Foreign Policy in an Aryan State: Connecting the Golden Axis

Already discussed are the problems with pursuing an idealized separatist-isolationist "White ethnostate" and how the System will react as to prevent its own overthrow. The System's entire legitimacy rests on suppressing "the next Hitler," and were it to fail to do so it would be ruined. Since this hermit variety of nationalism will be interpreted as an existential threat it will be suppressed and since it fails to account for geopolitical considerations it will be suppressed totally.

Breaking away from the world is not an option for a successful and total Aryan Revolution. Wherever an Aryan State is to form, it must be ready to confront the world and to reshape it. Such is the way of all statecraft—that of the pursuit of interest at the expense of others behaving the same way—prior to the entrenchment of the System. The pax judaica is a myth; the System simply works by suppressing the interests of the White race while other races are encouraged to fight against it. Conflict is obfuscated in the postwar order, not banished. An obvious example: conquest since 1945 has been primarily done through mass migration, not military mobilization. Big Judaism shys away from open conflict for its people are sparse and vulnerable to mass backlash. To whitelash, if they so insist.

So an Aryan State must naturally then assert its interests, not shrink from them in the name of buying a cheap truce with enemies and rivals who have no qualms about pursuit of their said interests. That means projecting state power into the international arena. That means achieving dominion rather than wallowing in slavery. That means forging chains rather than wearing them.

That which is not expanding is being overtaken. It is the same with a state. Aryan Revolution requires the state to expand in order that it may better achieve its goals of security, supremacy, and perfection. An Aryan State in North America for instance would need to expand or face conquest and exploitation by other powers and their proxies, which the System will openly raise against it.

In my opinion the most effective foreign policy for securing an Aryan State in North America would be to extend the Monroe Doctrine and the Roosevelt Corollary, and to modify the Golden Circle ambition of the pre-war South to fit with present circumstances. This both bridges the past and builds the future.

The Monroe Doctrine, succinctly, was a US foreign policy directive which said European attempts to [re]conquer any independent country in the Americas would be viewed as "the manifestation of an unfriendly disposition toward the United States." The United States regarded Latin America to be within its sphere of influence and in theory would oppose European intervention(s).

The Roosevelt Corollary added muscle to the Monroe Doctrine; the United States would intervene militarily in Latin America to keep Europeans (who could easily take advantage of failed or failing states) out.

The Golden Circle was a prewar Southern ideal of annexing the entirety of the Caribbean basin, in an arc from Mexico to Venezuela along with the islands, especially Cuba. One interpretation is that doing so would have expanded the power of slave states within the Union, thereby preventing the North from stopping the institution's spread within the United States or any future conquered lands. Another is that the Golden Circle would have brought together much of the New World's existing caste societies (sans Brazil) into an Anglo-Hispano-French superstate dominated by American Southerners and their partners in other plantation economies.

What is ultimately needed is a Golden Axis that would cement White rule in our geography of great spaces. For an Aryan Revolution to be secured in the United States and to carry out its destiny of hegemony, it would be necessary to assume control over the entirety of the Americas, from Alaska to to Argentina, and to bar all foreign nations from political interference in the affairs of our neo-Vedic superstate. A pan-American, hemispheric empire with an Aryan leadership caste drawn from the entire bicontinental White population and modeled on classical civilization will revitalize the race and restore good and legitimate government to the ex-colonies of the European homeland.

There ought also to be a Rhodesian Doctrine, that the Aryan State shall intervene in the affairs of other countries in its hemisphere for the purpose of establishing pro-White client regimes. In short, we aim to prevent Zimbabwes from forming. Canada for example, governed under a liberal multiculturalist program that will ultimately genocide its Aryan population, would be one of the first interventions. How could such a government be tolerable in a neighboring country? The affront to our sovereignty and race by such a state requires no elaboration.

The Golden Axis not need be a direct administration of the entire Americas but perhaps more akin to the White Raj in British India, where some states were treated as vassals and others were treated more like colonies. Since there are sizable White and near-White populations in the Americas outside of the United States and Canada, those regions where they dominate could be governed akin to the old British Dominions. Other areas could be settled with additional Whites from elsewhere to Aryanize them, or over time managed to increase Aryan fertility. The point is to ensure that our race has authority across the bicontinental axis and that local governments are in sync with the principles of Aryan Revolution. Such would be the ideal foreign policy towards the greater Americas.

The obligations of an Aryan State to accomplish the Golden Axis and ensure hemispheric hegemony ought to be obvious. To give one example, White nationalists speak of their ambition to deport most if not all of the non-White population from the United States. To what country/countries will they go? Who will willingly take tens of millions of "Americans"? The Golden Axis solves this problem. The Caribbean and/or northern Brazil are obvious locations to transport the American Negro to, as his racial kinsfolk already predominates there in numbers and are suited to such a climate. The Hispanic and Latino population can easily be returned to Latin America if Latin America is not self-governing. There are also plenty of locations which could receive the small Asian population such as Hawaii or the Japanese areas of Brazil, or they could be permitted to reside in only California and New York. The point being, the more colonial territory a state possesses, the more options it has regarding the centrally directed movement of peoples. As it currently stands, there are numerous countries which refuse to accept deportations from the United States and so their nationals are allowed to remain. Such problems would not even exist were a Golden Axis formed. There would always be somewhere to relocate them. And under an Aryan State, relocation would hardly be urgent since the mixing of races and confusion of castes would be severely outlawed in the first place, both legally and morally.

It would be wrong to conceive of this proposed relationship with our hemisphere as purely exploitative or one only rooted in right of conquest. After all, these countries and their migrants have treated ours like an employment/welfare office for as long as anyone alive can remember. When given a choice, they opted to live in our society. We ought to reverse the flow. They have voted with their feet to live in a White-run society (rather than their own impoverished and corrupt ones). We are merely bringing it to them so they do not have to come here to enjoy it. Job creation for both parties.

Every country in the Americas owes its very existence to the expansion of the Aryan race commonly called European colonialism. With that in mind, it is hardly a wonder that many are in such wretched condition without a racially-conscious Aryan government and instead rotting beneath postmodern, liberal, bourgeois regimes. It is that same judaic and anti-folkish international order which presses down upon the British scions as in the Iberian half-siblings of Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, et al.

Establishing a "White country" requires an international system to support it, or else it will be destroyed. That system is the Golden Axis. You may cry that this is "larping" and therefore implausible, pointless even, but at the very least this theory promotes a much more tenable and sustainable endgame than the hermit mindset of the altright's so-called "ethnostate," which is to build a gated community where one may die in peace. Aryan Revolution in one country can never succeed because revolution against the entire global System requires an expansive foreign policy, and that foreign policy must be supremacy in our hemisphere. Such ambitions ought thus to be our minimum agenda. From Alaska to Argentina our banner must fly, or it flies nowhere.

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