White Shariah and Butlerian Jihad

The largest threats to well-being of the median Aryan man are the decline of family structures and the rise of automation, the latter having brought with it the bifurcation of labor into a slender high-skilled market and vast low-skilled market. Post-modernity is the destruction of the median Aryan man's ability to maintain a family and of his relevance to society (which has been completely degraded to a masturbatory bonobo economy). We marvel at how our grandparents and great-grandparents raised families of more than three children, and how they were able to provide for them and find a place for them in society, while we are met with a barrage of messages endorsing infertility and a hedonistic lifestyle. We view each additional mouth as a burden than cannot be met on a bourgeois salary while competing with childless women, homosexuals, and foreigners for wage labor in a market where the ancient classes of peasant and landlord are being starkly recasted. The yeoman is in no man's land.

It is order turned on its head; a society not of continuity but of interchangeability. The elite believe we are better replaced with outlanders than by our own children. The foreigner is fully grown and without local ties or history; he is the perfect drone, ready to serve his benefactor and without ties to the soil. The child of the nation is raised to particular customs, habits, and attitudes. He lacks the malleability of an uprooted and transplanted outsider who has had the gifts of a wealthy post-industrial society lavished upon him in massive contrast to his own base origins. Unlike the native son, the outlander will settle for anything, as anything is an improvement over his former slum, jungle, desert, hive, etc. Automation and the de-skilling of much labor assures he can be easily trained to compete in the job market with the native and drive down the native's income while comparatively improving his own. This is to his benefit and that of the judaized elite who invited him, who benefit from a both enlarged and divided labor pool.

There is no particularity, nothing essential to being anyone or anything in a world where most tasks are both easily accomplished and offered for pay to all of humanity without barriers. If it is "cheaper" to hire Patel in his country we shall leave Peter to rot in ours. (We will also import Patel to work here, just to further remind Peter of his obsolescence in the "global economy"). This is what modernity has done to the worker, who now must compete with billions while the specter of automation and artificial intelligence threatens to permanently retire his usefulness. We are being leveled for the benefit of everyone else.

And what of the woman and of family? She may divorce without cause, rendering marriage entirely in thrall to her appeasement and nothing else. She is told that motherhood is not the purpose of her sex, that the greatest achievement in life for her is to reach parity with or outperform a man. To become a salaryman is the dream of the bourgeois "feminist" woman. No husband can provide this for her, and she would think less of him anyway if he did. Now, mind you, the male worker has his own dystopia to contend with as per the above issues of immigration, automation, and artificial intelligence. Adding women to that mix only doubles the problem now doesn't it?

If the highest duty of the man is ultimately sacrifice (whether in blood or labor) for the good of his folk, that is to say for the continuation of his line and that of kindred lines, what on earth will become of the male-presenting women? If nothing is being continued, if children are not born, it is a life of the ego only lived for death.

Because the present offers a dead future, many turn to the past. Sometimes, it is a foreign past, because we have become so alienated from what actual traditions and sustainable civilizational patterns are. And going even further, it is a retconned past that never even existed for anyone. The purpose remains to escape our current predestination.

The War Room podcast on this site promotes "White Shariah;" the luddites of the altright and neoreaction are drawn to Dune's "Butlerian Jihad." Aryan man has lost so much of what made him strong that he turns to fantasies and culture-jammed memes to reconstruct his strength. The translations are garbled and the implications aren’t always pretty, but the trend is there: restoration through appropriation.

When in the West one speaks in favor of gender roles he is met with sarcastic insinuations that he is like a radical Muslim. Those who express concern or anger over automation or developing artificial intelligence are told it is just "going to happen" and likened to the failed anti-innovators of the past, the ill-fated Luddites. And would they have us will our civilization and the patrimony of our forebears to a bunch of infertile post-humans and their brown helots? We must say no, and it matters little how we arrive at no, only that out rejection is effective.

Verily it is a question of the organic versus the inorganic. What of ourselves are we giving up to achieve a "strong economy?" Will we, or rather our elites, become one with their machines while lording over their cubicled fields of coffee-colored consumers clicking sponsored content? Would you like some soylent with your cappuccino?

Seldom is the question asked, what will all of this look like in ten years? Twenty? Thirty? One hundred? The NPCs and lemmings we call "people," who never even imagine to question what is told to them by those nice media Jews, do they think about trends or lessons of the past? Even soft science fiction, or social science fiction, has more useful knowledge to impart than CNN.

Exactly what is supposed to happen if we become more productive per worker employed while at the same time dumping more "workers" into the market? And calling them "workers" is being generous, since the outlanders use welfare at higher rates than the natives. They're bringing in surplus and adding detritus.

What's going to happen to a society where births do not replace deaths? Do the NPCs ever have an honest conversation about this? What about a society where all the menial tasks get automated and to earn a decent wage one needs over two decades of education? Plug your ears—you've got yours right? What's going to happen to a society with virtual reality pornography?

Will things just keep turning? Perhaps in some pockets. The accumulated filth that all civilization generates, if improperly managed, is an explosion hazard. What will survive the conflagration, when the silt has been shaken from the foundation, is the organic, not the inorganic. Everything man creates falls, except for his own line, which continues to rise and propagate through the ages. Consider for example, how many civilizations have fallen while so many nations claim them as their "heritage," their history, etc. What survived were people who understood their purpose, consciously or not; what perished were those who rejected the purpose of life.

When the smoke clears, who is going to be left holding the cards? Will it be people who assert the eternal truths of man and woman and production centered around what is necessary for reproduction, or will it be those experimenting with the latest form of modernity's soma while everything crumbles?

Laugh at smashing the machines or at women being barefoot and pregnant at home for now, but laugh harder still at he who thinks the trajectory society is on now is one of endless improvement via blatant degeneration. It's not.

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