Want To Save The West? We Need Strong Men

The Western world is in shambles.

The economic model of Globalism has destroyed much of our people’s wealth. At the same time, the West is being overrun by millions of non-Westerners, and the people are broken and divided more than ever.

The future is uncertain. But, one thing is clear. We need strong men going forward if the West is to survive.

Tough Times Make Strong Men

Where we are today is at a transition point. Cultural Marxism and Globalism have dominated the political and ideological landscape for the past 60+ years. With Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, we have only recently begun to see victories against it.

The Post WW2 prosperity has made the average Western man weak; Fat, decadent, and with no purpose in life besides whatever the Corporate Media and Hollywood tell him to pursue.

What are these values that have been instilled into the average Western man?

  • Being a sports fan is noble, and you should base your identity around it
  • Working your 9-5 job and vegging out daily after work watching T.V. is perfectly normal
  • Hollywood Celebrities are American (and Global) royalty, and you should worship and admire them as such
  • The Corporate Media is fair and balanced
  • European White men are inherently racist, sexist, and evil

These ‘values’ are extremely important for the ruling elite. They create a weak, lazy, indifferent male citizenry who cares more about being told what to think and believe in, than actually looking into what is the truth themselves. And this is exactly what a ruling class would want in its populous: No one to question or challenge the rulers.

But, things are different now.

Globalism has made the people of the U.S. much poorer, while at the same time making the people at the very top extremely wealthy. Via Globalist multiculturalism, the people of the West are now finding themselves being outright replaced and outvoted in their own nations that their ancestors built. The Globalist Left cannot win on their ideas, and as such are importing a new population which consistently votes for Democrats and their Globalist policies. On top of all this, the very founding stock of the U.S. (not to mention the ‘native’ Europeans in Europe) are being completely vilified as the ultimate evil of history. The Globalist powers, the Corporate Media, and ‘Big’ Academia all push the idea of White Guilt in order to shame, silence, and control people of European descent.

We are all indeed living in tough times.

We Are Against The Ropes

Simply put, we don’t have time to ‘go back to how it was.’ The days of working your 9-5, obsessing over sports, and getting drunk/chasing women on the weekends are over.

Listen up.

The Globalist Left isn’t fucking around.

The people at the top aren’t messing around. They are doing everything and anything they can to stop President Trump from getting anything done.

The Democrats, the Corporate Media, the ‘big’ players like George Soros; they are all going 100% in to try and stop Mr. Trump. By stopping Mr. Trump, who is a representation of the people, they are actually 100% committed in stopping you, your family, and everyone you hold dear to you.

The Leftist funded Antifa are openly calling for violence and to attack anyone that they deem to be a “Nazi” and a “Fascist” (which by their definition is any White European person that is against Globalism and their Cultural Marxist agenda).

While it is true that things are beginning to turn around, let’s not kid ourselves. Time is not on our side.

Listen to me:

The Globalist Left will stop at nothing to start a war with Russia and to get President Trump impeached.

Once we all understand this, only then will we all realize that we need to stop messing around.

We Need To Make Our Men Great Again

We are facing the greatest threat our people, nations, and culture have ever faced. If nothing is changed, Europe will be overrun, and Europeans will be replaced by Muslim settlers. This is not my opinion, but demographic fact.

We have a very short window of time; to stop and to reverse the demographic replacement of our people. Our corrupt politicians have not only encouraged, but are the ones directly responsible for the replacement of our people; they will stop at nothing to accomplish their globalist dream: That dream being no borders, no countries, no cultures. Simply a consumer class of people that have no past to draw from, and are obedient to their global rulers of the world.

The only way we get out of this is through strength, leadership, perseverance, and hard work.

We need our men to:

  • Get in shape: Build a strong body and go to the gym
  • Get educated: Read truthful blogs and websites. Watch Youtube videos and listen to Podcasts. Read about Western Civilization and our glorious history
  • Find and interact with others that think the same way as you: online and/or in person
  • Have a purpose in your life: building a future for yourself and your family The good news is that I believe men are starting to become men once again.

We as men have rejected what the Corporate Media wants us to be, and are starting to re-discover who we are.

The bad news is we’re just getting started. But isn’t that the fun part of all this?

We got this. Let’s go.

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