This essay was first published in November of 2016, when MAGA euphoria was at its height. Given the recent turn of events in the Trump Administration, I decided to engage in a bit of masochistic nostalgia and see how well my early impressions have aged. Most mainstream conservative pundits have a shelf life best measured in days; no one will be clambering for a collection of Jonah Goldberg's columns ten years from now. Is nationalist commentary any better?

Alas, the alt-right declarations that Trump memes are dead and the God-Emperor title is tarnished are all too accurate. There is no getting around the tone of this article, which betrays a lighthearted willingness to joke about Trump being a secretly alt-right president. More damningly, I assumed that the alt-right's only role would be to push the Overton Window rightward to increase the number of civic nationalists willing to back Trump's pro-white campaign agenda. I assumed that President Trump would continue to use outlandish language and troll the media as candidate Trump did to such great effect. I did not give any thought to how the alt-right should act to effectively oppose compromise because Trump's one personality trait that seemed consistent and genuine was his lack of cuckiness on anything.

My coming weekend essay, The Wise and Efficient Politician, will take a longer view of Trump's apparent moderation and the forces that may be at work around him. Taken together this pair of essays, one written in the glow of victory and the other in the glow of Tomahawk missiles, will hopefully temper each other and convey a truer picture of the past six months than any single retrospective I can currently write.

On rereading this essay I am pleased to see that despite Trump's victory my suspicion of normies never wavered. Fixing the fundamental problems of Western society at this point requires explicit white identity politics; implicit whiteness is no longer sufficient. Some of the current alt-right disillusionment stems from daring to hope that the DR3 normies and the civic nationalist they voted for were actually waking up to reality. The concrete objectives here expressed do not change just because Trump is revealed not to be the Nazi the media said he was all through the campaign. When I wrote " A patriotic deep state will be necessary to preserve all of President Trump's reforms" I did not realize how quickly the lack of a patriotic deep state would damage the administration. And of course the final paragraph, where I traditionally stockpile my black pills, turned out to be the most realistic part of the essay. We let our hearts rule our heads for a brief, sweet summer; if this were the 19th century a wave of exquisitely bitter love poetry would result, but in the current year I am awaiting memes that reach levels of nihilism that should not even be possible.


Around the time of the 2008 financial crisis I remember reading an article about the finances of Switzerland. The author showed that the Swiss financial system and currency were both precariously close to a steep decline, but curiously none of the Swiss interviewed seemed concerned at all. The editorial concluded that either the Swiss were entirely unaware of the danger or, knowing the role confidence plays in the economy, were exhibiting the best national poker face ever seen on the global stage. In the aftermath of Trump's victory, the alt-right needs to follow the example of our high agency alpine brethren. (If you can't learn anything from people who make things like this, we really are in trouble.) No matter how moderate and normal Trump's proposals are, the Left "knows" Trump is a fascist and the Right is afraid he may become one. Playing on those fears and managing the expectations of normal, blue-pilled Americans truly will require a bluff worthy of Switzerland. We want everyone to the left of Jeff Sessions believing that Trump is a fascist white nationalist so they can feel like they outmaneuvered him when they agree to his entire civic nationalist platform. Whatever Trump accomplishes, there are several implicitly pro-white policy areas that are essential for ensuring the long-term revitalization of the United States.


The voters who put Trump over the top may not know it, but they were voting for the preservation of a homogeneous American nation. The economic, social and cultural decline that pushed millions of disaffected whites to vote against the establishment occurred because of multicultural ideology and demographic transformation. There are many significant and symbolic actions Trump should take on his way to deporting millions of Mexicans and Muslims.

There is so much low hanging fruit in the area of immigration reform because for decades Democrats and Republicans, despite hiring millions of Mexicans to pick our crops, neglected to find anyone willing to pick metaphorical political fruit. Eventually Ann Coulter and Donald Trump had to volunteer to do the job the establishment just wouldn't do. President Trump can begin to create some optimism concerning immigration by overturning politically correct policies like multi-lingual government documents. All official business in the United States should be conducted in English without exception. Just to troll Jorge Ramos, Trump should publicly muse about banning Spanish language broadcasts of soccer games. There is no reason for Trump to lose his light touch and humor just because the stakes are high. To appease diversity fetishists, Trump could compromise and offer government documents in Russian. And of course ICE agents should be issued Hugo Boss dress uniforms immediately.

The trick to keeping the majority of blue-pilled citizens and cuckservatives on Trump's side will be largely a game of perceptions and language. Trump must use the catchphrases and totems of the Left to his own advantage. For example, so many Americans believe in the value of diversity that an instantaneous end to legal immigration is untenable. Trump can publicly endorse legal immigration while making it much more white. With Melania's experience of the U.S. immigration process ever before him, I expect Trump to streamline European visa applications and expedite citizenship. If we must have Latin American immigrants, let's make sure they are coming from the European stock present in Argentina, Chile and parts of Brazil. If conservatives press for aid to refugees, open the floodgates to whites fleeing Zimbabwe and South Africa. If we must prove our sympathy with religious minorities, let's deport a million Muslims and replace them with a few thousand Syrian Christians.

