Manifest Destiny Means Lebensraum

"After the United States gobbled up California and half of Mexico, and we were stripped down to nothing, territorial expansion suddenly becomes a crime. It's been going on for centuries, and it will still go on." — Hermann Göring

What was it that was spread from sea to shining sea in the 19th century? Was it an idea? Was it political control over territory? Was it democracy?

These are the rootless narratives peddled by revisionist hacks in the service of Big Judaism, the enemy of all landed nations. They leave out the most essential part of the story by hiding it in plain sight, an act of historical subversion so subtle its implications escape notice. The most central aspect of American history is not the establishment of a republic (such things had already existed at the time) but the expansion of the Aryan race in the New World from a beachhead to a transcontinental empire. That is the story of America at its essence.

The story of the 17-19th centuries, as noted in general form by Theodore Roosevelt, Madison Grant, Lothrop Stoddard et al. is the great folkwandering of the Anglo-Saxon, more broadly speaking Nordics, more broadly still that of Northern Europeans. A vast land was cleared with the hatchet and the rifle, as the men of the stone age were beaten back by men of blood and iron.

When we are taught the concept of Manifest Destiny and of the expansion of the historical American nation, it is presented as a great evil and a litany of sins by Aryandom against the gentle and welcoming children of Turtle Island. This is a hostile and one-sided inversion of what is one of the greatest and most successful struggles in history. Those who oppose the past folkwandering are in effect arguing that America ought to not have been lebensraum for its Aryan masters but a nature reserve for people whose only calling in their bones was to scalp one another for trespassing on on hunting grounds. It is also a disservice to the memory of our old foe, that he was like a harmless child rather than a tenacious fighter who took centuries to break and subdue, who had been armed by our own kinsmen in Europe against us to prevent our destiny of total continental hegemony, and who had struck terror into the hearts of our settlers for the better part of our history on this continent. The official narrative does nothing to teach the truth but only to injure the memory of all parties in the service of a guilt agenda.

And then there is the great irony this has produced, of "patriotic" Americans denouncing National Socialism and its racial expansion program as an alien and evil notion, while barely aware that such a process produced their own country. The simple reality is that North America was settled as a vast lebensraum for the Aryan race. From the first adventurers and conquistadors who came to seek fortune to the second generation of settlers who pushed the frontier past the 50 mile coastal limit to the hordes of European immigrants who filled the clearings, it was a true folkwandering in the classical sense, but backed by distinctly modern military might.

Yet taught to denounce our own foundations as a people in denial of our Manifest Destiny, we too denounce that healthy expression of the race in other peoples. The harvest of virtue signaling is autogenocide, death by our own hand at the behest of our enemies. We are taught that organic expansion is always wrong. We are taught to die. How barbarous it is to live a society where having descendants is viewed as economic harm and as cruelty to "nature."

The dual pressures of the frontier, that of expansion and of robust defense of new settlements, keeps a people healthy and oriented properly towards the future. Without the imposition of these pressures a race will become increasingly complacent and inert. Without contested space to expand over, having growth while hemmed into settled pseudo-utopian conditions leads to scale problems and a racial behavioral sink. Today this is literally shown by rising obesity and declining fertility, among other ailments. The only great struggle fought by today's Aryan man which he knows not that he will live to see the end result of is paying his bills.

He calls himself "American" without answering his calling. He is nothing more than a Hebrew's slave, kept fat on his shrinking inheritance. The answer to White Death is Manifest Destiny.

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