Ethnonationalist Foreign Policy as an Inherent Failure to Secure Aryan Revolution

What the altright's advocates of a "White ethnostate" without fail overlook is the question of foreign policy. Deluded by isolationism or a 'brotherhood of nations' ideal, they fail to account for the obvious international disaster that their "ethnostate" would mean for the global anti-White System. They just assume establishing an "ethnostate" buys them a thousand-year truce with the international Jew, the Chicoms, and the oil-rich Arabs and their assets around the world. They assume declaring that the colored world will be barred from entering their gated community will solve the rising tide quagmire. They assume the international anti-Aryan world order, chaired by Big Judaism and manned by shabbos goyim, will overlook whatever undemocratic measures are used to 'deal with' the colored populations of the United States or Europe, and at best say something but do nothing about whatever segregation, deportation, or ethnic cleansing is carried out. They assume, then, that the world will simply not care about the "ethnostate" and will either ignore it or more ludicrous still in some proposals ally with it, even though such nationalists autistically screech that they only desire things like peace and self-determination. Who ever heard of an alliance between harmless countries? That's not how alliances work. That's not how geopolitics works. And it's sure as hell not how race works.

The establishment of an explicitly White country or seating of a "White nationalist" government anywhere in the world, whether its proponents realize it or not, would be nothing short of the first salvo of the revolution to establish an Aryan State. It is the modern day equivalent of a clique of burghers uniting in the heart of Old Europe to destroy their country's monarchy. That monarchy is not merely their own but wedded to the rest of the world's monarchies. Its legitimacy is their legitimacy. Its stability is their stability. Its survival is their survival. Two kingdoms can fight to conquer or destroy the other, but those who would fight to end kingdom itself are enemies of all kings.

What the "ethnonationalists" call for then is revolution in one country, to borrow an old communist phrase. Even then, our analogy cannot truly capture the unprecedented nature of declaring an Aryan State, a society built upon racial identity and achieving the highest quality of humanity. For it would not just be a revolt against one government but necessarily a crusade against the postwar order itself. Scope creep is built in; the System will never make peace with the presence of an Aryan State, nor will the rising tide shrink from its crashing momentum at the gates simply because it is locked out. There is no purpose, none whatsoever, in thinking of an "ethnostate," without thinking about the world order needed to secure it. The enemy will escalate, not retreat. That means having an active foreign policy.

The conquerors of Europe in the 1940s knew as much when it came to entrenching their victory. From decapitating the leadership of Germany to establishing a great power foreign policy clearinghouse in the United Nations, they made sure to cripple their rivals and build a system capable of perpetuating their dominion well after they passed. This is what winning actually looks like. The global enemies of National Socialism—the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, and the Chicoms—are all still seated at the head of the table of world government. Declaring independence and then pleading to be left alone and live in peace does not build your strength for the world struggle but allows your enemies to encircle you at their leisure. A foreign policy based on mutual assurances of non-interference or non-aggression is rooted in weakness and built to be destroyed, which is what advocates of the "ethnostate" will end up having caused.

Electorally speaking, the Americans have been the first Aryan people outside of Eastern Europe to revolt and elect a nationalist government. But "President Trump" is only possible because he is heavily compromised with Big Judaism. Alone he is not and can never lead Aryan Revolution, but his election serves as a barometer of rising racial awareness and folk-feeling in the United States. This indicates, barring unforeseen future events, that the most potential for an Aryan State will come from Americans. The United States combines power and population in a way European countries do not. Britain or France moving towards nationalism though significant would not carry the same weight, while a Polish or Hungarian "ethnostate" is only an annoyance to the System and hardly capable of facing it head on. Such attempts would be dead on arrival and a waste of racial energy, and their failures would only serve to dampen morale elsewhere.

It must be in the United States, it must be the takeover of a superpower in order for an Aryan State to be secured. But the United States, as the center of the world more or less, cannot afford to exit the international stage. Not only would doing so cause an immediate power vacuum but would invite all the vultures to swarm at its exposed backside.

Foreign policy is essential to safeguarding Aryan Revolution. And it must be forward thinking and active, not reactive and passive. No one is going to listen to your pleas for peace and mutual non-aggression. Aryan Revolution is what the entire System has been primed to destroy for years. It has worked to suppress it since the end of the unholy war against Germany, and it will continue to do so, for such is its raison d'etre. Secession from the System is never an option. It demands an all or nothing mindset, because either it survives or the Aryan State survives. Si vis pacem para bellum.

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