Why We Need Strong Men: What Do Woman Want; Personal Stories And More

There are a whole host of problems that men in Western nations face today. Among them, young men in the contemporary Western world are having a hard time with their own women. Specifically, men in the West have no idea what a woman wants nor knows how to find a suitable mate.

Many of you are already aware of this. But, you may not be sure as to why 'this' is a thing. ('This' being the difficulty of men to attract and keep a woman around.)

What Do Woman Want? A Case Study

There's a guy I know who recently split up with his girlfriend of 2 years. Let's call him Kirt.

His girlfriend was foreign, but has relatives in America. Kirk had met her abroad (let's call her Sarah), and it just so happened that she recently was 'granted' U.S. citizenship, and was moving to the U.S. a few months after my friend met her. (Why is U.S. citizenship so easily given out to "family" of U.S. citizens? She was a niece, not even a direct family member. That's a whole 'nother issue that needs to be dealt with).

After she was in the U.S. for a few months, they decided that they should move in together.

So, for awhile everything seemed to be going well. But after seeing both of them out a few times, I could tell, even from the beginning, that there were underlieing issues that needed to be addressed.

Sarah came from a country that was (is) still traditional, and the brainwashing of feminism is basically non-existant. She lived traditionally; did not go out clubbing, did not go out and get wasted on the weekends, and generally had male members of her family helping to guide her . But, after coming to the U.S., she was 'granted' all the "privileges" that woman now have in the West. It became clear to me that these special 'privileges' had a corrupting effect on her, as she never experienced them in her home nation. What were some of these privileges that she 'gained'?

She was now able to:

  • Go out to the bars and get drunk (with no real social consequences)
  • Talk, flirt, and (if she wanted to) hook up with random guys at the bar
  • Do almost anything she wanted, as woman are allowed to do almost anything with little repercussions from society (this is the goal of a Feminist run Society)

Feminism, Equal Rights, and 'Our' Values: Strong, Independent, 60+ Fucks and No Shame

Problems Arise

After growing up in a society that valued motherhood, femininity, and correctly identified the differences between men and women, Sarah now was "free" to do whatever she wanted in the West.

Kirt came from a female dominated household, where his mom called the shots. I could tell his father and mother were not in love, as I never actually saw them together at the same time. His dad would take trips separate from his mom, and when he returned, his mom would take trips on her own.

So, Kirt had decided that he would let Sarah 'find her own way.' She had few skills, no college degree, and didn't know how things worked in the U.S. Plus, her English wasn't very good.

But, Kirt still insisted she do her own thing, in order to find out "what she wants to do". He was so busy trying to run his own "business", that he didn't seem to have anytime for his girl. (Note: he has refused to get a job, and only work on his 'business'. I always suggest growing a business on the side, until you are either big enough or have enough money saved up to do your business full time). She was having a hard time finding a job and getting her life together, but Kirt still insisted they split the rent and other expenses.

One of the things I noticed was that Kirt was allowing her to 'do her own thing' in regards to going out alone. I remember meeting up with him one time, and asking him what Sarah was doing. He told me that Sarah was at a big festival concert in the city.

I asked him why she was there, why wasn't he there with her, and who she was with.

He told me that she wanted to go there on her own, and that he thought it was a good idea because she "needed to make friends." He said that she only told him a few days before the event that she was going, and that he didn't buy a ticket to go as he didn't want to pay for it. Most importantly, he told me that she went alone to the music festival.

Now, this concert festival was just a daytime event for the weekend, so he dropped her off around noon, and picked her up at night. This in itself was a massive red flag. But what he told me later was a clear sign that the relationship was all but over.

On Her Own

Kirt is a good guy. He is a loyal friend and a free thinker. But, he can be kind of dumb at times. When it comes to women, he has no idea what he is doing. He has no idea how to be a man.

One afternoon, I received multiple calls and frantic texts from Kirt. He asked me to call him ASAP. When I did, he told me a story about the past week he had. Remember, they are living together and (supposedly) dating.

He told me that a week ago, Sarah approached him and told him that she wanted to go/was going to a concert festival that is 5 days long. Not only that, but the festival was an overnight event, where people stayed and camped out (think Coachella). He let her go to the concert (alone), and Kirt told me that when Sarah came back, she was acting different.

Different, as in:

  • Not respecting what he said to her
  • Not taking him seriously or paying attention to him
  • Not showing any affection or giving him any attention
  • Talking back to him

It was clear to me at the time that Sarah obviously slept with another man (other men?) at the sleep over concert festival. She obviously came back after doing drugs, getting drunk, and hooking up with a bunch of dudes, and had no respect for Kirt as he allowed his girl to go do these things. Honestly, I don't blame her for not respecting him after he let her go to the festival.

