White Men Are Denied An Identity

Up until the end of 2016 (known as the Current Year), young White men were denied an identity of their own. They were laughed at, ridiculed, and openly attacked for having any identity that even remotely was tied to their ethnic or racial background.

Now that the Current Year of 2016 is over, the Present Year of 2017 is here, and with it, big changes ahead.

Young White Men Were The Only Ones Denied An Identity

All other races were not only allowed, but actively encouraged to have ‘pride’ in their ancestors and past history. They were told that they didn’t need another type of identity; that their ‘skin color’ was the only identity that they needed.

As such:

  • An Asian could simply identify as an Asian. He could work his job, go to his all Asian church and network/socialize with all Asians. He could celebrate his homeland’s holidays and eat his people’s food. He didn’t need to be anything else but Asian.
  • A black was told that he should strongly identify as being black, as that is the only way non-blacks viewed him. He did not view the world in terms of individuals, but in terms of black and non-black. He didn’t need to be anything else but Black.
  • Mestizo Hispanics could also just identify as a Hispanic (or Mexican, which is basically the same as most Hispanics in the U.S. are of Mexican origin anyways). He could just eat his traditional food, go to fiestas, and go to an all Hispanic, Spanish speaking church. He didn’t need to be anything else besides Hispanic (Mexican).

Now, a White man, on the other hand, is told that he cannot identify as White. Eating traditional American (White) food didn’t make him special, as the food is just “everyone's” food. Hanging out with all White people was painted as meaning the person was a racist for not having non-White friends. Celebrating American or European Christian holidays was seen as just a way to push your European Christian religion in everyone’s face. Also, all the National holidays are just about repressing poor non-Whites anyways, and are inherently bad, so who cares about them. A White man is not allowed to identity as a ‘White man’ without being seen as a bad/evil person.

Evil Racist White Europeans choosing to spend their time with other White Europeans who are very similar to them.

Now, some identities were allowed for young White men.

  • Video Game Playing Stoner
  • Weekend Partier/P.U.A.
  • Homosexual
  • Fanatic Sports Fan
  • Libertarian
  • A ‘Principled’ Cuckservative
  • Goth/Emo, Punk Rocker
  • LARPing as a Hippie

These are some of the main ones, among others. Of course, if you are ‘ethnic’ in the U.S., you could still have some, but not too much, pride in your Irish, Danish, or Italian background (not too much German pride allowed). But, these were usually bashed in the popular culture anyways, as a ‘drunk Irish’, ‘Nazi German, or ‘Criminal Gangster Italian.’

“Deconstructing Whiteness” Is A Tactic Used To Divide White Europeans

One of the major parts in denying Whites an identity is the whole Cultural Marxist movement to ‘Deconstruct Whiteness.’ The purpose is to esoterically break down the meaning of being “White”, in order to reduce Whiteness down to nothing but a social construct, thus something that is ‘man made’. By breaking it down like this, the purpose is to make Whites feel that ‘being White/European’ isn’t important, special, or worth anything; that it’s just something society came up with; and thus not worth preserving.

If there is no such thing as a ‘White Person’, then there is no reason to identify or care about being a White European.

What one should notice is that this is never used for other races. There is no movement to ‘deconstruct blackness’, or any other race. It is only used as a weapon again White Europeans, and needs to be identified as such.

This is all a tactic of the Cultural Marxist Left to break down any and all traditions of our European Culture. If you can boil down race, specifically White Europeans, to a social construct, you can boil a whole host of things. We have seen gender treated this way.

People of European Descent are Told To Feel Shame and Guilt For Their Past

One way to control White Europeans into not identifying with where their ancestors came from is to brainwash them into feeling guilt and shame about their ancestor’s past.

People of European descent are constantly told via the government schools and ‘higher’ education, the Corporate Media, and Hollywood that their ancestors were the cause of the greatest crimes in history, and they personally have to atone for these supposed crimes.

How many movies and T.V. shows have the White husband as the goofy, incompetent, fat idiot? Or, have the effeminate White male as the side kick to the feminist ‘kick ass’ woman who is in charge (usually with a black male as her partner? IE: Current Year Star Wars).

It’s seen as uncool to be “White”, and a negative in today’s culture where everyone wants to identify as a victim (non-Whites, women, homosexuals, etc).

After being constantly told how horrible and boring it is to 'only' be "White (European)", what else would you expect

The End Game

The purpose of denying identity, deconstructing ‘Whiteness’, and White European Guilt is meant to divide and deny any unity between people of European descent, while at the same time actively promoting identity for other groups of people.

As such, a White male cannot identity with being a White man, but a homosexual is praised for identifying with being a homosexual. The same goes for blacks proudly identifying with being black, and a women proudly identifying as a woman.

This is referred as ‘identity politics’:

a tendency for people of a particular religion, race, social background, etc., to form exclusive political alliances, moving away from traditional broad-based party politics.

Identity politics, until very recently, was openly denied to people of European descent. But, with the election of Donald Trump and an overall change in the American landscape, this is no longer the case. Control words such as ‘racist’, Islamophobe, etc have become meaningless, and they are no longer working to silence White Europeans.

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