Having people like that is extremely important, because just relying on Bush era or Obama interregnum Republicans to fill the administration, who have no zeal for any of the Trump agenda, is going to move things in the wrong direction.

Let's see what Trump does on illegal immigration and border security, the actual existential domestic issues. This is the Trump we supported and the one we want to see more of. Nationalists took a gamble that couldn't be avoided on Trump's foreign policy. The alternative to possible neoconservatism was neoconservatism. But on illegal immigration and border security, he must deliver. That is the keystone issue, and if he does not execute, he is unfit for the executive office.

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