She was looking for a man to lead and grow with her. Instead she found Cultural Marxism and Feminism

What Do Women Want? A Strong Man Who Will Lead

Your initial reaction may be to blame Sarah for making such requests as to go out on her own to these events. You may think it's Sarah's fault that she was a whore hooking up with other men and going off on her own.

But you'd be wrong in thinking that. The problem is 100% Kirt's fault.

Kirt is the man in the relationship. As such, he was supposed to lead the relationship. He did not.

Instead, he basically let Sarah do whatever she wanted, treated her like a roommate, and 'did his own thing' while she did hers. Does that sound like a relationship to you?


We all live in this Cultural Marxist Globalist hell hole. The world has turned upside down, the economy is rigged against the most productive members of society, and White Europeans are looked down on as evil. People don't know who they are, what they are doing, and most importantly: they don't know where they are going.

Without any sort of purpose or direction in life, you will just accept anything that is 'popular' (IE: Corporate Media and Hollywood). This happens to both men and women.

Woman want a man who has a vision of the future. A man who:

  • Knows what he wants
  • Is working towards getting what he wants
  • Has a vision for his life
  • Has a vision for how he would make the world a better place

Men must lead. This is the #1 thing I can tell you in regards to attracting and keeping a woman.

You have to shake off all of the bullshit feminist programming that we all were indoctrinated with growing up.

No, men and women are not 'equal'; with 'equal' meaning that we are the same in every way. Men and woman are biologically different; we are not the same.

What do woman want? Woman want a man.

A man needs to know where he is going, and what he is doing. If you believe that society works best with a husband, wife, and children, than you need to work towards that yourself. That means you need to find a way to get it done. (IE: find a way to shape your life in order to afford what you want; plan for the future. Learn to invest, figure out the best way for you to make money, network, etc).

For everyone, this will be different. But you will attract what you are looking for. If you truly want to start a family, be a good husband/father, you need to structure your life in that way.

By structuring your life in this way, you will attract woman who are also looking for this (Hint: more woman than you think want this; the Corporate Media lies to all of us). Woman want a strong man who will lead the relationship forward. If you don't know what you want in life, where you are going, or what you are doing, you will never be able to attract and keep a (good) woman.

My friend Kirt didn't have a vision for his life. He was just living in the moment trying to make money and survive. He wasn't leading the relationship. He didn't help his girlfriend shape her life and direct/lead her. As such, she lost respect for him and started to mess around with other men, spoke back to him, and didn't listen to what he had to say.

What I would recommend:

1. Figure out your purpose in life

What matters to you in life? What do you care about; what kind of future do you want to see for yourself, your people, your nation, and the world in general? If you really want to make the world a better place for you and for your (future) family, figure out the best way to accomplish this.

2. Go to the Gym

Yes, I know this is cliché and most of you have already heard it. But there's a reason you keep hearing it; it's true. For me as a younger man, building up my body was both a mental and physical struggle. I had to fight myself to get to the gym, fight myself to work out, and fight myself to eat healthy.

But by doing this, my mind and body rewarded me greatly. I felt better (confidence) and stronger. I looked better as my body was hard and tight. I was more assertive and didn't 'care' quite as much about what other people had to say. Lifting weights also helps with anyone trying to stop abusing alcohol and drugs, as it helps 'unwire' addictive networks in your brain.

Once you stick to a weight lifting schedule and build up your body, you will see what I'm talking about. If you already do this, then you already know.

3. Always Improve Yourself

Not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. Always read up on what is happening and what is true. Do your own research and reach your own conclusions. This is what a well educated person does; what a free thinker does.

College degrees and Master's degrees don't mean someone is more 'educated'. That is a myth to keep people locked into constantly chasing 'higher' education (places of Cultural Marxist Indoctrination).

A truly educated man is one that has done his own research, does not accept things at face value, and seeks the truth. A man needs to look for what is real; what works the best and how to use this knowledge to improve himself, his people, and his future.

A Man Can Dream

Some say it's not good to dream.

I say it's always good to dream. If you don't dream, you won't know what you want to work towards, and you will have no motivation to get it.

Always be thinking about what you want to see in the future. Plan ahead and visualize. Only when you know what you want, is when you can truly put all your effort and desire into getting it.

Motivation needs to come from somewhere. Knowing what you want, and going to get it, will give you all the motivation you will ever need.

Let's be the men we need to be.

Let's go

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