Whatever serious policy changes Trump makes in Washington, the public should have their intellectual and imaginative horizons moved steadily to the right by alt-right Trump supporters on social media. Great masses of people must be able to imagine a truly conservative, traditionalist society before they will vote for it. Imagination is only the first step; when the people actually go to the polls there must be a viable way for the right to win, which brings us to the other thoroughly corrupt area Trump must reform: the election process.

The Electoral Map

The 2016 election was close. Steve Sailer is already posting analysis showing that Hillary and her campaign Mooks really believed the nonsense about winning with a vibrant coalition rather than appealing to blue-collar whites. Unfortunately, the Democrats were probably only four or eight years premature. Even the Sailer Strategy will not work for much longer if current demographic trends continue. A few hundred thousand votes in key states could have given the Electoral College to Clinton this year.

As even the NeverTrump crowd is learning, in politics winning is better than losing because the winners get to set the agenda. The top priority on Trump's agenda should be solidifying the electoral map so we have opportunities to win in the future; the color of the entire map needs to shift a few steps toward the low frequency end of the visible spectrum. (That means more red and less blue, for all you non autists out there) Ideally, Ohio and North Carolina would be solid Republican states, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania would become Republican leaning, and Minnesota and Maine would be the new swing states.

Deep blue states like Illinois and New York should be encouraged to apportion their Electoral College votes by congressional district. Democrats have been burned by the Electoral College twice in sixteen years, so they are open to reforms that privilege the popular vote, even though in this case they will be giving power to the conservative voters in blue states. Ironically, the greatest opposition to this plan may come from conservative pundits suicidally holding to their conviction that the Founders wanted presidential races to be less democratic than the popular vote. Some people never get tired of losing. Conservatives, long their own worst enemies, are preparing to be Trump's worst best friends by encouraging outreach and conciliation toward frightened leftists. This is the exact wrong way to exploit a victory. Every crazy leftist response to Trump's election like Calexit should be encouraged. The indoctrination that secession is always racist and right-wing has been so well inculcated by public education that normal Americans will naturally consider Trump's proposals more mainstream by comparison.

Many swing states will naturally move to the right as economic and immigration reforms improve middle and working class standards of living. There are some cases that require special attention, like Virginia. Take heart Jared Taylor, we can make the Old Dominion red again! Virginia has moved left because of government jobs and the various leaches that work with but not for the state. Trump can use the federal apparatus and patronage to change the demographics of Virginia. Reign in the EPA and clear the way for industry to bring in jobs that benefit the middle and working class rather than the ruling class. Refuse to do business with any lobbyist unless they work out of New York or Massachusetts; concentrate their Democratic votes in already blue states. Decentralize the process and make the leaches spend money in the hinterland rather than the imperial capital by requiring every lobbyist to fly to the home state of each Senator they wish to bribe.

Some red states also need shoring up before the next election. No more of these November 7th legal challenges or attempts to retroactively uphold election laws ten minutes after the polls close. Voting is one of the chief responsibilities of the demos, and it must be a closely guarded activity. It should be more difficult to vote in upcoming elections, not less difficult. Strict voter I.D. laws must be enacted across the nation, felons must not be allowed to vote and early voting and absentee voting should be curtailed.

A large scale reform of the Department of Justice will be required if these actions have any hope of success, and the Supreme Court will play a vital role in perpetuating election reform laws. A patriotic deep state will be necessary to preserve all of President Trump's reforms, but particularly those involving law enforcement, elections and immigration. Every government relies on competent (read: white male) functionaries to truly succeed. The race against Clinton not only unmasked America's internal enemies, but the final week of the campaign brought to light one of the last remaining "competent" areas of government: the FBI special agents. The bureaucracy that outlasts transitory elected officials must be staffed with reliable patriots instead of time-serving affirmative action hires. Trump can certainly pull this off without spooking civic nationalists. Instead of saying that white men will be in charge of everything, just say that we have, "great people, the best people" running things.

National Review recently published an article by Avi Woolf entitled Social Conservatives Should Begin a Long March Through the Institutions. Barring the minor problem that Leftists are almost finished with their own long march through Social Conservatism, the idea of taking the fight to the cultural institutions is a good one. The alt-right understands why conservatives can't capture or even hold on to any organizations, but our methods are not subject to the same limitations. The alt-right is already replacing legacy media companies with online news and commentary, and journalists seem intent on self immolation anyway. On the issue of college education Trump should act as the anti-Bernie Sanders, slashing funding to liberal indoctrination centers and reducing the availability of subsidized student loans. There would be no need to even pass new laws for this; there is so much corruption in college administration that pretexts for denying funding exist at nearly every university in the nation. Investigate the vibrant cesspool of college athletics and the criminal history of "student" athletes for numerous examples.

So many parts of American society need the swift attention of the Trump administration. There is no way everything wrong with the United States can be corrected through political action over the next eight years. Cultural degeneracy is too rampant for reform at this point; some parts of popular culture will just have to die natural deaths and be replaced. What Trump has given us is a respite from the constant attacks of social justice warriors and a chance to prepare a counter-offensive of our own. The liberal order and the establishment are not dead yet. In the years to come there will still be crises in which the American people will have to choose to abandon modern liberalism and return to traditional European social and cultural norms. The institutions we build and the converts we make during the Trump administration will set the stage for real, fundamental change in the future.